Name: Liu Yong (刘勇)
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Address: Handan, Hebei Province
Occupation: Iron Department of Handan Steel Cooperation, Hebei Province
Date of Most Recent Arrest: June 2001
Most Recent Place of Detention: Baoding Psychiatric Hospital (保定精神病院)
City: Baoding
Province: Hebei
Persecution Suffered: Forced labor, forced injections/drug administration, torture, subjected to psychiatric hospital

( During the relentless persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), many mentally sound practitioners have been labeled “mentally ill” and subjected to ruthless torture. This unconscionable torture resulted in enormous damage. Practitioner Liu Yong from Handan, Hebei Province is one of the many victims. He was arrested and taken to Baoding Psychiatric Hospital in June 2001. Under the label of “mental illness,” he has been detained and subjected to eleven years of unimaginable torture.

Liu Yong traveled to Beijing four times to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong--a legal right of every Chinese citizen. However, he was arrested and sentenced to a forced labor camp by CCP officials on November 26, 1999.

At the Handan Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Liu was subjected to forced brainwashing sessions and physical torture. His mother was strongly influenced by CCP propaganda about Falun Gong, and was subsequently hostile to this benevolent practice. Soon after Mr. Liu returned home from the forced labor camp, his mother cooperated with Handan Steel Cooperation officials, and sent her son to the Baoding Psychiatric Hospital to undergo so-called “treatment” which lasted eleven years.

When he first arrived at the psychiatric hospital, doctors forcibly administered drug injections to Mr. Liu which damaged his central nervous system. The participating doctors said to him, “Even though we know that you're not mentally ill, we are pressured by the authorities to do this.” Doctors then injected him with unknown drugs which damaged his nervous system, and induced a mentally ill state. He subsequently endured tremendous suffering and nearly died. However, his firm belief in “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” enabled him to survive and even maintain a sound mind.

Seeing that Mr. Liu's mental status was normal and they couldn't achieve their vicious goal, the officials then subjected him to forced labor. Mr. Liu subsequently attempted to escape twice, but without success. After his second attempt where he was taken off a bus, he was completely isolated from contact with the outside world. He was forced to clean the building, including bathrooms, but was not allowed to step out of the building. Mr. Liu adhered to the principles of being a good person, regardless of these circumstances. He said, “Wherever I am, I will let people know that Falun Dafa is good.”

Fearing that he would expose the torture to which he was subjected at the forced labor camp, officials prohibited him from using a pen or paper, and writing letters or receiving phone calls. His family and relatives were denied visitation rights, and not allowed to see him, even from a distance. Mr. Liu was effectively isolated from any contact with the outside world. His family and friends called the doctor's office in attempts to talk to him, but he was prohibited from receiving phone calls. Mr. Liu has been persecuted under these conditions for the past eleven years.

The years between the ages of 30 to 41 should be the golden period of one's life. It is difficult to imagine what it would be like for a healthy person like Mr. Liu, who was in the prime of his youth, to spend those eleven years in a psychiatric hospital. He only wished to be released and live a normal life. As a condition for his release, the attending doctor required someone from his work unit to take him back. Handan Steel Cooperation officials actually ignored his situation. Additionally, Mr. Liu's mother still doesn't want to learn the truth about Falun Gong, nor does she realize the true situation and condition of her son. Therefore, she is not willing to rescue her son. Poisoned by the CCP's lies and fabricated propaganda about Falun Gong, she stubbornly thinks that her son has a “mental illness” and is receiving “kind treatment” from the government.

During the past years of persecution against Falun Gong, it is estimated that 24 practitioners have died or were injured as a result of forced, brain-damaging drug administration at the Baoding Psychiatric Hospital.

Mr. Liu's mother is still being manipulated by the CCP's lies, and is even grateful under this deception for the CCP's “kind treatment.” Under this cruel persecution, how many more Chinese people have been deceived by the CCP? How many people don't attempt to rescue their tortured relatives and family members? How many people believe the CCP's lies and ignore their own family members' suffering? This is truly sad!