(Minghui.org) After Teacher gave the lecture “Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference,” my spouse and I studied it many times, and were greatly impacted. Teacher said:

“No matter how busy you may get, you still must study the Fa. This is why I am recommending that the Dafa disciples who are immersed in our various projects find time to participate in the local Fa-study.”

“I have seen the severity of this problem, and that is why I’m telling you that you had best still partake in the local Fa-study. Whatever the case, you must not slack off in your Fa-study, as this is the biggest problem, it’s a fundamental issue.”

As it is now towards the end of the final stage of Fa-rectification, how can we walk well on the final path? I was anxious. Our local practice environment was in such a slack state, and many fellow practitioners have not stepped forward at all. I realized I had the responsibility to bring them out, organize Fa study with them, so they could keep up with the Fa-rectification through group Fa study and sharing.

I shared my ideas with my spouse, and she agreed. We exchanged views with other practitioners, and got their support, so our Fa study group was set up. Practitioners in our group are all veteran practitioners who began to practice prior to July 20, 1999. Due to various long term attachments, they have been studying the Fa and practicing the exercises at home rather than joining group study. The had occasionally participated in other Fa study groups, but did not keep it up for long, and did not study the Fa at home every day, so their practice state was not very good.

After group Fa study for a period of time, problems and conflicts occurred. Some practitioners felt sleepy during Fa study, some missed words when reading the Fa, some could not read clearly, some even read the wrong words, did not know what they were reading--all sorts of issues came up. Targeting these problems, we sent righteous thoughts to eliminate the old forces' interference, and also adopted some methods: while one practitioner read out loud, the next practitioner was responsible in overseeing, to check for mistakes. Each person read two pages on their turn. This method worked, and enabled every practitioner to study the Fa seriously, truly study the Fa with the heart, and study the Fa well.

Before we had the group Fa study, practitioners only focused on reading Zhuan Falun, and studied very little of Teacher's other lectures. Many had not read much of the Minghui Weekly, or only skimmed it. After we established the Fa study group, we read two lectures of Zhuan Falun, then studied Teacher's other lectures, as well as read Minghui articles. Practitioners improved quickly through this group Fa study. For example: Practitioner A often felt sleepy while reading before, and sometimes had to stop to take a short nap before continuing. Now he can read for three to four hours continuously without feeling sleepy. Practitioner B had a serious problem with missing words or adding words while reading, without noticing. After we used the method of having a person in charge of checking, he greatly improved. There were also practitioners who read very fast, and did not pronounce words clearly. Now they control their reading speed well, and read each word clearly. Everyone says this method has really helped.

As Teacher's disciples, we are well aware of the heavy responsibility we shoulder. We will study the Fa well, and coordinate to do the three things well, improve ourselves in assisting Teacher in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.