(Minghui.org) Before I began to practice Falun Gong, I had bronchitis, intercostal neuritis (inflammation of nerves between ribs), gastritis, arthritis, high blood pressure, hives, and thrombocytopenia (low blood platelet count). In late November 1996, I began to practice Falun Gong, and in about a month or so, all of my illnesses disappeared.

My Neighbors Helped Me Find a Job

After I was released from prison (having been unjustly jailed for practicing Falun Gong), I was also dismissed from my job. For a long time, I didn't have a job. In addition, my family didn't have a stable income either. Therefore, I went to look for work, yet the security personnel from my old company interfered with me. A company agreed to hire me and asked me to come to work the next day, but after I went there, they took back their words and said that they didn't want me to work there any more.

Seeing what happened, some senior workers from my old factory felt strongly that this was unfair, so they got together and tried to help me. They told others, “He has done so many good deeds for us, we used to have a section of road which was very bumpy when we had rain, but we still had to walk on it, and it was not safe at all for seniors or children. When we asked the factory to solve the problem, people from the factory didn't care. However, this practitioner spent over 1,000 yuan to buy cement, sand, and stones, and he made a section of concrete pavement to correct the problem. There was also garbage piling up. It stunk and bothered everyone, but nobody did anything about it. It was this practitioner again who paid out of his own pocket to hire someone from the transportation company to take that garbage to a transfer station. He also voluntarily cleaned up public areas. Given what he has done for us, now that he has run into some financial difficulties, we should give him a hand.”

They had a meeting about this, and in the meeting they said, “We have more than 200 households in our area. The old caretaker is retired, and we haven't found anyone to replace him.” On top of what the retired caretaker used to do, they also asked me to collect hydro and gas fees for them with a pay of 800 yuan per month. Every month, every household would submit three yuan for a garbage processing fee. In addition, every household pays another 1 yuan as a reserve for maintenance fees for hydro facilities and buying tools for later usage. And this is what they came up with at their meeting.

All of them were at this meeting. After they reached this agreement, all that was left was to wait for me to make my decision. First of all, I appreciated their trust in me. I told them that I wouldn't let them down. Since then, for a few years, I have been publishing their usage on water, hydro and gas by household on the bulletin board in a timely fashion. According to the unit price from the utility companies, whether there was any surplus or shortfall, I allocated it among all households. I have also kept good records of all the ins and outs. Even a branded “model worker” asked me whether it's too troublesome to publish everything on the bulletin board every month. I said: “It is, but for the sake of being responsible to all of them, I have to keep doing it this way.” For a few years, I didn't hear any negative comments from them. In the beginning, I went household to household to collect fees. Later, as soon as the record was up on the bulletin board, people came over one by one to look it up themselves.

Before I took on this post, every household had to pay a bit more each month. As in the past, if there was any surplus than what they paid in advance, then the gain didn't go to them, but if there was any shortfall, then they all had to share. Since I took on this role, there has been a few thousand yuan of surplus every year. I have been distributing it among all households. I didn't take any surplus myself, and I have done a good job with the bookkeeping every month.

Shouting "Falun Dafa Is Wonderful," as Soon as Seeing Me

I now own a convenience store. When it comes to distributors or customers, there are always cases where people either under-charged me or overpaid me, and the amount could go from 1 yuan to 10 yuan. In any case, I always return it to them.

It was in 2007, when I received their goods and counted them, I realized that they under-charged me by one yuan. The next time when I received their goods again, I paid them back. They had the bill in their hands, and were so touched that they couldn't speak for a while, then they began to say, "I have been in the wholesale business for ten years, and you are the first one who paid me back when I under-charged you. Your action proved that Falun Dafa is great. I truly believe it now. I would like to practice Falun Gong." Later, as soon as they saw me, they would shout, "Falun Dafa is great!" Also all the four people working for him agreed to withdraw from the Communist Party and its related organizations.

One day in 2011, I went to a store to purchase some things. After I came back, I realized that the owner under-charged me by about 90 yuan. I called him right away. He didn't believe it, said that I was joking. The next day, when I went to his store and paid him the 90 yuan, he was very touched, and said to other shoppers in the store, "Falun Gong is truly wonderful! They don't want money that doesn't belong to them, and they give you back the money if you under-charge them." When the traffic police officers came to his store, he even told him about this! Later when I shopped there again, he said, "Before, no matter how hard you talked to me about how wonderful Falun Gong is, I didn't believe deep down. Now I truly believe it. Please help me quit the Communist Party as well."

Over the years, there have been so many cases like that. One time I went to the Auditing Bureau, the office clerk asked me to help them sell their old newspapers. I asked them to have someone come with me as a witness, but they said it was not necessary. While talking with them, I mentioned the fact that I was given a few thousand yuan as a return for selling things for them, and I gave it back to them. There was one time that I was given 2,000 yuan as a return. I talked to them about the principle of no loss, no gain. They all agreed that I was a truly kind person.