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Broad-based Forced Labor System

The forced labor system is illegal even within the CCP's system. At present, the forced labor system is based on “The Trial Procedures of Education-through-labor” of 1982. Staff member Ren said, “After several dozen years and numerous trials, it is indeed inconceivable that a law still has no conclusion. In the past several decades, so many people have been sent to forced labor camps, yet there is still no formal legal basis for doing so. Nevertheless, forced labor has continued in mainland China. Except for some true minor offenders, Falun Gong practitioners currently make up the majority of those detained in China's forced labor camps. There are also petitioners who offended local leaders or others who offended their leaders. Someone in a forced labor camp wanted to apply for administrative reconsideration. The guards told him, “The so-called 'Beijing Education-through-labor Administrative Committee' is just a fictional unit. It's merely a rubber stamp for the Police Department. It would still be the same few people who handled your case, and nobody has ever had their detention overturned through 'administrative reconsideration.'”

In fact, China is actually a large labor camp, from the people to the leaders; everyone is being subjected to education-through-labor. Basic human rights cannot even be guaranteed. The leaders enjoy many privileges while they are in power. In fact, it also means that while they are going along with and upholding the CCP, they are, in fact, losing their most basic human rights because they can never tell the truth. They can only support and speak for the CCP's system. They absolutely cannot speak for the people. If they were to stop covering for the CCP and tell the truth, they would bring huge troubles upon themselves. At the Central Petition Office, I heard a staff member tell a petitioner, “I very much sympathize with your tragic experience, but there isn't much we can do about it. Even if I give them instructions, the local government staff would not follow them. In this system, even the legal rights of the president or the CCP's general secretary cannot be guaranteed, so how could we help mere civilians?”

The head of Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp once said to the guards in a meeting, “In my eyes, all of you are being subjected to education through labor.” Team leader Yang Baoli said to the inmates in a meeting, “Even if you are the president, once you put on the labor camp uniform, I will still shock you with an electric baton.” Earlier this year, the head of a municipal police department went to the U.S. consulate to seek asylum. Those who does not understand the CCP's system think that this was unbelievable. In fact, the leaders in China at every level are merely forced labor camp personnel with an armband and they are all victims of its system.

Millions of people have been persecuted for decades in Chinese labor camps. Since July 20, 1999, the CCP's labor camps have become the most effective tool for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. In Masanjia Forced Labor Camp, the guards openly demand bribes, beat inmates, and persecute practitioners. Similar things have happened in other labor camps.

Since the forced labor camps began participating in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, there have been reports on the brutal persecution carried out there in various overseas media. However, Chinese Central Television Station has praised Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The perpetrators in the Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp who participated in the persecution of practitioners were recognized as “heroes.” The CCP's forced labor system has been persecuting people and endangers everybody who tries to maintain this system.