(Minghui.org) Around 7:00 a.m. on July 24, 2012, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Fan Guotian, in her seventies, from Dakanxia Village, Bailong Town in Mancheng County, Hebei Province, rode her bike to the Baibu village market to distribute materials introducing Falun Gong and exposing the 13-year persecution of the practice. She was stopped by the deputy secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee, Li Jingdong. Two judicial office directors, Ran Kai and Zhao Baofeng, both in their thirties, roughly held Ms. Fan's arms, while Li Jingdong called the police station, ordering them to send a police car over. He kept pushing the station to quickly send an officer.

Two more officers arrived in a police car a few minutes later. While Ms. Fan resisted, the two policemen, with Zhao and Rang, pushed, pulled, and forced her into the police vehicle. They pulled her so roughly that Ms. Fan's right leg was injured. At this writing, her right leg is still in pain and she cannot walk properly.

The location where Ms. Fan was illegally arrested is the main road from from Dakanxia Village to Baibu Village. Many villagers passing by the scene of the arrest witnessed the young and strong “law enforcement officials” arresting an elderly woman. Upon seeing their lawless behavior, the villagers spoke out against the rough behavior of the law enforcement officials. Li Jingdong was afraid of being exposed and shouted, “Go away! Go away! This is none of your business. Quickly walk away!”

After Ms. Fan was arrested, the police also arrested Dafa practitioner Lian Fengzhen, in her sixties, and sent them both to the Bailong Village Police Station.

Ms. Fan and Ms. Lian were detained in separate rooms at the police station. The truth-clarification materials that Ms. Fan carried, including copies of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and Shen Yun DVDs, were taken away. The police also stole over 60 yuan in cash from Ms. Fan.

Ms. Fan was forced to sit on an iron chair and was interrogated by a government official in a police uniform. She was asked where her materials came from. Ms. Fan refused to tell them. The government official slapped Ms. Fan five or six times and said fiercely, “You are really stubborn!” Ms. Fan bled from her mouth and her left cheek began to swell.

Ms. Fan asked the name of the police who beat her. This policeman dared not to tell his name. She was beaten brutally and spit blood on the ground. The policeman was afraid of being exposed and held responsible. He quickly got a mop and wiped away the blood.

When Ms. Fan asked the other two policemen in the room for the name of the policeman who beat her and where he came from, they responded, “Who beat you? Nobody beat you.”

Relevant personnel:
Li Jingdong, CCP Deputy Secretary of the Political and Judicial Committee, Bailong Village, Mancheng County, Hebei Province
Ran Kai, director of the judicial office, Bailong Village, Mancheng County, Hebei Province: +86-15832258860 (Cell)
Zhao Baofeng, government official, Bailong Village, Mancheng County, Hebei Province
Zhao Yunliang, Management Office, Bailong Village, Mancheng County, Hebei Province

Police Station, Bailong Village, Mancheng County: +86-312-7059225