Master Bestowed a New Life Upon Me

I started practicing Falun Dafa at the end of July1995. One day when I was doing the meditation exercise, I remembered that Master said he had numerous Fashen (law bodies) to protect disciples. However, I was a new practitioner, so I did not know if I had Master's Fashen protecting me. I thought, it would be so great if I had Master's Fashen beside me! With this thought, there appeared many images of Fashen on the wall in front of me. They looked like the small statues at Beihai Park, row after row. The entire wall was full of the images of small Buddhas. I was so happy. I knew that Master was encouraging me to be more diligent. What Master said was indeed true. These images of the small statues stayed for awhile and I felt Master's mercy the whole time.

On another day, while doing the meditation exercise, I remembered Master's Fa, “How many people now worship a Buddha to attain Right Fruit in cultivation? There are too few such people." (Lecture 5, Zhuan Falun) I said to Master in my heart, “Master, I will never be such a person. I will follow you to cultivate and reach consummation.” With this thought, I saw a huge lotus seat on the floor. There was a pair of huge feet, then I saw a tall Buddha in a cassock with the right hand held erect. It was Master's Fashen! He was extremely tall, and the whole house was bathed in a glowing gold and red light. I could not look for very long because I was in meditation. I knew that Master was encouraging me and he was looking at me with a compassionate smile. I was so excited that I cried.

Once, I entered into a tranquil state (ding) when I was sitting in mediation. I felt the manifestation of the Fa on myself. It was so wonderful. My understanding of the world changed significantly after a short period of cultivation practice. Dafa purified my body and my mind. In fact, I was very ill and close to death when I became a practitioner. I cannot find words to describe my gratitude to Master. After I obtained the Fa, my mother, in her eighties, my brothers and sisters and my son all became Dafa practitioners after they saw my miraculous changes.

Dafa is Amazing!

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Dafa after July 1999. One day, two schools near my home were holding their opening ceremonies for their spring sports programs at the same time. The speakers were playing the songs of praise and the oath of the CCP. I thought about how many beings would be poisoned by it. I asked for help from Master and sent forth righteous thoughts to clear out all the evil elements in other dimensions. The speakers stopped working after I sent forth righteous thoughts. The students began frolicking together and the teachers did not know what to do.

My son was newly married. Once, my daughter-in-law had a sudden high fever and was unable to go to work. She could not eat and lost weight every day. My son took her to the hospital and after examination she was diagnosed with leukemia. My son could not afford the unexpected medical expenses. I told my son, who practiced cultivation, that Master has the power to change everything as long as we believe in Dafa. My daughter-in-law had good enlightenment quality and when she entered the house she said to me, “ Mom, I won't go to the hospital, I will learn Falun Dafa.” I was very excited. I asked her to rest in bed as I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear any interference that might prevent her from obtaining the Fa. A golden light hit her before I finished reciting the Fa-rectification verse. She lifted the blanket and said loudly, “ Mom, I am cured. Could you please cook something for me to eat?” She was really cured. The next day, my daughter-in-law told her colleagues about her miraculous experience. They all came to ask for information about Falun Dafa and 24 of her colleagues quit the CCP.

My daughter-in-law became a diligent practitioner. Many of her friends and relatives quit the CCP and a dozen of them became practitioners as well. Her 65-year-old aunt had many diseases, but after she started practicing cultivation, she became very healthy and her menstrual period returned. She told everyone she met that Falun Dafa is good.