(Minghui.org) Xu Wenxin's husband, Guo Xiaojun, has been detained in the Tilanqiao Prison in Shanghai for nearly 18 months. Xu Wenxin knows that the police injured her husband’s eyes with a condenser lamp and he is almost blind. Xu Wenxin has not seen her husband since June 12, as the prison will not let her visit. She is very worried about her husband's eyes and his physical condition. July 9, 2012 was an open family visit day. In the morning, Ms. Xu went with her daughter to the back gate of the Tilanqiao Prison. She saw a long line of people waiting and it was confirmed that this was the family visiting day for the fifth prison district.

Guo Xiaojun in his youth used to be a teacher for the computer science department of Shanghai Jiaotong University. On January 7, 2010, he was illegally arrested by the Domestic Security Bureau in Baoshan District of Shanghai. He was interrogated and persecuted continuously. The police used a condenser lamp to irradiate his eyes, which caused intermittent blindness, otherwise clinically known as retinal arterial spasm. It is as dangerous as myocardial infarction or severe angina. On July 6, 2012, the Baoshao Court in Shanghai illegally sentenced Guo Xiaojun to a term of four years of prison.

According to Xu Wenxin, the prison police deliberately refused to mail notifications to her for the family day visits. Xu Wenxin asked a policeman on duty outside to find director Liu Wei for the fifth district. After a while, a policeman with the last name Fei (his police ID number is 3101171) came out. He asked Xu Wenxin why she wanted to find Liu Wei. Ms. Xu asked why she did not receive the notification for her family visit this month. Officer Fei answered, “We didn't mail it to you.” When Ms. Xu asked him why he said it was because during the last family visit, Xu broke the rules of the prison. Ms. Xu knew that he was talking about the family visit on June 12. At that time, Xu Wenxin showed her husband an article that she had downloaded from the Internet, which requested the “Immediate Release Practitioner Guo Xiaojun.” Xu Wenxin then asked, “What prison rule was broken? What kind of rule? Can you show it to me?” Officer Fei squinted at her and replied, “We have no such obligation!”

Xu Wenxin told him, "You are only the vice director of the prison district. I want to talk to director Liu Wei." Fei said, "If you are still struggling with this issue, you should go to the appeals office at the entrance." He then walked away and hid inside the back gate.

This year, Guo Xiaojun's eyes and physical health continued to deteriorate. The prison would not release him, nor did they offer any medication. Xu Wenxin and her family hired attorneys to defend Guo Xiaojun's human rights. The prison guards told the family not to hire any attorneys, and forced five righteous attorneys to leave the prison by threatening them. On May 15, Guo's family arrived with an attorney at the prison, asking to meet Guo Xiaojun. The prison refused and would not allow them to enter. The family ended up submitting a commission of the hiring of the attorney to the prison, and asked them to give it to Guo Xiaojun. But a few days later, a captain with the last name Yang from the appeals office called the family and claimed that they must submit the certification of the attorney to the prison, otherwise he would not give the commission to Guo Xiaojun for his signature.

On June 12, 2012, when Xu Wenxin visited her husband, she asked Guo if he knew that his family was trying to hire an attorney for him. The attorney had requested to visit him, but the prison didn't allow the visit, using the excuse that Guo Xiaojun was not willing to speak with the attorney. Guo Xiaojun was shocked and said that no one told him anything about this. At that time the family phone calls were recorded. Guo Xiaojun clearly indicated on the phone that he entrusted his wife to hire an attorney. Xu Wenxin showed him a paper requesting the immediate release of Guo Xiaojun, which she had downloaded from the Internet. At that time, the captain with last name Fei came over grabbed the paper and threatened Xu Wenxin.

Clearly, during the family visit on June 12, Xu Wenxin and her husband's conversation exposed the deceit and lawlessness of the prison. It seems that the prison police refused to let Xu Wenxin visit her husband because they wanted to stop him from hiring an attorney.

The Prison “Appeals” Office

A while later Xu Wenxin brought her daughter to the appeals office in the prison. After they waited for a long time, policeman Yang Gang (ID: 3101209), who had constantly blocked the attorney from meeting Guo Xiaojun, came out. He still refused Xu's request, offering all kinds of weak excuses.

Xu Wenxin then went to the appeals office of the prison management department. She met with a woman with the last name of Yang. Xu Wenxin told her the whole story and expressed clearly, “Guo Xiaojun's eyes and physical health were checked many times, but the prison wouldn’t show the results to the family. My conclusion is that the actual situation is very bad. Now they will not allow our attorney to meet him, and have even cancelled all family visits. Why are they so afraid? What did they do to Guo Xiaojun? Guo Xiaojun is my husband. If I don't look for ways to protect him then who can he depend on? How can we wait like this until things become worse and out of control? Who will be responsible then? We are good people, but we are not the kind of people who can easily be taken advantage of by prison police who constantly persecute good people.”

The police from Tilanqiao Prison are still flagrantly ignoring the rights of Guo Xiaojun's family by refusing to immediately release him for treatment. They even purposely make excuses to block the attorney from meeting Guo Xiaojun.

Personnels Responsible for the Persecution:

The Tilanqiao Prison general phone line: 21-55589900, which can be directly transferred to the following people

Dai Weidong, director of Tilanqiao Prison

Back gate of Tilanqiao Prison, for family visits

Dai Weidong, prison director (Police ID: 3114001)
Liu Wei, director of the prison's fifth district
Captain Fei, vice director of the prison's fifth district (Police ID 3101171)
Yang Gang, prison appeals office (Police ID: 3101209)