(Minghui.org) The Suihua Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province is a place where male Falun Gong practitioners are collectively detained and persecuted. Guards there, including Shi Jian, Qin Qingfu, Fan Xiaodong, and Bi Fei, have been specifically trained to torture practitioners. Nearly every practitioner held in the labor camp has been tortured by these guards, using methods such as being handcuffed and hung up for long periods of time, viciously beaten, and shocked with electric batons.

Mr. Liu Jingzhou, 57, from Harbin, was handcuffed, hung up, and shocked with an electric baton by Shi Jian and other guards. As a result, half of his face and mouth were swollen for a long time afterward and he lost all feeling in one hand.

Mr. Lu Qingpo, 58, from Wuchang was beaten by guard Jin Qingfu. He walked with a limp for a long time afterward due to a leg injury he sustained from the beatings. His face also became swollen.

Mr. Jin Yingjie, 56, from Jiamusi was viciously beaten many times by guards Shi Jian and Jin Qingfu.

The first day Mr. Zhang Daoxiang, 65, from Harbin, arrived at the labor camp, Jin Qingfu tried to force him to write a guarantee statement promising to no longer practice Falun Gong. When Mr. Zhang refused to comply, Jin kept kicking him with his leather shoes and continually slapped him in the face. After beating Mr. Zhang for around 40 minutes, his legs and half of his face were severely bruised. He could not hear properly afterward.

Mr. Xu Haipo from Harbin had difficulty walking after one of his legs was injured from being beaten by guard Bi Fei.

Mr. Hao Zhendong, 57, from Harbin, was handcuffed, hung up, and shocked with an electric baton by guards Shi Jian and Fan Xiaodong. Fan punched Mr. Hao in the face and Shi shocked him on the legs with an electric baton. Mr. Hao's legs immediately became swollen and he was in severe pain for a long time.

A practitioner in his fifties was viciously kicked by guard Jin Qingfu and could not walk for several days afterward.

Practitioners held at the labor camp are forced to do hard labor for long periods of time making car cushions. They are not allowed to talk to each other, and each practitioner is closely monitored by an inmate.

All of the inmates and practitioners in the labor camp have money cards which are kept by supervisor Li Xichun. Li gave inmate Jiang Junwei Mr. Zhang's money card to use. His family gave him 500 yuan to cover the costs to buy everyday essentials in the camp, but Li did not put the money on Mr. Zhang's card. Li and Jiang work together to extort money from most practitioners.

As of June 2012, a total of 31 practitioners whose names are known are detained at Suihua Forced Labor Camp. These include:

From Shuangcheng City - Mr. Ma Xiliang, Mr. Cao Qicai, Mr. Cheng Shaonian, Mr. Wan Yunlong, Mr. Fan Wenta, Mr. Wang Xingyu, Mr. Fu Wenqing, Mr. Fu Xiaogang, Mr. Liang Xifa, and Mr. Hong Baojia.

From Harbin City - Mr. Pan Yonggang, Mr. Wu Yi, Mr. Niu Jiahui, Mr. Dong Bin, Mr. Luo Hongxun, Mr. Liu Baocai, Mr. Liu Jingzhou, Mr. Xu Haipo, and Mr. Ma Fubin.

Mr. Liu Zhigang from Hegang, Mr. Li Changqun from Mudanjiang, Mr. Lian Yikun from Yichun, Mr. Lu Qingpo from Wuchang, Mr. Sun Qiang from Wuchang, Mr. Cao Jingdong from Daqing, Mr. Jin Yingjie from Jiamusi, Mr. Wang Zhige from Yilan, Mr. Song Guihua from Suihua, Mr. Zhang Mingxue from Bayan, Mr. Gao Shen from Bin County, and Mr. Zhang Mingshi from a farm in the North.