(Minghui.org) At 9:00 a.m. on June 6, 2012, practitioners Ms. Wang Xuemei and Ms. Wang Xuejie from Dandong City were taken to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp by the Dandong National Security Bureau, the 610 office, the public security bureau, Taoyuan Police Station and the Dandong Broadcasting Bureau. Ms. Wang Xuemei and Ms. Wang Xuejie were sentenced to one and a half years and one year in prison respectively.

At around 2:30 p.m. on May 22, a group of seven or eight people arrived at Ms. Wang Xuejie's home, located in the Taonan District, Zhengxin area in Dandong City. Among them were two policemen from the Taonan District, Wang, Gu Li from the Zhengxin National Security Bureau, the person in charge of broadcasting signals from the broadcasting bureau, and several others. They attempted to take down a dish satellite network. Ms. Wang Xuejie asked why they needed to take it down, as choosing television programs was a citizen's legal right. They took out two documents that were signed by Li Peng. It was outdated and didn't even have an official seal. Ms. Wang Xuejue didn't allow them to take it down. They argued for over an hour. They understood that they were in the wrong, so they finally left. But they said, “We must take it down tomorrow. Otherwise you will be fined five thousand yuan.”

Early this year, Dandong Cable TV converted all channels to digital and charged every household 280 yuan for this conversion. If a customer refused to pay, they would only provide three channels. Therefore, many people chose to install dish network instead of using the cable. Consequently the broadcasting bureau suffered financial losses. Thus they bought in the police to force people to take down their dishes and have them use digital cable. It is believed that the public security bureau assigned six policemen from every police station to take down dishes.

At around 2:30 p.m. on May 23, Wang Ziyu from the Taoyuan police station and the same seven or eight people returned to Ms. Wang Xuemei's home. They wanted to take down the dish. Ms. Wang Xuemei and her sister stopped them. They said, “We need to take it down because you watch New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV).” Ms. Wang Xuemei said, “NTDTV is the medium that dares to speak the truth. It has become a very important medium that draws information from and attention to all media worldwide. Why do you prohibit us to watch it?” The policemen said, “It promotes Falun Gong.” Ms. Wang Xuemei said, “Falun Gong promotes the principles of Truthfulness-Truthfulness-Forbearance. What's bad about it? Falun Gong is truly wonderful.”

Many people were watching the incident. Some kind people tried to persuade the sisters. They said, “You can't win. They have power. Just let them take it down.” Ms. Wang Xuemei's husband didn't want to get into trouble, he let them take down the dish and took it home. At that time, one policeman made a phone call. After a while, seven or eight policemen arrived. They included Guan Dong, assistant director at the Taoyuan Police Station, and Ding Feng, instructor of the national security division. They asked if Ms. Wang Xuemei was present. Her sister Ms. Wang Xuejue replied that she was not. The policemen then attempted to arrest Ms. Wang Xuejue. In order to protect his wife, Ms. Wang Xuejie's husband stopped them. As a result, four or five policemen pinned him to the ground. One of the policemen said, “I would kill all of you if I had a gun.” Ms. Wang Xuemei came out to talk with the policemen. However, all three of them were arrested and taken to Taoyuan Police Station.

When the policemen dictated the statement of the incident, they didn't mention the dish network. Rather they said that Ms. Wang promoted Falun Gong. Gu Li fabricated a statement and asked the two sisters to sign. They refused. That night, their family went to the police station to demand their release. The director told them, “We have nothing to do with it. The National Security Bureau is in charge.” Ms. Wang Xuejie's husband was released at 11:00 p.m. However, the two sisters were taken to the newly-built Tangchi town detention center in Dandong City.

The above details how policemen plot to arrest Falun Dafa practitioners. They used taking down the dish network as an excuse. As soon as practitioners said “Falun Dafa is good,” they would arrest them, claiming that they were promoting Falun Dafa.

The next day, the Wang sister's family visited them at the detention center, because they heard that if their sentence was harsh, their family would not be able to see them. That afternoon, when their family requested to release them, the police replied that their case was not finalized yet, and that it could be very mild or very serious. Their family then went to the National Security Bureau in Zhengxin District. However, they couldn't meet with anyone.

The two sisters were detained until June 4. The Taoyuan Detention center once again asked them to sign the fabricated statement. The sisters refused to sign because it was far from the truth. On the same day, Taoyuan police informed Ms. Wang Xuemei's work unit that they were sentenced to forced labor. But, they didn't notify her family. Her family learned about the sentencing on July 6. When they arrived at the detention center, Ms. Wang Xuemei had already been transferred. Her family asked the police why she was transferred. The police replied, “Her case has been transferred to the National Security Bureau. Because it was detected that they watched a prohibited TV channel, they were sentenced to forced labor.”