(Minghui.org), Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Tai Hao, Ms. Jin Shunshan (Mr. Tai's mother), Ms. Li Qiyu, and another practitioner from Yanji City were arrested on April 17, 2012, after they installed a New Tang Dynasty Television satellite for fellow Chinese who were interested in uncensored news and cultural programs. The Yanji City police had been monitoring the practitioners' movements through their mobile phones and arrested them at the bus station as they were heading home. The practitioners were taken to a police interrogation room specifically used to torture practitioners. The police had special electric torture instruments. They covered each practitioner’s head with a cap and used the maximum electric current to increase the pain for each victim.

Such high electrical current can cause internal bleeding. The practitioners said they felt like their heads were being smashed. The damage to the human body from this form of torture will cause subcutaneous blood spots that stay for a very long time. 30-year-old Mr. Tai Hao was tortured the most brutally and he screamed non-stop. The police tortured him in turn for such a long time that even they all got very tired.

When torturing the practitioners, the police usually divide into groups and change places periodically in order to torture the practitioners without let up. Many officers who tortured the practitioners got really tired. Some said that maybe the practitioners really had the gong (energy) that caused them to be very tired while torturing the practitioners. The police were sometimes given financial incentives to continue on with the tortures.

Elderly Women Tortured

Ms. Li Qiyu and Ms. Jin Shunshan were also brutally tortured. These two elderly women were tortured so badly that they almost stopped breathing and were sent to the hospital for resuscitation. Afraid that the women might die and not wanting to spend a lot of money to keep them alive in the hospital, the police released Ms. Li. But the chief of the city police department who was in charge of persecuting Falun Gong said Ms. Jin was a Falun Gong leader, so he gave strict orders not to release her.

Ms. Jin was sent to the brainwashing center near the crematorium. After the brainwashing session was over, she was then sent to the detention center, where she ended up in critical condition again. Those watching her were so scared that they cried and begged her not die. The staff said that their leader would not allow them to release her.

After being tortured terribly, Ms. Jin was finally released. The police gave her all her son's clothes, including his underwear and socks. Because Ms. Jin was confused at the time, she did not ask the police why they gave them to her, so at this stage it is unclear whether her son is dead or alive.

Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Liu Chunli and Mr. Piao Wenzhe were also arrested on April 17, 2012. The police tortured them with extreme brutality. At that time there was a concerted campaign of arrests in several surrounding areas. We do not have specific information on each of them.

Ms. Sun Qingju's Arm Broken and Her Face Unrecognizable

Kindergarten teacher Ms. Sun Qingju from Bajiazi Bureau of Forestry in Helong County and an elderly practitioner, Ms. Wu, were arrested by domestic security team captain Zhao Zhikui and political instructor Wang Jiahui from Bajiazi Bureau of the Forestry Police Department. Ms. Sun refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa and was brutally tortured in the brainwashing session. Her arms were fractured, and her head was so badly swollen that even her acquaintance could not recognize her.

Ms. Sun was later sent to the brainwashing session in Xuesong Hotel in Bajiazi Bureau of Forestry. She is in critical condition, but the CCP officials refuse to release her. She is still being held in the Baihe Detention Center.

Korean Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Jin Lianhua in Critical Condition

Korean Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Jin Lianhua is from Tumen, Yanbian. She was arrested by CCP police on May 29, 2011, and was detained in Helong. She was tortured until her life was in great danger. She was hospitalized in Yanji City Hospital. Below is her own account of how she was tortured:

1. Both my arms and legs were open very wide and I was forced to stand for a long time.

2. My hands were twisted behind my back and handcuffed. Because my arms were twisted, my hands did not meet. Even so, the police still inserted a water bottle between them and squeezed my arms to increase the pain. I was tied up many times every day and each time it lasted about 20 to 40 minutes.


Torture re-enactment: Arms Twisted behind the Back and Handcuffed

3. The police pinched my nose and poured water into my mouth. Sometimes they twisted my arms behind my back and handcuffed me, and then poured water into my mouth while covering my nose. Once I was in such extreme pain that I kicked my legs instinctively. I fell down off the bench, and my hands that were handcuffed behind my back twisted to the front. (The police did not cover my eyes.)


Torture re-enactment: Forced Feeding

4. They first covered my mouth with tape and then pinched my nose shut. Later they used a plastic bag to cover my head repeatedly to suffocate me.


Torture re-enactment: Covering the Head with a Plastic Bag to Induce Suffocation

5. The police rolled a book into a stick to strike my head, chest, and abdomen 100 times. It was very painful, but there were no marks left on my body.


Torture re-enactment: A Book Wrapped into a Stick to Strike the Victim

6. Stretching my legs. The chief of police sat on the bench and grabbed both my hands. Then he pushed my hands against my legs and separated them as far as they would go. My legs were stretched to the extreme.

7. The police put me the tiger bench and handcuffed my hands behind my back. Then they put mustard under my nose. They also frequently put the strong mustard in front of my nose. This caused burns under my nose.


Torture re-enactment: Putting Mustard under the Nose

8. The police forced the practitioners to sit on top of the amulets with words about Falun Dafa in order to insult Dafa and the practitioners.

9. The police did not allow me to sleep for five days and nights. In order to prevent me from falling asleep, they often turned the electric fan on.

The police who brutally tortured me at the Bajiazi Police Station include the chief of police and officers Wang Ka and Wang Tai.

Helong City Police Torture a Practitioner Non Stop for Six Days and Nights

The police from the domestic security team in Helong City, Jilin Province arrested a Falun Gong practitioner from Yanbian Autonomous Prefecture on May 26, 2011. He was tortured in the police station for six days and nights nonstop. The police shouted, “At our Helong security prison it says that if we beat Falun Gong practitioners to death, we will not be held responsible, so we can do whatever we want to hurt you and no one will care."

The practitioner described the tortures he suffered below:

When the deputy chief Liu Ailian saw I would not say anything, he began brutally torturing me.

1. He pushed me down and stretched my two legs apart. Then he stepped on my back to force my chest to touch my legs. Then he twisted my arms behind my back very hard and yanked my head back by grabbing my hair.


Torture re-enactment: Hands Up, Head Down

2. Three police forcibly split my legs into a straight line. Then they stamped on my back to force my head to hit to the ground.


Torture re-enactment: Splitting the Legs and Forcing the Head to the Ground

3. The police split my legs to a straight line and forced me to straighten my upper body. Then they stretched both arms upwards.

After a while, when my face turned pale and I was sweating all over, they pressured me to confess, “Who made the truth-clarifying DVDs? Did you make them? Who do you have contact with? How many people are you in contact with?”

A few days later, they tortured me again to try to get me to tell them who shot the video.


Torture re-enactment: Handcuffed behind the Back

4. An officer forced me to kneel down on bottle caps. Then he twisted my arms behind my back with one arm crossed over my shoulder and the other behind my back. He handcuffed my hands behind my back and then dragged the cuffs upwards so hard that my arms stuck to each other. Then officer Li Ailian stepped on my back and dragged me by my hair. He ordered another officer to wipe a spicy pepper powder on my face. He then lit a cigarette and inserted it into my nose to make me inhale the smoke. I turned pale, started to tremble, and came close to fainting. When one group of officers got tired torturing me, another group soon replaced them.

A 40-year-old Korean cadre ordered me to tell him who shot the video. When I said I did not know, he starting torturing me again.

He forced me to sit on one bench and put my legs on another bench facing me. Then he pulled my arms behind my back and dragged me upwards.

He also stepped on my back while I sat on the bench with my legs on another bench. This caused my head and legs to stick tightly to each other with my body folded. At the same time, he wiped spicy pepper on my face and lit a cigarette to make me inhale the smoke.

He told the others, “This method is very effective. Do not tell others.”

Gao Zhenhua, a brutal officer, pressured me to tell him the source of the truth-clarifying materials, how practitioners communicated with each other, and where we met. During the interrogation, he hung me on the wall and kicked me hard all over, including my head and neck.

Gao Zhenhua said, “If I beat a Falun Gong practitioner to death, I will be fine. No one will come after me for it.” He twisted my neck with hands. Then he forced me to sit on the bench and pulled my head down hard.

In 2004, I was brutally tortured by the Yanji City Domestic Security Team in Jilin Province, and the right side of neck developed a lump that has never disappeared. After this recent brutal round of torture in Guangming Police Station in Helong City, my neck was severely inflamed again. The police didn't want to be held responsible, so they sent me to the tuberculosis hospital to be looked at. In the hospital, captain of Helong City Domestic Security Team Duan Changhai bragged in front of the doctors, patients, and officer Huang from Helong City Detention Center, “The rule in Helong City is that we won't be held responsible if we beat Falun Gong practitioners to death. No one will come after me for it.” Then he used the paper roll in his hand to hit my head.

After I had been detained for over two months, I was released on bail for medical treatment. My weight had dropped from over 60 kilograms to just over 30 kilograms. I was very thin and weak.

When I was arrested, the police also ransacked my home. They unlawfully took away my savings bankbook, social security bankbook and 6,000 yuan in cash I’d kept for my relative. The police also took 1,600 yuan in cash in my bag and 4,000 in cash I had saved at home. They refused to return any of our money to us.

Ms. Liu Shanzhen, a Disabled Farmer, Mentally Disordered after the Police Broke the Bones in Her Feet

Recently, someone witnessed Ms. Liu Shanzhen, a disabled farmer, being released by the Tumen City Police Department. Ms. Liu used to be a talkative person. Since being tortured by the police, she has developed a mental disorder. Three years ago, they broke the bones in her disabled feet, which are now connected to her legs only by tendons. Her relatives and friends get very angry when they see her and how she has been disabled.

Ms. Liu, over 50, is a farmer from Qushui Village, Tumen City. Her right arm and both legs were disabled. Because she believes in Falun Dafa, the domestic security team in Tumen City Police Department illegally arrested her on December 14, 2008. At that time, the Caption Lu Wenzhe and political instructor Wang Yuansheng told other officers including Quan Yongzhe to break Ms. Liu's leg, which was already disabled, thereby severely damaging the tendons in her feet.


Torture re-enactment: Brutal Beating

In order to conceal their crime, they did not take her to the hospital for treatment; instead, they locked her secretly in the detention center for over a week. When they thought no one was paying attention anymore, they told officers Lu Wenzhe and Quan Yongzhe to drag her to the police vehicle from the Anshan Detention Center and quietly take her to the hospital to get her leg treated. The doctor just used splints to secure her broken leg. Her broken bone and the tendons in her feet were still exposed.

Afterwards, the police conspired with the CCP's judicial system in the city to sentence Ms. Liu Shanzhen to four years in prison. Changchun Prison refused to accept her when they saw how badly she was injured. The 610 Office had to take her back to Tumen City and kept her in Anshan Detention Center.

During that time, officer Quan Yongzhe and others arrested Ms. Liu's husband and their daughters many times and took them to the domestic security team in Tumen City for interrogation. The police pressured and threatened them to get them to tell which Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Liu usually contacted. The police used very devious tactics and finally got the names of many practitioners. They also brutally tortured Liu Chonghe and other practitioners. Officer Quan Yongzhe brutally tortured Ms. Meng Fanqin from Qushui Village for four hours. She had injuries over her entire body. Even her own family could not recognize her. Quan Yongzhe also used chopsticks to smack her hands, causing her hands to swell.

Tumen City Domestic Security Police Officer Quan Yongzhe Guilty of Torture

Quan Yongzhe, Hong Ming'en, and many other officers tortured senior practitioner Mr. Jin Yongnan. In the interrogation room, the police brutally beat him for six days and nights, and he fainted many times. Later when the police saw his life was in great danger, they sent the old man to Anshan Detention Center. They fabricated charges against him and sentenced him to many years. Mr. Jin became extremely weak and died.

From the night of March 9, 2008, until March 18 night, police arrested practitioners Zhang Yinglan, Zhao Yanping, Wang Xizhi, Zhang Qingjun, Zhou Guiling and Gong Xiuying from Shixian. Officer Quan Yongzhe beat them all brutally.

Quan Yongzhe used the electric baton to carry out despicable tortures. He used the electric baton to stab female Ms. Zhou Guiling's genitals and lower abdomen. The high voltage electric shock made her incontinent. The pain on her genitals and lower abdomen lasted for a week. Her arms and the outsides of her thighs turned blue and purple due to the electric shock and beating. Quan Yongzhe also slapped Ms. Gong Xiuying on the face hard at least a dozen times. Ms. Zhou Guiling and Ms. Gong Xiuying were sentenced to one year of forced labor and were imprisoned at the Heizuizi Women Forced Labor Camp in Changchun. Zhang Qingjun was detained for 15 days.

Domestic security police arrested Ms. Liu Xiaohua on March 4, 2011. A group of police tortured her in turn and did not allow her to sleep for over four days and nights. Police Quan Yongzhe trampled her fingers, slapped her in the face, poked her in the eyes, and used a baton to beat her lower body. Quan Yongzhe tortured practitioners brutally, forcing himself onto many female practitioners with his despicable behaviors. Ms. Liu Xiaohua fainted twice due to the torture and the police woke her up by pouring cold water on her and then kept beating her.