Torture Illustration 10: Dousing with Icy Cold Water


In the depths of winter, police instigate criminals to keep pouring cold water on practitioners, causing them to freeze and suffer frostbite and numbness. Sometimes they become partly or totally paralyzed. Some even suffer loss of speech and memory.


Torture Illustration 11: Electric Shocks


What is displayed here is called the electric needle. The police can adjust the electric current and voltage. If the voltage and current is high, the victim will bounce on the bed from the shock. He will have cramps all over and be incontinent. If the victim has a weak heart, he could easily die. Many practitioners on hunger strike are repeatedly subjected to such torture.

Other similar torture methods include: long-term shocking with high-voltage electric batons, cranking a hand-crank telephone to generate electricity to shock practitioners who are tied to the telephone, using medical devices to generate electricity to shock practitioners, lining the walls and top of a small cage with electric needles to shock practitioners who relax or drift off to sleep while chained up bent over, unable to completely stand, squat or sit (a cruel form of sleep deprivation torture that is sometimes used for weeks on end), etc.

In order to achieve their goal, sometimes the police employ various means to make practitioners suffer even more. For instance, they shock practitioners with many electric batons simultaneously; they soak practitioners in water and then shock them; or shock sensitive parts of the body, including eyelids, soles of the feet, armpits, neck, etc. After the electric shock, the skin is badly burnt, develops blisters and even festers. Such torture also causes damage to the internal organs and nervous system. Also, the victim suffers from psychological trauma.

What's more despicable is that the police shock practitioners' mouths, private parts, and anus for long periods of time. They even shock female practitioners' breasts and private parts, sexually violating them while shocking them with the electro-shock batons.


Torture Illustration 12: Stabbing with sharp objects


The police use a screwdriver or other sharp object to stab the back of practitioners' hands, attempting to force them to give up their belief.

Such torture is extremely brutal. Other similar means include: nailing bamboo spikes into practitioners' fingers, hitting their hands with hard-soled shoes, hammering their hands with a hammer, or drilling into their hands with an electric drill.


Torture Illustration 13: The "Tiger Bench"


During this torture, police tie the victim's legs tightly to the Tiger Bench using belts. They then put bricks or some other hard objects under the victim's feet. They keep adding layers of bricks until the belts break. Victims endure unbearable pain and often pass out during these torture sessions.


Torture Illustration 14: Handcuffing and shackling so that the body is forced into a painful position


When using this method, the police handcuff a practitioner's hands behind his or her back. The practitioner is forced to kneel down with both feet shackled. At the same time, they connect the handcuffs and shackles in the shortest possible distance so that the practitioner is unable to move into a different position. This causes enormous pain. This method is insulting and humiliating, inflicting psychological abuse on top of the physical abuse.

In the past, this method was only used on male criminals who committed serious offenses. But now it is used to torture innocent Falun Gong practitioners, even women.


Torture Illustration 15: Burying alive


This method is so heinous that they have to do it at night so that no one will see their crimes. Over half a dozen police officers drag a practitioner to an open rural area. They start a fire for light. Then they dig a hole and push the Falun Gong practitioner into the pit. They shine flashlights directly into the practitioner's eyes so that he cannot see them. They bury the practitioner up to his chest. At the same time, they constantly use electric batons to shock his head. They use this method to threaten and torture him, trying to break his spirit and make him renounce his belief.


Torture Illustration 16: Electromagnetic Shockwave Torture


In order to torture steadfast practitioners, police place a type of electronic device onto the practitioners' heads or chests, which results in their instant collapse. This torture device can severely damage the brain and internal organs, resulting in loss of memory, confusion, lack of energy, extreme pain, but no visible injuries to the surface of the body, because the damage is inflicted by sound waves or vibrations.

In addition to the vibrational aspect of this torture device, it also includes an electric needle, similar in function to an electric baton, connected to multiple other needles, large or small, which cause severe muscular convulsions.

Ms. Zhao Ru in Jilin City, Jilin Province, was tortured with this device. She collapsed instantly and had to be carried off.


Torture Illustration 17: Exposure to the Baking Sun


Police shackle steadfast practitioners outdoors under the baking sun, which results in dehydration, fainting, sunburn, etc.


Torture Illustration 18: Dragging Behind a Vehicle


Police officers and camp guards drag practitioners with ropes behind a speeding vehicle, resulting in tragically deep, bloody flesh wounds that sometimes expose the bones.