(Minghui.org) Ms. Hu Yan was taken away by officers from the Xiangtan Police Department on August 25, 2011. On September 29, 2012, the police department issued a formal arrest notice. On February 25, 2012, a trial was held in the Sanjiaoping Detention Center of Xiangtan. The Yuetang District Court in Xiangtang sentenced Ms. Hu to three years in prison on May 10, 2012. Ms. Hu has submitted an appeal. She is still being detained in the Sanjiaping Detention Center.

Ms. Hu, 48, is from Heping Village, Xiacheng Township, Yuetang District, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province. She started to practice Falun Gong in 1998. Before then, she had many illnesses, including insomnia, headaches, and hemorrhoids. Later on, through the recommendation of one of her friends, she was lucky enough to start practicing Falun Dafa, and her illnesses soon disappeared. She learned about the principles of life and became more sincere and kindhearted. No matter who needed help, she always tried her best to help them. Her ex-husband, who had divorced her many years earlier, was in debt and came back to ask for her help. She gave him advice and helped him to solve his financial problems.

On the morning of August 24, 2011, three people who presented themselves as police officers showed up at Ms. Hu Yan's home, saying they were doing a residential survey. They asked Ms. Hu to lead them to the apartment she rented. When they saw an amulet (1) with information about Falun Gong on the front door and Master Li Hongzhi's picture in the living room, they asked her where they had come from. Then they got on Ms. Hu Yan's daughter's computer without permission. They took the computer after they found Falun Dafa books on it.

At that time, Ms. Hu's landlord, Ms. Yao Jianping, was not at home. The three people ordered Ms. Hu to open the door to Ms. Yao's room. Ms. Hu did not want to, but they threatened her. Ms. Hu finally opened the door. They rushed into Ms. Yao's room and took a lot of things. None of the three ever presented any identification documents or permission to search the premises.

The police took Ms. Hu and her daughter to the police station for a written record. They first told the mother and daughter that they could go home after answering some questions. But Ms. Hu and her daughter were locked up in the police station when they arrived. By 3:40 p.m., the police released Ms. Hu Yan's daughter, who had to go to work. Ms. Hu was held until the next morning. Then she was transferred to the Sanjiaoping Detention Center in Xiangtan.

Departments and personnel involved:
Xiangtan 610 Office, Police Department, Court
Yuetang District Branch of Police Department, Shuyuanlu Police Station, Xiacheng Police Station, Li Lisheng, presiding judge

Zhong Wenjun, judge

Note: (1) Amulets – In China, practitioners sometimes clarify the truth by giving people something small to wear or cherish, bearing a few words reminding them of the goodness of Dafa.