(Minghui.org) Mr. Ma Laomou, a Falun Gong practitioner, lives in Yipuxi Village, Xiong County, Hebei Province. His relatives, friends, and neighbors say that he is a good man—honest, responsible, and friendly. He is always willing to help because he is a practitioner and he lives by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

However, agents from the Xiong County 610 Office, officers of the Domestic Security Brigade, and staff from Xiongzhou Town have been harassing and persecuting Mr. Ma for the past 13 years because of his belief in Falun Dafa.

1. Regaining Health from Practicing Falun Dafa

In 1994, Mr. Ma suddenly experienced a sharp pain in his chest. The next day, he began to feel restless and anxious. He went to a hospital and the doctor gave him medication to prevent a heart attack, but his health didn't improve

In 1995, he began to have speech problems. After consulting with doctors, he was diagnosed with chronic throat inflammation. Then his health deteriorated further and he felt very fatigued. He no longer could work on his farm. He visited all kinds of doctors and learned a number of qigong styles, but these proved unsuccessful.

In 1997, a friend gave him some Falun Dafa lecture tapes. After he finished watching them, he understood many questions that no one else could answer. More miraculous things happened to him from watching these tapes. His anxiety disappeared and his throat recovered.

By August 1998, he had decided to become a true practitioner. From the first time did the exercises, his body felt wonderful. Gradually he returned to perfect health and became very energetic.

2. Being a Steadfast Practitioner Despite the Suppression of Falun Gong

Ever since the persecution began in July 1999, he and his family have been constantly harassed by government officials on sensitive days. They tried to force him to renounce Falun Gong and and write a guarantee statement. He refused to renounce the practice and continued to be a steadfast practitioner. He tried to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to those who came to harass him. They would always give up and tell him to just practice at home.

In 2001, Mr. Ma opened up a small market in the village. He was honest and dedicated, always living by the Falun Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. In 2002, he went to town to purchase goods for his store. On returning home, he found that the wholesaler had not given him the cigarettes he had ordered. He went back to the wholesaler and told the owner that he had made a mistake. The owner argued that it was not possible because he had checked carefully. Mr. Ma quickly explained to him, “I wanted the soft packs and you gave me the hard packs, which are more expensive. I am here to give you the difference in the cost.” The owner apologized, “I misunderstood and thought you wanted me to pay you back. I can't believe there are still such good people in this society. Everything is all about money and people like you are hard to find.” Mr. Ma told the owner that he did what he did because he lived by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. “You might have heard on television about Falun Dafa.” The owner was shocked and said, “I almost believed the slander about Falun Dafa. What you did today, if I had not witnessed it myself, I really would not have a good impression of Falun Dafa. If everyone would practice Falun Dafa, the world would be a wonderful place.”

During the course of their business, several times the owner gave Mr. Ma more than he ordered and Mr. Ma returned it each time. The owner told his other customers, “I would deliver the goods to Ma even if he had not paid me. I trust him.”

3. A Kind, Friendly, and Law-Abiding Neighbor

As the saying goes, “A close neighbor is better than a distant relative.” During the past years, Mr. Ma's neighbors have come to like him. He was always there to help. He helped his neighbors whenever something needed to be done, such as fixing power outlets and televisions, no matter how busy he was. When people needed to cry on someone's shoulder after a bad day, they would come to Mr. Ma, and Mr. Ma alway helped them look on the bright side and not lose sleep over it. People around him gave him the nickname “Spirit Master.” He never had any conflicts with his neighbors, he never did anything illegal, and he has won the respect of everyone in the village.

4. Incarcerated for 15 Days for Having a Pamphlet at Home

In April 2005, a group of people broke into Mr. Ma's house. A person with the surname of Bai said he was the head of the town and asked Mr. Ma if he still practiced Falun Dafa. Mr. Ma told him that he had regained his health through the practice and was able to work and make a living, “Besides, I do not bother anyone. Freedom of belief is my constitutional right.” Bai told him that he should not practice because the state did not allow it. Mr. Ma told Bai, “It was not the state, it was Jiang Zemin who initiated the persecution of Falun Gong. The government made a mistake, just like it did during the Cultural Revolution.” Bai ordered his subordinates to search Mr. Ma's house and found a pamphlet of prophecies. They acted like they'd found a treasure, calling it evidence of Mr. Ma's crime, and called the police. Over ten officers from the Domestic Security Brigade of Xiong County Public Safety Bureau came and arrested Mr. Ma, who was held in a detention center for 15 days for “disturbing public safety.”

During his imprisonment, neighbors and friends visited Mr. Ma daily. Even the guards said that Mr. Ma was a popular person. An older couple in their 70s rented a car so they could go and see him. They told the guards in the detention center, “We are his neighbors. Why did you arrest such a good person?” A guard said that it was because he practiced Falun Gong. The man said, “So what, he practices Falun Gong? He didn't do anything bad. You cannot find someone like him now. He does not smoke, drink, gamble, or have any bad habits. Why did you arrest a good person and not go out there to arrest the gangs?”

The Domestic Security Bureau extorted 2,000 yuan from Mr Ma's family before they released him.

5. His Wife Imprisoned

During Chinese New Year in 2010, Mr. Ma wrote couplets for his New Year's wishes, mentioning Falun Dafa. On March 3, 2010, Feng Zhiguo, head of the Xiong County 610 Office, and over ten officers from the Xiong County Domestic Security and Public Security surrounded Mr. Ma's house. They tore up the couplets and then broke into his house. They confiscated his computer and arrested his wife. With the villagers' help, after the police had extorted 1,000 yuan from Mr. Ma, his wife was released after eight days in the detention center. Up to this day, agents from Xiong County 610 Office, Domestic Security, and Public Security still frequently harass and persecute Mr. Ma and his family.

On November 24, 2011, officers from the Xiong County Domestic Security Bureau arrived at Mr. Ma's home and threatened him. On April 23, 2012, Guo Junxue brought officers from the Xiong County Domestic Security Bureau to search and harass Mr. Ma's family. They have caused unbearable stress and injury to Mr. Ma and his family.

During the past 13 years, the Xiong County 610 Office, Xiongzhou Town government, and the Domestic Security Bureau have not stopped threatening and harassing Mr. Ma and his family. They use the most trivial excuses to harass Mr. Ma.