(Minghui.org) During the night of October 23, 2011, seven Falun Gong practitioners from Harbin City including Song Jinfeng, Liang Huimin, Xu Xiaohua and Li Liguo were arrested by Tonghe County police. The practitioners were taken to the county's brainwashing center that same night. 610 Office head and deputy heads Wang and Xie from the county's police department ordered this arrest. They blocked the information about the persecution of the seven practitioners, so the details have not been exposed.

The following is some additional information regarding the physical abuse and torture these practitioners were subjected to during their detention.

On October 24, 2011, Tai Fenghai, deputy head of the Tonghe County Domestic Security Division, led several henchmen to ruthlessly beat Ms. Xu Xiaohua. Tai Fenghai slapped her face so hard that six of her teeth were knocked out. The perpetrators also handcuffed her behind her back, and kicked her to the ground. One policeman stomped on her back, while at the same time forcefully lifting the handcuffs up high towards her head. It was so painful that Ms. Xu felt that her bones were about to break.

Torture Reenactment: Handcuffed from the back

Due to the severe physical abuse and torture, several female practitioners including Ms. Xu Xiaohua cried and screamed in pain the night they were arrested. Mr. Li Liguo in a cell not far away heard their miserable screams and couldn't help shouting: “Stop persecuting Dafa practitioners!” When a criminal inmate reported him to a guard, a 610 Office agent viciously threatened Mr. Li: “It will be your turn soon.”

Mr. Li was later sent to the Tonghe County Hospital, and placed in a ward room opposite the canteen on the first floor of the admission office, where four police officers were on guard. Mr. Li was beaten during his hospitalization. About seven days later, the police deceived him into ending his hunger strike with false promises, and then sent back to the Tonghe County Detention Center.

Several female practitioners including Ms. Xu Xiaohua were transferred to the administrative detention center located in the backyard of the Tonghe County Detention Center. About four henchmen physically abused and tortured Ms. Xu for three consecutive days. They slapped her face, and pulled her arms, forcing them backwards on both sides, and physically abused her.