(Minghui.org) Recently I discovered that there are some overseas practitioners who always love to spread news and hearsay from the mountain. For example, how a certain practitioner is, how Master treated a certain practitioner, who one was in a previous life, etc. It has seriously interfered with cultivation in that locale. Actually, this is caused by not having a deep enough understanding of the Fa.

Master said, “One’s gong level is as high as one’s xinxing level, and this is an absolute truth.” “Therefore, only by emphasizing xinxing cultivation can your gong increase and your level be upgraded.” (Zhuan Falun) Master has never said having “inside information” nor one's high social statuses in previous lives means a higher level. These are all attachments that are brought about by fellow practitioners' evil enlightenment. Those enlightened beings that save people don't just directly lift the people around them up to high levels. If it was like that, then wouldn't it be more convenient to just directly bring people up to the heavens? But, humans must cultivate, and their xinxing must arrive at that level. Only then can they go there. So, even those that are by Master's side must also cultivate upwards. Actually, it has been mentioned in Master's books. Furthermore, previous Fa lectures have all been published. Those small-scale talks were not given as a large-scale Fa lecture. Many practitioners are attached to getting new information, but what can they obtain from that?

In previous Fa lectures, Master has raised the following numerous times,

“We have more than 100 million people who are cultivating, so it’s not possible for every person to sit here today like you are. It’s not possible for me to talk to each of you, one after another. But I have imparted the Fa, so I must be responsible to you. In order to truly enable you to ascend through cultivation, I have utilized a method, namely, taking what I can give to you and what I can help you with, and compressing all of it into the book of Fa. The only thing left is to see if you want to obtain it. For this reason I tell everyone that when you can’t see me, you must take the Fa as the Master. Take the Fa as the Master.” (Teaching the Fa at the Fa conference in Australia)

Those practitioners who are attached to hearsay have completely forgotten Master's words that are in print. On the contrary, they felt that learning the hearsay is some extra gain and it would be a loss if they did not hear it. Is this not a case of fundamentally not understanding what Master has mentioned as above, and as not trusting Master? Is this not going astray? What kind of mindset is this? Zealotry, selfishness, showing off and pursuit.

Moreover, in previous lives, Dafa disciples all assisted Master in establishing the 5,000 years of Chinese culture. Some practitioners often like to talk about who was probably by Master's side in a previous life. They don't even know for sure, but still talk about this. They just think it might be like this or might be like that. Isn't this exactly breeding demons in one's mind? Could it be that those practitioners don't need to cultivate? Actually, in previous incarnations, we probably all were Master's family members. Why treat such a sacred predestined relationship with Master so trivially and speak so casually about it? It makes it seem worthless. One's previous lives don't represent today's cultivation, they were merely to establish culture. That role, possibly you played, but another person could also play that role. There were also practitioners who chose to play the role of a villain. Then, do they also oppose Dafa in this life? No, it's not like that at all.

So, we cannot always understand these issues with the human mindset, hindering our cultivation. Dafa disciples need to cultivate to achieve the right fruit, not cultivate into some royal family among ordinary people. If you want to know what other people Master incarnated into in previous lives, when Yue Fei was young his family was poor. He was definitely not royalty. How will you understand these issues with the human mindset? What is establishing a culture? What is rectifying the Fa? In fact, fellow practitioner's understanding of this aspect is really shallow.

Additionally, there are practitioners among us who talk about how in a previous life they were so and so, so in this life this is why they have not cultivated well. They use hearsay to elevate themselves. In the end, these are all just excuses for their own inadequacy. Conversely, these excuses hinder one's cultivation even more. It really is self-deception.

So, I think that no matter who we are, whether or not we are beside Master, we should all solidly cultivate and do well at the three things. We should truly cultivate upwards, “And follow your Master to return, consummated.” (“Destined Return for the Holy Fruition” from Hong Yin) While those who are attached to human matters can only be human.

The above is my own understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.