(Minghui.org) Before the New Year in 2011, in a village of northeast China, several police officers broke into a practitioner's home without a warrant. They confiscated the practitioner's Falun Dafa books, computer, printer, and DVDs. The family has five members spanning three generations, including a child and grandparents. Police arrested the practitioner couple and the man's father. Later, all of the residents of the village signed a petition and asked for their acquittal.

Here is the statement of one of the practitioners who was arrested:

“When the police broke into our home, my husband and I were in my parents' home visiting my sick father. The officers first arrested my father-in-law, then came to my parents' home and arrested my husband and me. My mother said, 'You cannot take them away. They are innocent. If you take them away and anything happens to the sick old man, who will be responsible'?' The director of the police station answered, 'We will let them come back soon. We will be responsible if anything happens to the old man.' But once we arrived at the police department, they tried to coerce us to “transform”, claiming that they wouldn't release us until we were transformed. They deceived people. I told them, 'We are following Zhen-Shan-Ran (Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance). What do you want us to transform into? Do you mean transform to falsehood, evil, and struggle? Item 36 of the constitution states that citizens have freedom of religion. We have not violated any laws or regulations.” I also told them about the hidden characters stone found in Zhangbu Village, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. The characters were formed by nature, and translate as 'Chinese Communist Party will perish.' The deputy captain of the domestic security division looked it up on his office computer and was astonished, 'It really has these characters!' Around 1:00 a.m., three of us were taken to a detention center.

The next day, the guards ordered me to press a fingerprint in a document showing I was detained. I said, 'I am innocent. I won't do it.' They dragged my finger towards the paper but they did not get any print. Finally, they said, 'No fingerprint is fine. We will leave you alone.' I said, 'In addition to not making any fingerprints, from now on, I am on a hunger strike to prove my innocence.' Both my father-in-law and I went on a hunger strike. Seven days later, the deputy warden and the prison doctor talked to me and tried to persuade me to eat food. I said, 'I am not a criminal. I won't eat food here. I behave as a good person. It is the right thing to do. Our Master teaches us to be a person who does not fight back when being punched or insulted; who is not corrupt or take advantage of others; and should consider the interests of others in all situations. I am following these principles. Our family is a well-known good example in the village. My mother-in-law and I never had an argument in the last ten plus years. When we pick up an item on the street, we find its owner. When a merchant gave us extra change, we always returned it. Once, when we bought fertilizer, they gave us an extra bag. My husband and I went back to pay for it the next day. The boss was surprised, 'I have been in the business for more than twenty years. From time to time, we accidentally over-deliver goods. But it never happened that people came back and paid for it.' The boss asked for our phone number and wanted to have reporters interview us. We told him, 'We did it because we practice Falun Gong. If we were not practicing Falun Gong, we wouldn't pay for it either. Are we wrong to be good people?'

The warden said nothing. The prison doctor said, 'We will force-feed you if you don't eat.' Several people came and lifted me up, carrying me to the hall. Four or five people held me, pried open my mouth, plugged in a tube, and fed me. I was not able to breath. They finally stopped when I almost suffocated. But they did not give up. They took me to a hospital, where a doctor said, “We won't do force-feeding again. It may endanger her life.” The prison doctor said, “I will do it if you don't.” They held me again. I began having what seemed like seizures before they could force-feed me. They did not carry on and carried me to have an electrocardiogram test and injection.

I fainted on the ground on the ninth day because of weakness. They hauled me to the hospital. The doctor said that I was too sick to be admitted. They then reported to the police department that I was in critical condition. My father-in-law and I were released.

Since my husband was still in detention, we began consulting an attorney. The attorney said, “Undermining law enforcement is a very general charge. They just cover you with a big hat so they can suppress you.” We asked if it was possible to get back a computer and items that were seized by police. The attorney said, “Those are your personal belongings. People of faith should have their publicity materials. They are all legal.” My mother-in-law missed my husband and went to the police department to request his release daily.

The village chief and security officer went to see the director of the police department. They showed him the petition with all the villagers' signatures. They said, 'Our villager is really a good person. Otherwise our whole village wouldn't petition for him. Two thieves from our village are in prison. Why don't we petition for them? Because we are happy when bad guys are in prison.' My husband also went on a hunger strike on the fourteenth day after being arrested. With the help of all villagers and righteous people, he was acquitted after 10 days of hunger strike and 24 days of detention. The people in his cell saw the grace of Falun Dafa and all shouted to him, “Falun Dafa is good.”

From the medical point of view, it is a miracle if a man lives 10 days with no water or food and shows no health problems. A neighbor said, 'No wonder you believe in Falun Gong. Your Master really takes care of you.' Some of our relatives did not believe Falun Dafa is Buddha law. Now they are saying that Falun Gong is Buddha law.

Good and bad have their respective outcomes. The village chief who helped us was re-elected for a third term. People holding the village chief position for three subsequent terms automatically become state civil servants, and have pensions after retirement. About the director of the police station who persecuted us, however, we heard that his wife developed leukemia, and they spent lots of money on medical bills. Good and bad have their own outcomes. That's certain. Here, we urge people who are still persecuting Falun Gong practitioners to stop the persecution, and make a right choice for a good future for themselves and their families.