(Minghui.org) Some time ago, I received a phone call from a fellow soldier whom I had not seen for nearly forty years. He told me that he was in poor health. He had had a stroke and suffered from cerebral thrombosis, the formation of a blood clot that could lead to a stroke. He couldn't walk much and had to use crutches. He had heart trouble, and had undergone bypass surgery. After listening to him, I decided to visit him. This phone call made me realize that Teacher had arranged this opportunity for me to save people such as him, with whom I had a predestined relationship.

Teacher taught us,

“People with predestined relationships and those who can be saved can be made to--made to by Master's Law Bodies, righteous gods, or the immense field that Dafa has formed in the world--appear right before you in any of a range of settings, providing them with a chance to learn the truth. But you have to carry it out, and it doesn't work if you're not out there doing things” (“Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital”)

I visited him and brought along a Shen Yun DVD, some Falun Gong truth clarification brochures and some gifts. After knocking on his door, his son opened it and I saw my friend sitting on the sofa with crutches nearby. He looked very pale. His son had been taking care of him for several months during the day and working at night. His daughter-in-law didn't work. You could tell from his face that he was miserable. He said to me, "As you can see, I have suffered so much for a long time. I don’t want to be a burden to my son and his family. I tried to commit suicide three or four times, but my son always saved me. I can't lie down and sleep on my back because of the pain. Every night I can only sleep for two or three hours. Sometimes at night, I have to use the bathroom, but I don’t want to wake up my daughter-in-law and ask for help from her, so I crawl to the bathroom. Life is not worth living like this. Three years ago, my wife and I both got sick. She had cancer, and we were both in different hospitals. Our only son took care of both of us by running from one hospital to the other. It exhausted him. My wife died about three years ago."

He looked at me and said, "I am so thankful you came. You haven’t changed much and you still look very young." I told him that I used to be on medication, but after practicing Falun Dafa, I returned to good health. He said, "I believe you. Can I learn it?" I said, "Of course, I can show you the exercises." While we were talking, he said that his arm hurt. I told him that Teacher was already taking care of him because he had expressed his willingness to practice Falun Dafa. Soon after, the pain disappeared. Before I left, I recommended that we watch Teacher's nine-day lecture video together the next day. He agreed.

We started watching Teacher’s nine-day lecture video in the afternoon. He was very serious, although he had a hard time keeping his eyes open at times. We shared our understandings after watching the lectures. I told him some stories about being a cultivator. He said to me, "I felt very comfortable while watching the video. After we finished watching Teacher’s lecture, you left, and I was in pain again. After the third lecture, my whole body was in pain."

I told him, "The reason you felt the pain was because Teacher started purifying your body. This is normal and it is a good thing. Your body is messed up, and to get rid of all the bad substances you have to suffer a little. He said, "You're right, although I feel the pain, I can bear it. I am happy as long as Teacher is taking care of me. I want to listen to Teacher and keep doing the exercises.”

It wasn't that easy for him to do the exercises, because he could only sit on the sofa. I encouraged him, asked him to do his best, and told him that Teacher wants to see our pure hearts.

After finishing the fifth lecture, he said to me, "I can now lie down and sleep for seven hours. I have not had such a good night's sleep in two or three years." I was so happy to see that my friend’s health had improved so much. After finishing the seventh lecture, he could move better and open the door for me. He said, "I can now eat with chopsticks without feeling pain in my arm." One day I gave him a Minghui experience sharing paper entitled "Believe in Master Without Any Doubts." He said after reading the paper, "I totally believe in Master because of my own experience. I no longer need these drugs." After the ninth lecture, he could stand up. He said, "I don’t feel the pain any longer. This is so amazing! So amazing!"

My friend has changed so much in just nine days. He can now stand straight up. He said, "It seems as if I've been reborn. Thank you my friend, you introduced me to such a wonderful practice!"

I said to him, "You don't have to thank me. This is something I should do. We should be grateful to our Teacher. Cultivation is a long process. You have just started. Study the Fa well, do things according to the Fa, and cultivate well. This is what Teacher would like to see."

I contacted some practitioners who had a study group site near his home, so he could join us and practice together.

I am deeply moved by this experience. Once again I witnessed Teacher’s compassion, power, and the miracles performed by Dafa. I realized that as long as we truly believe in Teacher, miracles can happen. As long as we believe in the Fa, we can fulfill our prehistoric vows and our sacred missions.

As a practitioner, I know that I should be more diligent, so I can be considered a true Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.