(Minghui.org) A marvelous book, Zhuan Falun, and a profound practice, Falun Dafa, have resulted in the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing and refinement of more than one hundred million people. There are countless stories of practitioners' experiences of Dafa's wonder. Falun Dafa has been making a positive impact through out the world for twenty years. The resulting changes are magnificent, immense historical pictures that cannot be easily viewed in full. The Minghui website recently solicited articles from practitioners around the world in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of Dafa's introduction to the public, asking practitioners to share their insights and cultivation experiences. The website has selectively posted a large number of these submissions, which give us a picture of the wonderful changes brought by Dafa.

Submissions demonstrate practitioners’ demeanor

The submissions for the 20th anniversary of Falun Dafa’s public introduction included large numbers of articles from various areas, in different languages. Among the submissions were many articles from Falun Dafa practitioners in China who sent them in after breaking through the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Internet blockade. Posting of selected submissions on the Chinese-language Minghui website began on May 15 and ended on June 9. More than 200 articles were posted. Translations of these articles are still being posted on the international versions of Minghui.org.

Each of the articles shows that in today's morally degraded modern society, practitioners follow the principles of Falun Dafa – Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance – in daily life. Their kindness and selfless behavior has been praised by their supervisors, colleagues, students, neighbors, and family members. Even in the face of the CCP's brutal persecution and pervasive lies and slander, practitioners do not succumb to pessimism. On the contrary, understanding the essence of life, practitioners remain steadfast in their belief, explain the truth of Falun Dafa to people and try to help more people benefit from Dafa.

There were also submissions from non-practitioners who had learned the facts about Dafa. Some of these authors had witnessed Dafa practitioners’ behavior and actions and finally understood the CCP's lies and propaganda; some supported and protected practitioners or helped practitioners distribute Falun Gong informational materials after learning the facts. These people were rewarded for their good deeds with good physical and mental health, success on the job and prosperity. Several people who worked for the Communist Party-run media eventually became firm Falun Dafa practitioners after learning the facts.

Touching stories describe the goodness of Falun Dafa

A Minghui editor who participated in reviewing the submissions said that she was greatly moved throughout the review process. The articles spoke of a wide variety of experiences. Some of the authors had heard of Falun Gong by chance and read Zhuan Falun when they were terminally ill. Some found Dafa after losing hope in life as a result of experiencing misfortune. Others had smooth sailing in life but always sought the meaning of life and started practicing Falun Dafa after careful exploration. Some encountered Falun Dafa practitioners in prison and began to practice after learning the truth. Regardless of how each person found the opportunity to practice, their common ground is that after reading Zhuan Falun, their life underwent great changes: incurable diseases were miraculously healed; persistent family conflicts vanished; couples on the brink of a broken marriage had harmony restored.

Practitioners follow the requirements of Falun Dafa to be good people. They take a peaceful and tolerant attitude towards those who have caused them suffering. Practitioners who were civil servants became selfless in their work. Dafa practitioners who practice medicine stopped accepting bribes [a prevalent practice in China today] and provided medical treatment to all of their patients to the best of their abilities. Practitioners who are teachers by profession offered free remedial help to their students instead of charging a fee [another common practice in China]. They also taught the students the concept of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, to give them the proper basis for learning as well as instilling traditional morals such as honoring their parents, caring for others, honesty and kindness. Practitioners who are merchants won the trust of customers and the respect of employees through their upright dealings. Practitioners in business behaved ethically on every level. Their behavior has had a positive impact on their colleagues.

The personal experiences of Dafa practitioners include phenomena that are beyond the understanding of modern science. Many illnesses that are hard to cure with modern medicine (cancer, paralysis, blindness, rheumatism, diabetes, etc.) have been cured through Dafa. Many addictions (smoking, alcohol abuse) disappeared after practitioners read Zhuan Falun. The marvelous effect of healing and fitness validates Falun Dafa as a true and extraordinary science.

Moreover, through the practice of Dafa, practitioners gain wisdom: among Dafa practitioners there are outstanding architects, agricultural experts, business directors and entrepreneurs.

Practitioners benefit from the practice and spread Dafa selflessly

“After reading these articles, I am becoming more clear as to why fellow practitioners in China keep explaining the facts even in the face of brutal persecution by the CCP,” said practitioner Xiaoyan in Canada. "From the miraculous experiences of the Falun Gong practitioners, I feel the extraordinary power of Falun Dafa and Master Li’s compassion and boundless power. From these articles, one can tell that regardless of age, gender, or rank, practicing cultivation in accordance with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance can bring about great change in both body and mind. Practitioners are steadfastly practicing Falun Dafa as they benefit in health and understanding the real meaning of life. Because of this, they can take the risk of being arrested, detained, or tortured, and keep telling people that Falun Dafa is good. They hope that more people can benefit from the grace of Falun Dafa.”