(Minghui.org) Computer engineer Hou Yunjie, who practices Falun Gong, was illegally arrested by Shanghai police on April 26, 2012 . He is currently detained at the Qingpu District Detention Center, and a family visit was denied.

Hou Yunjie graduated from Henan University of Science and Technology, he majored in Japanese language, and is employed at the Shanghai Wanjia Computer Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Suddenly Went Missing

Around 4 p.m. on May 14, 2012, Hou Yunjie's younger brother in Henan Province, Hou Mengqiang, received a phone call from +86-21-69201435; it was the police. The police told him that his older brother, Hou Yinjie, had been detained at the Xujing Township Police Station since April 26, 2012. When Hou Mengqiang inquired about the details, the police became vague about the reason for his brother's detention. However he mentioned that because Hou Yunjie is a Falun Gong practitioner, he would be under criminal detention for a month.

Hou Mengqiang rushed to Shanghai on the afternoon of May 15, and went to his brother's address. The landlord told him that April 25 was the last time he saw Hou Yunjie. Hou Mengqiang went to the Xujing Police Station, but the police officer on duty said he knew nothing about his brother's case.

Plainclothes Officer Refuses to Show Police ID

Hou Mengqiang went to the police station again on May 16, and still could not find anyone who was handling the case. He called the number 21-69201435, and met with a middle-aged man who claimed that he was handling the case. The plain-clothes officer’s last name was Li, and Hou Mengqiang assumed he was a Domestic Security agent or a 610 Office agent. Li asked for Hou Mengqiang's ID before handing him the portfolio. When Hou Mengqiang requested to see Li's police ID, Li said, “I know you want my Police ID number and name so you can expose me on Minghui,” and he refused to show his ID. He said, “It's your call to sign it or not. And if you don't want to sign, I'll just take the portfolio back with me.” Hou Mengqiang had no choice but to show his ID and sign to receive the portfolio. Inside was a pair of Hou Yunjie's glasses along with his citizen ID card, bank card, work ID card and 13.5 yuan in cash.

He Mengqiang asked what kind of crime Hou Yunjie had committed. Li said, “He has committed the crime of subversion of state power using cult organizations.”

Home Ransacked, Forced to Move Out

Returning to his brother's home with Li, Hou Mengqiang found the apartment in a mess: suitcases were open, and even the digital camera memory card was gone. The printer was damaged, the laptop and two removable hard disks as well as at least five USB flash drives were all gone. Hou Mengqiang found a handbag among the mess, and Li wanted to check the bag, but Hou Mengqiang stopped him. Li admitted that he participated in the ransacking and claimed it was normal procedure after someone is detained.

Before he left, Li told Hou Mengqiang to terminate Hou Yunjie's lease immediately and get out before 4 p.m. He threatened the brother and said the apartment would be emptied.

Someone is Posing as Hou Yinjie on the Internet

In the evening of May 16, Hou Mengqiang called the Shanghai Qingpu District Detention Center, and was told that Hou Yunjie was detained there. Hou Mengqiang requested to visit him, but the person denied his request saying that the case is still pending.

On May 18, Hou Mengqiang went to Hou Yunjie's workplace only to find that the company had fired him for being absent for over a week.

Technical manager Chang Yuan said that he saw Hou Yunjie on QQ (a software in China that is similar to Skype) on April 27. He asked the person who was posing as Hou Yunjie why he hadn't come to work, and the reply was, “I had to return to the old home to handle some personal business.” When he asked him when he would come back to work, there was no answer.

Given that Hou Yunjie was detained on April 26, according to the Xujing Police Station, why was “Hou Yunjie” seen online on April 27, May 2 and May 4? On April 27, “Hou Yunjie” chatted with his friend on Skype and wrote that he would be out of town for a few days and wouldn't be online; Later the same day, “Hou Yunjie” said in his company QQ group that he would tend to some personal business at his old home. On May 2, he left a message on Hou Mengqiang's micro blog saying “I'm fine, except that I have to take care of some things,” and left a message for Hou Mengqing in QQ, “I lost my cell phone, that's why I didn't call you.”

How was Hou Yunjie able to get on the Internet while in detention? More specifically, who is posing as Hou Yunjie using his Internet accounts to deceive people?

Related contact information:
Qingpu Police Department: +86-21-59729780
Jin Guoming, Domestic Security Division: +86-21-59729780 ext.76150
Qingpu District Political and Law Committee: +86-21-59728295
Qingpu District Detention Center: +86-21-59729780
Xujing Police Station: +86-21-69760110, +86-21-69201435
Policeman Li: +86-21-22176160
For more perpetrators' contact information, please refer to the original Chinese article.