(Minghui.org) I've been cultivating Dafa since 1998, and have personally experienced a lot of the Fa principles that are in Zhuan Falun which gave plenty of encouragement to practitioners around me. However, I have a disease which others aren't aware of. I had tympanic membrane invagination in my right ear, hence I was deaf in that ear. When I was young I thought everyone just heard with one ear. After attending school I had to sit at a two seated desk. I liked to sit on the right side. But, when the teacher allocated me to the left side, I needed to twist my body and listen with my left ear when talking with my desk mate. In 1983 when I applied for a teacher's school, I heard that they would test one's hearing, which caught my attention. When I got to the hospital for the examination, the doctor said, “You've got what's known as innate tympanic membrane invagination, there's no cure.”

There have been a lot of examples on the Minghui website about blindness and deafness being cured. Once I thought of those examples and about how I'd been cultivating for 10 years without my ear recovering, I felt extremely depressed. How does Master see me? How can I talk to others about how miraculous and beautiful Dafa is? I felt really ashamed.

Before the 2012 Chinese New Year, I wanted to hurry home from out of town to celebrate. At the time it was hard to buy tickets, I was busy with work, and I had to bring with me a four year old child, hence the situation was even more difficult. During the night, I had a ringing in my left ear, my right ear hurt, and my throat was also sore. My child said it was because I got angry with her, so Master was warning me. I quickly admitted that. Then I changed my mind quickly. No, that's not correct! My ears cannot ring, and I didn't get angry like an everyday person. It's Master adjusting my ear, it must be! Definitely! I kept strengthening this righteous thought.

The next day as I was sitting on the couch, I turned my phone's speaker on, and put it next to my right ear to see if I could hear Master's Fa lecture. I could hear a little. I covered my left hear to try again, and I could hear! There wasn't much sound, but it was very clear. In the successive days, I sometimes felt air was making its way out, and sometimes felt a little pain. I knew it was Master adjusting my ear, step by step. One day, I told my child to speak into my right ear softly, and I could hear!

I hurried home. Once I saw my family and fellow practitioners I told them about what happened to me. I emphasized to them that my being able to hear with my ear is just a little thing. What's most gratifying is that I found my notions which served as a barrier and removed them. The doctor once said, “You've got what's known as Innate tympanic membrane invagination, there's no cure.” I always thought that there was no cure, and never realised that Dafa “is able to correct all incorrect states”, which also included this incorrect state of mine.

Cultivating Falun Dafa is everything to me. Our priority is to complete the mission of saving sentient beings. I am so grateful to Master!