(Minghui.org) In 1998, the three people in my family all started practicing Falun Dafa. We lived our lives and cultivated with joy. But one day in November, my son’s elementary teacher called: “Something has happened to your son. Please hurry to the hospital!” They explained that, because a morning class had finished late and the stairs were very narrow, when it was time to leave school for lunch, the students rushed downstairs. My son was pushed and he fell down the stairs. Countless students stepped on his body and head. My son passed out right at the scene.

We rushed to the hospital, fearful of what we would see. Our son had been unconscious and had just come to. His face and body had been so badly hurt that he was unrecognizable. There were big green bruises and purple bumps all over his head, face, and back. Both of his eye sockets stuck out and were green and purple, and he could not open his eyes. There were countless tiny bloody spots on the green and purple lumps. His clothes had been stepped on and were torn to pieces. He had soiled his pants. My son cried, and the sounds he made sounded very, very painful. His schoolteachers were very nervous. They explained what had happened and said they would try their best to help in any way possible and that the school would pay all the costs.

My husband (a fellow practitioner) held our son and gently asked him, “Are you a Dafa practitioner?” My son said “Yes” with difficulty but very firmly. My husband also asked, “Do you want to stay in the hospital or go home to practice Falun Gong?” My son said without any hesitation, “Go home to practice the exercises!” My husband was afraid that our son did not hear the question clearly, so he asked him twice until he confirmed that the boy understood. Then we talked to the teachers. “We are Falun Gong practitioners. We will take our son home. Don’t worry—he will be fine. We will not give the school any trouble!” The teachers were embarrassed and also worried: “Will that be OK?” We said, “Don’t worry. He will soon be fine.” Then two of the teachers helped us take our son home.

My son was badly injured. We simply cleaned him up. His whole body was black and blue. I asked for one week off from work to stay home. I accompanied my son to listen to the Fa and do the exercises and also helped him keep up with his classes. On the first day my son stayed in bed and just listened to the Fa. The second day he could get up, so we did the five exercises together. If he could not continue, I would encourage him. On the third day he could finish doing all five exercises! That night he did the sitting meditation for 55 minutes. When he could not endure the leg pain, he saw the Chinese character for “Forbearance” in color pressed into his head. On the fourth day he did the sitting meditation for over an hour. The leg pain made him cry but he would not give up. At the same time he saw his father sitting facing him with a shining white light under his body. I helped my son keep up with his school lessons and he learned very quickly.

My son’s health quickly improved and his wounds healed very fast. The lumps disappeared. The tiny bloody spots on his skin also gradually disappeared. The swelling around his eyes vanished as did the green and purple color. On the sixth day, he was basically healed completely except for two tiny red spots left on the white area of his eye. His face looked shiny and healthy. Finally his wounds were healed completely. Later our son told us countless children had stepped on his heart, and his heart could not stand it anymore. He heard his heart beating very hard and it was very hard to breathe. At that moment he thought about Master. Later he remembered that he had passed out. He recalled hearing the teachers calling him and slowly he woke up. The teachers asked for our home telephone number and he told them the number little by little. A month later my son seemed to have changed into a different person. His coloring had turned fair, and he looked very handsome.

On the seventh day my son went back to school. His teachers could not believe their eyes. They asked him how he had recovered so quickly. He told them that he listened to the Fa, practiced the exercises, and recovered. Many teachers witnessed the greatness and wonder of Falun Dafa. The teachers also noticed that my son was ahead of his schoolmates in his studies. The teacher said, “Another student was knocked into the corner of the wall. Compared to your son, his injuries were much less severe. But he is still in the hospital.” Later we learned that that child checked out of the hospital one month later.

That young Dafa disciple who had been injured will graduate from college soon. Dafa has been deeply rooted in his heart.

From the Call for Submissions to Commemorate the Twentieth Anniversary of Falun Dafa's Introduction