20th Anniversary Fa Teaching

Good morning! (Disciples say, “Good morning, Master!”) You’ve been working hard! (Disciples respond, “Master has been working hard!” Applause) I think I’d better stand so that you can see me better.

Ms. Xu Chensheng Dies the Day She Is Arrested (Graphic Photos)

Ms. Xu Chensheng, 47, died suddenly on the morning of May 16, 2012 after being interrogated for 12 hours at the Renmin West Street Police Station. Her family was notified two days later.

Architect Mr. Yue Shengzhu from Sha County, Fujian Province, Dies Due to Persecution

Mr. Yue, 38, died on May 3, 2012, after facing long-term abuse in a forced labor camp. His wife was sentenced to five years in prison and is still detained.

[Selected Submission] Leaders, Colleagues and Students Learn That Falun Dafa Is Good

Practitioner’s righteous thoughts and actions lead school officials, teachers and students to respect Falun Dafa and resist the persecution.

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