(Minghui.org) There are practitioners who seem to be very diligent, but once they are taken to a brainwashing center or forced labor camp, they behave differently after being released and can sometimes cause more damage. These types of practitioners often appear to be eloquent speakers, tirelessly doing Dafa work, are generous donors, and are good at networking. In sum, they are not idle. Thus, “...He has called himself a Buddha...” (Zhuan Falun) and has not cultivated into Buddhahood.

The change of behavior in these well-known practitioners does not happen overnight. So how can we differentiate and avoid following the same path? Personally, I think that no matter how awkward we are at cultivation or how terrible our environment is, we should look at what a practitioner says. Are the words coming from someone who has truly cultivated himself, from someone who has understood the Fa principles while resisting the persecution and saving sentient beings? Do the words conform to the Fa principles? If the words are not based on the person's true understanding, even if they sound good, they would be like a sandcastle that crumbles in the wind and rain. This is like the two cultivators with two different paths in the article the Golden Buddha.