(Minghui.org) Since March, officers from Jiaonan City Political and Juridical Committee and the 610 Office in Shandong Province have arrested fourteen Falun Gong practitioners. They have not allowed their family members to visit them, bringing great harm to those practitioners and their families.

Ms. Zhang Shuxin was sick and leading a difficult life with her son. Since she began to practice Falun Gong, she benefited greatly both mentally and physically. She is among one of the 14 practitioners currently held at Dashan Detention Center in Qingdao City. Her son was left home alone, and her sister Zhang Shuwen has to take care of him.

Mr. Zhang Maoyuan and Ms. Feng Jinhua, a married couple, also became fit after practicing Falun Gong, so were able to take care of their elderly parents. Because of their actions, they were highly praised by residents of Quanxiaohedong Village. Mr. Zhang's 85-year-old father is a retired and handicapped solider who has been bed-ridden for more than 10 years. His 87-year-old mother is blind and can not take care of herself. When the couple was at home, they were the only ones feeding and looking after his parents. After they were arrested, his parents were locked in a room for two days and nights without any food, until their relatives found out about their situation. When their relatives were talking to them, they had tears in their eyes and asked: “Where is our son? Why doesn't he feed us?” Hearing that, their relatives and neighbors all cried. They are still in need of care.

Phone numbers of the people from Qingdao City Jiaonan Detention Center:
Person in charge, Cui Bingyu: +86-532-88187975 (Office), +86-13864290177 (Cell)
Person in charge of Jiaonan City 610 Office in Shandong Province, Zhang Zerong: +86-532-85161920 (Office), +86-13589363738 (Cell)
Head of the police bureau, Kong Fanpei: +86-532-88191808 (Office), +86-532-55586777 (Office) +86-13969687665 (Cell)

Please refer to the original Chinese text for more names and telephone numbers.