(Minghui.org) Very recently I saw the following scene in another dimension when I studied the Fa: At Tiananmen Square in Beijing, I saw many thick red threads being collected; I also felt that the elements of the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party) that were interfering with people's being saved were cutting off their connections with the Chinese people. I felt that the evil Party's elements have been decreasing in large quantities and they were gathering together at Tiananmen Square. The message I got from this scene is that the evil CCP is losing its power to control people and has begun to try to protect itself.

There was an old saying that goes: "If one loses this opportunity, it will never come again." At the final period during the Fa-rectification, we hope that practitioners save more people and seize the opportunity to do well what one should do, which is not for oneself but rather for sentient beings. Teacher has done things for us and we do things for sentient beings. If sentient beings can be saved, this cosmos will consequently be saved.

I saw another scene last year. I saw an empty space with Teacher's image that was very large. Then I saw Teacher put the earth on top of a plate to have it float. There was a cover on the plate, and the earth was covered by it. The earth did not rotate back with the lapse of time, but was rather rotating on top of the plate according to Teacher's arrangement. I felt that time had been pushed to the end, yet Teacher did not let the earth stop rotating because of that.

These things are what I have seen at my level and only for reference for fellow practitioners.