(Minghui.org) My aunt, who is 52 years old, has had a miserable life. Having contracted serious bronchitis when she was 20, she could hardly breathe in the winter, had difficulty speaking or walking, and would violently spit out blood when tired. To find a cure for her, her family visited many famous local doctors and tried various treatments, but without much improvement. The condition later became chronic and cost a fortune each year, which left her family in utter poverty.

With the birth of her son, my cousin, her mood improved. But fortune is as unpredictable as the weather: one day my cousin suddenly fell and could no longer stand up. The doctor announced a bleak diagnosis after examining him: congenital polio, which was incurable. He would have to be confined to a wheelchair his entire life. It was a blow out of the blue for my aunt: why was heaven punishing her so severely?

With the family in such a difficult situation, one day my aunt's husband left home and never came back. She could not stop her tears in those days. One night she went to the river outside of the village alone. Just as she was going to jump in, something held her back. My grandma and uncle were afraid that she might commit suicide and had been keeping a close eye on her. Grandma knelt down and cried, “Live for the sake of your son! If you die, he will be left alone.” My aunt burst into tears too: “Mom, I will not seek death any more. I will raise my son or I will owe a debt.”

For several decades, my aunt had lived a difficult life. Being fragile from illness herself, she now had to raise a disabled son. I had never seen her smile as far back as I could remember.

In August 2007, I had the good fortune to begin to practice Falun Dafa. I went to my aunt's place and brought her a copy of Zhuan Falun by Master Li Hongzhi. I told her, “Aunt, you must choose a road to a bright future. You should practice Dafa. Only Master can save you!” She took my advice and started to practice it diligently from then on.

One day I went to her place and found her reading Zhuan Falun. With her beaming face she was the picture of health.

Three months after she started practicing Falun Dafa, Aunt was glowing with health every day. She went to the hospital for a check-up, and the doctor confirmed that she had recovered completely. It was truly amazing! Later, something even more amazing happened: six months after she had been practicing Falun Dafa, my cousin was able to stand on his own two feet and didn't need the wheelchair! It was because he had followed his mother to practice Dafa devotedly, and they have both recovered.

One day my aunt went outside the village, knelt down on the ground, and shouted aloud to the blue sky, “Master...Master” while wiping away her tears. She could not think of any other way to express her gratitude for Master's compassionate salvation.

Now, with their health completely restored, my aunt and my cousin can finally smile. All of this is because of Dafa and Master. Master and Dafa gave my aunt her second life. Thank you, Master, for the compassionate salvation!