(Minghui.org) I was arrested in August 2011. Officers searched my bag. In my bag were four cell phones which belonged to three different owners, and mine had two fellow practitioners' phone numbers. I asked for Master to strengthen me so that they wouldn't find my phone. They took away the other three phones but didn't see mine.

They held me in a police station, and I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. The next morning, after 5:00 a.m., the guards fell asleep and my handcuffs opened by themselves. I thought about escaping, but my second thought was about what was next. Should I hide? Since I was there, I thought that I should handle it myself. I dissolved the evil factors inside the police station.

They had me undergo a medical exam, but I did not cooperate. I told them that I used to have all kinds of illnesses before, but they all disappeared after I practiced Falun Dafa. They took me to a hospital by force. I sent righteous thoughts and prayed for Master's reinforcement. Everything they checked was abnormal. The results showed that I had cirrhosis, heart disease, and high blood pressure. I knew it was Master's transformation. They took me to a detention center. The administrator of the detention center said, “This person is too sick to be admitted.” The officer said, “Admit first, then we will discuss it.” They then admitted me. I looked within. I was overly enthusiastic about the exam result and reduced the intensity of sending forth righteous thoughts. The evil took advantage of my loophole.

As I stepped into the cell, I saw it was full of factors of the wicked Chinese Communist Party. It was a place for persecuting practitioners and destroying all sentient beings. How could I let practitioners outside know of my situation and rescue me? I had no solution since I did not know anyone in this town. But I was a practitioner and I was not afraid. I would completely oppose everything arranged by the old forces, and would not cooperate at all.

Guards took me to a confined room, shackled and handcuffed me, then tied me to a tiger bench. I had pity on them. These lives persecuted practitioners using no reason, and became the scapegoats of the evil Party. I spoke to them about Falun Dafa. They listened, and then released me from the torture devices and took me back to the cell.

A guard called me to talk. I thought that I wanted to save him. I first sent forth righteous thoughts, then clarified the truth. I told him that I had spent hundreds of thousands of yuan in medical bills for my cancer and I was not cured. I had my coffin ready, but I recovered without spending a cent after I practiced Falun Gong. They read my medical records and said nothing. After a while, they asked me, “What is Falun Gong?” I said that Falun Gong is a science, a higher level science. It definitely is not superstition. The evil Party defamed it, staged the “Self Immolation” hoax at Tiananmen Square, and persecuted practitioners. The CCP spread misinformation and hid the truth. A female guard said, “You have my sympathy. You can practice the exercises when I am on duty. Don't do it when others are on duty. You know what kind of place it is here.” I said, “I will treat all of you the same. It is such a good practice. I will not hide it. Why can't we give it a right place? I am on the most righteous path, doing the most righteous thing. I will rectify everything that is not righteous.”

From then on, I openly intensively sent forth righteous thoughts, 20 times a day, half an hour at a time. I spent my remaining time reciting the Fa and doing the exercises. I seldom rested. All 14 inmates in the cell quit the CCP and its affiliations. Whenever I met the warden or guards, I clarified the truth to them. With Master's encouragement, I looked within all the time and rectified myself according to the Fa. My surroundings changed. Guards saw me sending forth righteous thoughts when monitoring and asked me what I was doing. I said that I was doing the exercises. They said, “Get some sleep, then do exercises. Don't overdo it.” I replied, “My Master said that exercises are the best way to rest.” They said, “That's fine, then.” Meal times were at 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. I first sent forth righteous thoughts, then ate. They said, “Exercise after eating, otherwise the food will get cold.” I said, “Thank you. A practitioner isn't bothered by that.”

Higher ups from the province came to inspect the detention center. One guard asked, “Can you cooperate today? Wear inmate clothes and stand in line; otherwise we will be criticized and our incomes will be deducted.” I said, “No. If I cooperate, it is not good for you, nor for me. You will finish your task, but I won't.” She smiled and guided me to the bed, “I will say that you are sick.” Just like this, I rectified my surroundings. The inmates chanted together, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good.” Two of the inmates said it daily and frequently. One was released without charges. The other was sentenced to 18 months, but was released right after the New Year.

The interrogation officers were from the police department, procuratorate, and legal affairs office. I thought that no matter who they were, they were people that we should save. I clarified the truth to them. They asked me from where I got the truth clarification materials. I said that I picked them up on the street. Besides that, I said nothing except for clarifying the truth. Master strengthened me. The procuratorate dropped the charges, saying I had not committed a crime. The police department drew a conclusion in a meeting on October 1. The notification that the charges had been dropped reached me on October 10. I knew benevolent and magnificent Master had saved me again. I could not hold my tears and became more confident about righteous thoughts.

Facing the morally corrupt and degenerate beings there was horrible. Inmates and guards manifested demonic furor, fought each other and cried madly. I remembered Master's words and reinforced my belief. Finally, no one could interfere with me any more. They always called me for meals at 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., asking me to reschedule my sending forth of righteous thoughts. I said that it was the time for practitioners all over the world to send forth righteous thoughts. The strength is powerful when everyone sends forth righteous thoughts together. I thought that I should not be confined to their schedule, let them reschedule. From the next day on, the lunch and dinner schedule were moved ahead half an hour.

I could openly do the exercises without interference, study the Fa, and send forth righteous thoughts in the cell. But I was not released for more than 20 days after the charges had been dropped. Why? I repeated daily, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance is good.” “Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa.” “Restore my Master's innocence.” But nothing happened. I thought I would leave. I then fell on the ground. Guards took me to the emergency room. I was diagnosed with cerebral thrombosis. I could not move or speak. It looked like I was dying. They discussed my situation and had my family take me home in a hurry. I was back to normal as soon as I got home.

I cannot repay Master's mercy. I will try my best and be diligent in cultivation practice and in saving sentient beings, and pass all tests to Master's satisfaction.