(Minghui.org) I started to practice Falun Gong during the summer of 2007. My daughter had been diagnosed with a cancerous bone tumor and had had five chemotherapy treatments in Beijing. She frequently had fevers of up to 41.5 degrees Celsius (106.7 F). The doctor told us that she would die. I could not accept it.

I phoned my relatives and was told by one that my daughter and I should repeat sincerely in our hearts, "Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!" We agreed to, and several days later, she felt better.

The doctor said I should take my daughter home, as she was too weak to continue chemotherapy treatments. After returning home, we started to practice Falun Gong. One month later, I dreamed that several doctors operated on her. They removed the tumor from her leg. I asked if we needed to have her checked and the doctor said that it was not necessary.

We continued to practice Falun Gong, study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. Teacher said "Without knowing the Fa at high levels, one cannot practice cultivation." (Zhuan Falun) I shared with my daughter, and we both understood that cultivation is more important than anything else in our lives and that we could only truly cultivate ourselves if we studied the Fa diligently.

Three months passed, and my daughter suffered much sickness karma. Her situation was just like Teacher said: "some people will feel chilly all over their bodies as though they suffer a heavy cold, and their bones may ache as well." (Zhuan Falun)

She stayed in bed, which worried me. I didn't maintain righteous thoughts and wanted to take her to the hospital, but she refused to go. She said she wanted to study the Fa and practice the exercises. When she did the second exercise one day, she said excitedly, "I am fine, now!" I could attest to that. Her face looked healthy and her eyes were so bright. She had regained her health. That was due to her righteous thoughts. Now I had witnessed Dafa's mighty power. My daughter returned to school. I started a Falun Dafa group study on the weekends, whatever the weather. We started with five and are now eight practitioners. My mother and my son also are now practicing Falun Dafa because they also witnessed Dafa's power.

My daughter had not been a good student, and she lost one year due to her illness. Beyond our expectations, when she returned to school, she earned high marks and is now among the top students.

She was a boarder in high school and so she missed out on the group study environment. Additionally, she had to study hard and so did not cultivate diligently. One day she asked a fellow student to call me because her leg was so painful. I realized that she hadn't been diligent and there might be some loophole, as Teacher had explained. When I went to see her, I did not maintain righteous thoughts. I called the Beijing hospital for advice. My daughter cried and said that she couldn't continue to study the Fa due to her workload and so had not done what Teacher asked of his practitioners. My sister prepared to take us to Beijing.

At that time, two practitioners came to my home and sent forth righteous thoughts and helped us look inward. My daughter found that she had several attachments, such as being scared and being lazy. "I am fine now!" she said. She stood up and said to Teacher in her mind, "Teacher, I know where my loopholes are. I should save sentient beings." My sister was about to arrive to take us to Beijing. I told her that my daughter was fine now, and my sister witnessed Dafa's power.

I had spent 2,500 and 20,000 yuan on my daughter's illness, but it didn't save her. Falun Dafa and Teacher saved her and gave her second life. My daughter passed several illness tests with Teacher's guidance and help.

I now understand the Fa more deeply. I follow Teacher's requirements and am doing the three things. I clarify the facts about Falun Gong to people and have sent Shen Yun DVDs to sentient beings. My 12-year-old son cultivates very diligently. He prefers to put up truth clarification materials and joined a group Fa study. He encouraged me to go out and tell people about Falun Gong. My husband has read Zhuan Falun several times and is well aware of Dafa's power.

We were all depressed when my daughter was very sick. Now we are all happy. All this is due to Teacher. I can't describe in words how much I appreciate Teacher's help. I can only cultivate diligently and thus show my appreciation for Teacher's efforts.