Recent Visions of Other Dimensions (1)

In one dimension that I have seen, there is a big, black mountain that is putting pressure on Dafa disciples. Above each Dafa disciple's head is also a big, black mountain. Some such mountains are of a very high density and are dark in color. Some mountains have a lower density. Moreover, the sizes of those mountains vary. Due to those mountains being composed of countless snakes, poisonous insects, skulls and other such low-level beings, as well as old-force gods, they look extremely evil.

I've also seen that each of those mountains is being held underneath by Master's giant hand, not allowing those mountains to press down. I saw that because compassionate Master is bearing such for so many Dafa disciples, Master's body has been harmed a great deal. When Master sees Dafa disciples lose their lives after being persecuted, as well as those that are persecuted and fall down, Master sheds tears.

I've also seen in another dimension a very big loophole in our Dafa disciples' whole body. This loophole is the attachment that Dafa disciples have toward the current situation of society and toward the time of conclusion of the persecution.

I hope that all those fellow practitioners who are attached to the time of conclusion of the persecution and to the current situation of society genuinely give up that attachment. Don't give the evil any loopholes to enter into. I hope Dafa disciples of all regions pay attention to this issue and are able to share together, upgrade as one body, and completely negate the old forces' arrangements.

Recent Visions of Other Dimensions (2)

On the night of April 10, I cleaned out all evil within the scope of my own field. When sending forth righteous thoughts on the following morning, I discovered that the majority of the evil had replenished.

On April 12, I sent forth righteous thoughts for an hour and a half. I cleaned out all of those black mountains that I could see at my level. Upon waking up to send forth righteous thoughts on the morning of the 13th, I discovered that those mountains had once again emerged. Moreover, they were of a greater density than before and were even darker.

Some mountains were full of so many snakes and poisonous insects that some couldn't hang onto the mountain and fell down. These mountains looked very evil. Each mountain showed the image of a demon. The whole body of mountains also had a demon's image, which was extremely terrifying. Master's giant hand was also holding these mountains and not letting them press down. The loophole of the whole body of Dafa disciples is appearing to slowly expand in another dimension.

My personal understanding is that Dafa disciples in all regions can share together about the attachment toward the current situation of society, as well as the attachment toward the time of conclusion of the persecution. The one body can genuinely relinquish this human mindset and upgrade as a whole, negating the old forces' arrangements. In addition, we should send forth righteous thoughts even more. The above are my own personal insights and enlightenment at my level. Fellow practitioners, if there is anything inappropriate, please point it out with compassion.

Recent Visions of Other Dimensions (3)

On April 13, I cleaned out all black mountains at my level again. On the night of the 14th, when sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, I saw the evil re-forming once again; it formed into a giant demon head. This demon had a black face and an open, blood-red mouth. The enormous head was moving, and it looked really evil and very frightening. It could also change into countless demon heads. Each demon head corresponded with a Dafa disciple. Some demon heads were particularly black, appearing very evil. Some were darker, and some were not as dark. This evil all came from a more microcosmic dimension. I once again cleaned out what I could.

When sending forth righteous thoughts at 6 o'clock on the morning of the 15th, I noticed that the evil had once again re-formed into countless black mountains. When sending forth righteous thoughts at both 12 o'clock midday and 6 o'clock in the evening, I discovered that countless evil beings were preparing to re-form in microcosmic dimensions, even more microcosmic than before.

I also saw that Dafa disciples' loophole still exists and appears in another dimension.