(Minghui.org) The recent Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai event has caused some fluctuations among Dafa practitioners in China. Fellow practitioners have also shared their understandings from various angles and reminded each other that we should not be led by our human hearts and human notions. We should not use a human mindset to analyze issues such as public events, Dafa disciples’ validating the Fa, the situation of the persecution against Dafa disciples, changes in the human world, society trends, etc. Human mindsets change when the social environment changes. Thinking with a human mindset is something that we should eliminate. We need to become more mature after receiving many lessons in these situations.

After understanding all this however, I realized that it was not enough at this stage of Dafa disciples’ validating the Fa. We should simply not stop at simply not allowing the evil to take advantage of us. We also need to proactively reject the old forces' arrangements. Minghui’s head article, “A Time for Fireworks and Celebration” on July 6, 2011 was meant to proactively eliminate the evil and reject the old forces' arrangement, because they arranged to keep the evil Jiang to the very end to “test” Dafa disciples. This is not recognized during Fa-rectification. Teacher does not recognize it. Dafa disciples also do not recognize it. We should use our righteous thoughts to reject it.

Teacher said,

“As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts.” “You're cultivators, and all changes come from your cultivation and the Fa-rectification; everything that you yourselves validate and enlighten to, and everything that you'll receive, all this comes from what you have done on your path. Absolutely don't think about any favors the old forces might do for us, or about how the ordinary society might help us. You are the ones saving the ordinary people's society, and you are the ones saving sentient beings!” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.”)

Dafa disciples are the main actors on the stage of the human world. Our collective mindsets will determine the social change in the world. When our righteous thoughts have truly eliminated the evil in other dimensions, the human world will change. We should not simply send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil after it has persecuted Dafa disciples, such as the incident of the nationwide arrest of Dafa practitioners before the National People's Congress and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference this year. We should proactively eliminate the evil and reject all the old forces' arrangements before incidents take place. Then we seize the initiative.

I remember back in 2002 when the persecution was still severe, we heard that the evil was going to have a meeting at a certain location to plan the persecution of practitioners in our region. We notified each other and set up times to send forth righteous thoughts as a group. After our collaboration and firm righteous thoughts, we heard that when the evil had the meeting, they only discussed other irrelevant issues. The plan to persecute Dafa disciples wasn't implemented.

Therefore, when I saw the reminder about increasing righteous thoughts when the local head of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) political and legal affairs committee was to come to Beijing for a week, I realized that I needed to support the group as a whole. So I increased my time for sending forth righteous thoughts and I felt great. Though my celestial eye was not open, I could feel great energy. My entire body was surrounded by energy, my back was warm, and there was a lot of energy on my palms. Strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the last evil beings and to better save sentient beings was felt in my heart.

Actually we don’t need to look at the potential change in the human world. We don’t need to dwell on the details. We should just do what Teacher told us to do. Teacher taught this in “The Issue of Treating Illness” (Zhuan Falun),

“Yet the black qi is not the fundamental cause of an illness. It is because there is a being in a deeper dimension who generates this field.”

My understanding is that this tells us that we should not be led by manifestations in the human world, and should instead just focus on the evil beings in other dimensions who persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples, and use our strong righteous thoughts to eliminate them. This will ensure the best result.

Teacher said that on important matters, practitioners should watch the position of Minghui. The Minghui website has made specific mention of every major advancement in the Fa-rectification progress. Minghui has provided many truth-clarification materials (including posters, flyers, color letters, recorded telephone calls) on the Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai incident. These are to help advance the Fa-rectification progress. Some practitioners didn’t pay enough attention and did not use them to clarify truth to people, to the police, to the Procuratorate, and to the court systems and in other parts of mainstream society. We often say that we should keep up with the Fa-rectification progress. So when the progress is truly laid out in front of us, we should let go of all of our human notions in order to follow it. Otherwise, our human notions will block us, making us unable to comprehend the requirements of the Fa-rectification and will slow down the Fa-rectification progress.

While I was out clarifying the truth, I met a person who lives in the residential buildings where the people in the legal system reside. His wife is a prison guard. Many of his wife’s colleagues have participated in persecuting Dafa practitioners. He works for the government too. I always wanted to tell him the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution, but I had some concerns. On March 15, he suddenly came to ask me about the Wang Lijun case. He asked about what Wen Jiabao said when taking reporters’ questions. This gave me an opportunity to clarify the truth to him. I told him what I had seen on Minghui and New Tang Dynasty TV. I also told him the facts about Falun Gong. He was very interested. He said that he liked to listen to the radio. I then gave him the frequency and time of Sound of Hope Radio. I told him that he could listen to a lot of news that people in the mainland can’t listen to. He took it happily.

We can create some CDs with software to circumvent the Internet blockade, and with anti-virus software. We can tell people that they can read the factual news stories, the overseas analysis of China’s situation, and the inside information about the Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai event. People will be interested in them. We can assure them that it is safe, since many college students and intellectuals are using it. We could also create some cards with information about how to obtain the anti-blockade software, so that we can spread the use of this software and allow people to spread the truth after they have learned the truth themselves.

From this incident, I have realized that punishing the primary evildoers has indeed given the Chinese people, especially the mainstream people, a chance to be awakened and be saved. In the past, many people in the CCP system, such as officials, military staff, public servants, nomenklatura, and rich people, had little interest in knowing the truth about Falun Gong. They felt that it had nothing to do with them. They now probably realize that it actually is related to everyone. It’s something that no person can avoid, and is closely related to them. Isn’t this a good opportunity for practitioners to eliminate the evil and clarify the truth with righteous thoughts?

We should not rely on non-practitioners. We should just keep using Teacher’s Fa to purify ourselves and follow Minghui’s direction to do what Dafa disciples should do. That’s truly assisting Teacher to rectify the Fa and assimilate to what Teacher wants. That’s what the current Fa-rectification progress requires of each Dafa practitioner.

Please point out the gaps in my understanding.