(Minghui.org) Below are two true stories that I wish to share with fellow practitioners.

There was a father who took his child to walk with him alongside a wide river. Suddenly, the child walking behind fell into the fast-flowing river. The father didn't even think about it and jumped into the river following the sound of his child's voice. The child was eventually rescued by someone nearby. However, because the father was not able to swim and the water was very cold, he unfortunately drowned.

In the southern region of Alaska, when a riverbed dried up due to lack of rain, a family of mountain lions migrated to another area. The lioness discovered that her cub was missing. She followed the sound of the little cub and found it had accidentally fallen near the edge of a cliff. Whimpering for its mother, the cub was so close to the cliff edge that stones started to roll down. Several older lions looked at the cub and pondered how to help him, only to finally decide that any efforts would be futile. The mother lion, however, did not give up. After making the courageous decision to go down and save her cub, she took each step with great care. With each step, more stones would fall, until she was right right on the edge of the cliff. With great difficulty she was finally was able to get near enough to her cub to pick it up in her mouth, and together they returned to safety.

The first story manifested the highest realm of a father's love. At that moment, the father thought only of his child. He didn't even think about whether or not he could swim, nor did he think about whether he would die or not. This was one great father.

The second story reflected motherly love in the animal kingdom. Just as the cub was faced with danger, the mother mountain lion was faced with the danger of falling off the cliff. She still decided to try to save her cub. She thought that her cub's life was more important that her own.

I feel that, as Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples carrying out the mission of assisting Master to save sentient beings, when faced with the test of life and death, when faced with the need to coordinate to rescue imprisoned practitioners, when faced with deluded sentient beings, what we do at that moment should be even greater than the realm of love of that father and that mother lion. Humans and animals are all able to express a selfless realm. We are the future universe's great enlightened beings, so how are we to examine and conduct ourselves?

Below, let's review together Master's words,

“A wicked person is born of jealousy. Out of selfishness and anger he complains about unfairness towards himself.

A benevolent person always has a heart of compassion. With no discontentment or hatred, he takes hardship as joy.

An enlightened person has no attachments at all. He quietly observes the people of the world deluded by illusions.” (“Realms” from Essentials for Further Advancement)