(Minghui.org) Ms. Liu Xiufeng worked in Yongyang Government in Laishui County, Hebei Province. She was a former deputy chief of the Yongyang Judicial Bureau, chief of the Legal Service Center. Ms. Liu is a firm believer in Falun Dafa. Because of her belief, she was detained many times and sent to brainwashing centers.

Ms. Liu was sentenced to one year of forced labor in May 2000. The forced labor camp refused to accept her because she had high blood pressure. The Laishui 610 Office ordered the Laishui Police Department to detain her in the Laishui Detention Center for one year. The police also forced her husband Liu Jun to divorce her. Liu Jun is the deputy Party secretary of Yongyang Town Party Committee. The divorce left Ms. Liu with no money and no place to live. The Yongyang Judicial Bureau fired her and expelled her from the Party. Ms. Liu did not have any living stipend. After being detained in the Laishui Detention Center for one year, Ms. Liu was very weak and her blood pressure was high. She was considered at high risk, because of the condition of the blood vessels in her brain. However, the Laishui 610 Office, the police department, and the detention center did not consider her health and continued to detain her. Ms. Liu walked out of the detention center after she strongly protested the persecution.

After being released, Ms. Liu had no place to live and no money. Her life was one of a vagrant. Even with these hardships, the Laishui 610 Office and Police Department continued to persecute her. Ms. Liu was arrested on the night of November 20, 2004. She was sent to a forced labor camp for a three-year term. Because her high blood pressure was causing her left kidney to fail (her right kidney had been removed when she was 28 years old) and she was very weak, the forced labor camp refused to accept her. However, the Laishui 610 Office still detained her until October 20, 2005.

In March 2012, when the “Two Congresses” were held, Ms. Liu was arrested again, this time in Beijing, where she had gone to work.

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