(Minghui.org) On February 25, 2012, six Falun Gong practitioners from Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province were abducted: Ms. Qiu Liying, Ms. Sun Tao, Ms. Qi Guoqin, Ms. Yin Yanxin, Mr. Chu Qingxi, and Ms. Wei Weihong. Ms. Qiu and Ms. Yin were subsequently released, while the other four practitioners are still being held in Shijiazhuang's Second Detention Center.

Ms. Qiu and Ms. Sun's families hired lawyers to help rescue them. However, police officers from Chang'an District Domestic Security Brigade and Yuhua Domestic Security Brigade refused to let the lawyers visit the practitioners, claiming that the practitioners were threatening national security.

Ms. Qiu is 48 years old and used to work for a petroleum refinery in Shijiazhuang. She began to practice Falun Gong in 1996. As a result, her excessive anxiety, arthritis, heart disease, and breast tumor were cured. She also became a better person and was more considerate and hardworking.

Ms. Sun used to have a serious case of hepatitis B as well as a bad temper. She constantly fought with her husband. Her mental faculties had declined, and she suffered from memory loss, no longer able to work. After giving birth, she also contracted anemia and rheumatoid arthritis. She was 5'7” and weighed less than 100 lbs. In 1996, she began to practice Falun Gong. She saw an immediate improvement in her health and she became more energetic. She was able to work again. She even won first prize in a marathon and surprised everyone she knew. Her temper improved and she became much more tolerant. Her family enjoyed a harmonious life.

Ms. Qiu and Ms. Sun have committed no crimes and are no threat whatsoever to national security. Their arrest and incarceration are illegal.

Currently Ms. Qiu's mother is bed-ridden and needs her care. Her mother, after learning about her arrest, became very emotional. She cries non-stop for her daughter until she is exhausted and finally falls asleep. Her illnesses have worsened.

The institutes and individuals who are responsible for the arrests (Zip code of Shijiazhuang: 050000; area code: +86-311)

1. Dongjiao Police Station in Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City:

Address: 186 Ning'an Road, Xinhua District.

Office number: +86-311-87043788

Director: Liu Shengli.

2. Donghuan Police Station in Shijiazhuang City:

Address: 54 Yintong, Small District, Shijiazhuang.

Telephone: +86-311-85658110

Director: Rong Xin'gang, +86-135-13215198

3. Sifang Police Station, Shijiazhuang (Security Office of Shijiazhuang Petroleum Refinery)

Various police here participated in the persecution of Ms. Qiu.

4. Second Detention Center of Shijiazhuang

Address: Dongsan Street, Zhaolingpu, Shijiazhuang

Zip code: 050000

Telephone: +86-311-87782024

Director: Wang Shuting, +86-311-87755213,+86-139-31171888,+86-137-81581859

Zhang (first name unknown), +86-138-33121166

Office of Shijiazhuang Procuratorate in the Second Detention Center

Director: Zhao (first name unknown), +86-311-8775537

5. Chang'an Police Bureau in Shijiazhuang (participated in the persecution of Ms. Qiu)

General line: +86-311-85189600

Address: 15 Tan'nan Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, zip code: 050000

Office of Bureau Chief Gao Jianjun: +86-311-86046234, 86049296

Office of Deputy Bureau Chief Liu Zijun: +86-311-86676214

Office of Captain of Domestic Security Brigade Wang Lianxi: +86-311-86677321, 86212954

Officer Li Guoqiang

6. Yuhua Domestic Security Brigade in Shijiazhuang (participated in the persecution of Ms. Sun)

Address: Yaqing Street

Liu Xinxi, Deputy Secretary of Political Legislative Committee of Yuhua Domestic Security Brigade in Shijiazhuang, +86-133-13317981

Zhang (first name unknown), Captain of Yuhua Domestic Security Brigade in Shijiazhuang, +86-139-31976701

Feng (first name unknown), Deputy Captain of Yuhua Domestic Security Brigade in Shijiazhuang, +86-135-82328106

Han (first name unknown), Deputy Captain of Yuhua Domestic Security Brigade in Shijiazhuang, +86-137-84356999

Zhang Jiansheng, Captain of Yuhua Domestic Security Brigade in Shijiazhuang, +86-311-86122691, +86-139-31976525 (mobile)

Zhao (first name unknown), police officer of Yuhua Domestic Security Brigade in Shijiazhuang, +86-139-33102218

7. Domestic Security Brigade of Shijiazhuang Public Security Bureau

Address: No. 66, Yuannan Road, Shijiazhuang, zip code: 050000

Duty office: +86-311-86863020, 86862420, 86862450

Captain Han Yugang: +86-139-32183699

8. The 610 Office of Shijiazhuang

Address: 2 Puyuan Street, Shijiazhuang

Director Liang Jianbin (brutally persecutes practitioners), +86-311-86686716 (office), +86-311-85804135 (home), +86-13653312118 (mobile)
Deputy Directors Lv Junying, +86-311-86686706, and Han Xinmin, +86-311-86686708

9. The 610 Office of Hebei Province

Office phone: +86-311-87906057

Address: 46 Weiming Nanda Street, Shijiazhuang, zip code: 050052

Head of the 610 Office: Li Jianfang (former Baoding City Party Secretary, brutally tortures Falun Gong practitioners)