(Minghui.org) Ms. Zhu Guiying is 65 this year and she lives in Jinan City. She used to be a famous “medicine pot” in her workplace before she retired. Since 1996 she started to practice Falun Gong. Not only did she gain a healthy body but also she became a warmhearted person; more over, she tried her best to help others. However during the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners launched by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), she was kidnapped again and again by the authorities and she was tortured in many cruel ways. On Feb. 8, 2012, Zhu Guiying was once again illegally arrested.

Regaining a New Life after Practicing Dafa

Ms. Zhu Guiying, who lives in Kunlun Street, Huaiyin District, Jinan City, was a retired worker from the Locomotive Manufacturer of Huaiyin District, Jinan City. While working she served as the financial accountant, sales department manager as well as other duties. She worked very hard and was very good at her job. In order to take care of her husband and since she was in poor health, she retired at an early age. Zhu Guiying suffered from various diseases including heart disease, asthma, sciatica, nephritis, vacuities and other ailments since she was young. She weighed only a little over 90 Jin (~ 45 kilogram) and even a light wind could blow her over. She needed to rely on medicines to stay alive. Whenever her diseases became severe, she had to stay in the hospital. Each time the hospital stays and medical treatments would cost too much of her workplace medical fee so she became known as a famous “medicine pot.”

Fortunately in 1996 Zhu Guiying started to practice Falun Gong. When she finished reading Zhuan Falun for the first time, she thought it was a heavenly book and that Master had come to save her. She was so excited that she felt she had received a treasure. Since then, she could not stop reading this treasured book. After practicing Dafa for a short period of time, Zhu Guiying experienced a major change in her body. All of her ailments were gone and she became a healthy person in mind and body. She truly appreciated that Master had granted her a new life from the bottom of her heart.

Before obtaining the Fa, Zhu Guiying was addicted to smoking cigarettes. She tried many ways to quit including medicines to quit smoking, quit smoking sugar, quit smoking type cigarettes and other way but none of them worked. She quit one day but the very next day she would start to smoke again. That happened on and on. Even her co-workers joked: if you could quit smoking, then Zhu Guiying would be able to quit eating! However, since Zhu Guiying studied the Fa more and deeper, she easily removed her bad smoking habit. This miracle shocked her whole family and her co-workers and they all thought that Falun Gong was very powerful and very great!

Firmly Believing In Dafa the Miracles Appeared

Within half a year after Zhu Guiying began to practice Falun Gong, one day she suddenly felt bad. Both her legs were terribly swollen and many purple spots appeared in her body. She knew this was not a bad thing as Master was helping to purify her body from the inside out even including potential future diseases. Therefore she was not concerned about it at all and kept doing what she ought to do as usual. Later her legs kept swelling further and eventually her pants had to be cut open. She could no longer walk at all. She had a high fever and it did not go away. The purple spots as large as the size of coins now covered her whole body and it looked like the spots on a zebra. Her children were scared and forcibly carried her to the hospital.

The hospital’s specialist said that she had a rare chronic illness named as Becket’s disease and that it is difficult to cure. This illness has a high recurrence, the period was short, and the disease brought extremely pain to the whole body. There were only two or three cases of this disease in the province. If this disease did not relapse, the spots may eventually disappear in several years time.

At that time many doctors had not seen this disease, so they came to study this case. Zhu Guiying told them that she was a practitioner and she had Master to protect her so she would be fine. But none of the doctors believed her. They said the disease was very severe, but their words did not worry Zhu Guiying one little bit. Zhu Guiying chose to firmly believe in Master and the Fa. In the end a miracle appeared: the pain was gone. Although she could not walk, she kept studying the Fa and practicing the exercises.

One month later, Zhu Guiying recovered from her disease and the spots were gone. The doctor witnessed this and felt surprised. Zhu Guiying told them it was the result of practicing Falun Gong. At that time some doctors said: your exercises are miraculous and great. Do you have any books that you could give me? Zhu Guiying appreciated from her bottom heart that Master had saved her life again.

Thus through studying the Fa, Zhu Guiying experienced great changes in her body and mind. She gradually knew how to be a person, a noble person and a supernormal person.

Illegally Jailed for Clarifying the Truth

Since July 20, 1999, the CCP launched a program aimed at the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. At that time Zhu Guiying thought such good cultivation way had been wronged and therefore she asked for justice for Falun Gong and for Master. She went to Beijing with fellow practitioners to explain the situation to the central government without any fear. Wherever she stayed, for example, in her home, in her workplace, with her supervisor, and even with the bad policemen, she told them Falun Dafa is good in a dignified manner. She also recited the Fa to them.

In 2004, one fellow practitioner was kidnapped for giving out the truth materials. Zhu Guiying was involved. She was illegally sentenced to jail and was kept in Shandong No. 1 Women’s Labor Camp located at Jiangshuiquan Road, Jinan City for one year.

In the labor camp, Zhu Guiying clarified the truth to the guards in a dignified manner. She kept reciting Hong Yin in her mind and also taught others to recite it. The labor camp persecuted her in many ways. The guards deprived her right to sleep; they even used her family members as a tool to threaten her. When she lost her clear consciousness, Zhu Guiying signed her name in the “three books.” But pretty soon Zhu Guiying realized that she was wrong. She cried very hard and immediately wrote a very formal statement in the labor camp to denounce the so-called “three-books.” The evil guards saw their transformation had failed so they were very mad. They kept torturing her in all kinds of cruel ways. Zhu Guiying was isolated in a small unit, she was tied on a death bed, she was handcuffed for a long period of time and she was deprived of sleep. However Zhu Guiying walked through all of that with great forbearance and strong will which was granted by Dafa to true cultivators.


Demonstration of use of handcuffs for torture

Again Ms Zhu Guiying Is Under Surveillance and Is Kidnapped

Since Zhu Guiying was released from the labor camp and returned home, Jinan City Kunlun Street Police station and the local district office kept sending people to spy on her or even to bother her in her house. Whenever it was a CCP sensitive date, someone from a higher level government office visited her house and talked to her. Zhu Guiying told them Dafa’s truth with great and pure forbearance; she also told them should not persecute others or it would eventually hurt themselves. They should treat Falun Gong practitioners nicely. The local policemen and the working staff from the district office all witnessed Zhu Guiying’s great body changes and since they witnessed the Dafa miracle, they knew Falun Gong practitioners are all good people.

At the end of 2011, the evil head Zhou Yongkang came to Jinan City to hold a police department meeting. He forced all the area police department staff to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. Some of the practitioners were under police surveillance 24 hours a day. Pretty soon Zhu Guiying found that she also was under a tight surveillance.

On the afternoon of Feb. 8, 2012, Zhu Guiying was brought to the local district office with the excuse that they needed to have a talk with her. When Zhu Guiying went there, the policemen were waiting there to kidnap her. Later the police ransacked her home and took away one truck load of Dafa materials. Zhu Guiying’s family members checked with many different sources and learned that she was kidnapped to Jinan City Liuchangshan Brainwashing Center (it’s official title is Jinan City Law Education Center which is a jail set-up by the 610 office to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.)

Ask Kind People to Help Stop the Persecution

Since Zhu Guiying began practicing Falun Dafa, she experienced a huge change in both her mind and body and her moral standard also improved. Her family had achieved a better relationship. For over the past dozen years, she did not need to go to the hospital and she did not take any medicine. She used to be a sickly person and she has turned into a person able to care for her family and children. She saved lots of money that would have been spent for medical bills and both her workplace and the country both benefited as a result. Her relatives and friends all witnessed the beauty of Dafa as manifested on her body.

Zhu Guiying’s husband died early. Because Zhu Guiying retired with sickness, she only had a little retirement salary to live on. She had one daughter and one son whom she lived with. When Zhu Guiying was sentenced to jail the first time, her son was preparing for his wedding. Her family member suffered a lot but her kindhearted daughter-in-law did not blame her. Now her grandson has just reached the age of 5 years old and is now attending kindergarten. Zhu Guiying was taking care of her grandson. Her son and daughter-in-law worked very hard and did not receive a good pay because their workplace did not do very well. This time Zhu Guiying was kidnapped two times and the police ransacked her home. Her family members felt emotionally and financially defeated.

Therefore we are asking the international society to pay attention to the case of Ms. Zhu Guiying who is still illegally jailed at the Jinan Liuchangshan Brainwashing Center and is currently being persecuted. We also ask all Jinan City citizens with a righteous mind to help expose the bad policemen, bad government officials and bad citizens’ criminal deeds. We are asking them to expose these criminal deeds on the internet and to help eliminate the hiding place of the evil. Together, this joint effort will serve to stop the persecution. Kindness is the most powerful resource and there is no way that the righteous thought of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in practitioners’ minds can be destroyed.