(Minghui.org) This year’s Falun Gong truth clarification calendar is gorgeous. To better use the calendars to tell people the facts, I cooperated with another practitioner. He made the calendar, and I am in charge of distribution.

For my first delivery I brought about 20 copies with me, and they were gone within half an hour. Because there was such a high demand, I then brought a hundred calendars. When I handed them out at an intersection, cars lowered their windows and took them, along with a Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party brochure. When I distributed them door to door, the calendars were gone in about two hours. Many people asked for additional ones for their relatives and friends.

As soon as people picked up the calendars, I told them the facts and that the demise of the CCP is predestined. I suggested they withdraw from the Party.

One woman wanted to get a calendar but said, “I don’t want it” after finding out I was a Falun Gong practitioner. I smiled and told her, “I am not only giving you a calendar. I am giving you a blessing. Recent years have seen so many natural and man-made disasters. I wish for all beings to be safe and have peace." Hearing this she said, “Give me one.”

Moving on I saw a man about to ride off on his electric bicycle. I hurried to stop him by calling out: “I'll give you a calendar.” He stopped. Then I realized I was out of calendars. I told him I had run out of them, "But let me give you this booklet." I explained the facts to him while handing over the Nine Commentaries and suggested he withdraw from the Party.

Replenishing the supply, other practitioners in the same study group distributed calendars with me. We gave away many calendars and told people the facts. We saw dozens of people ahead—men and women. We caught up to them, distributed the calendars, and told them the facts. They rushed to pick one up. I told them, "Only one per person." Then I told them that it would save their lives when in danger if they sincerely said, “Falun Dafa is good!” One shouted right away, “Falun Dafa is good!” Others did, too. They were still shouting it as we walked away.

When we reached another village, we distributed calendars to whomever we met. While handing them out, we would tell them the truth about Dafa. Many people said that the Communist Party's days were numbered. When we reached the middle of the village, we didn’t need to go further. We gave the local people a bunch of calendars for them to distribute. We did it with one group after another. I cooperated with the other practitioner. She took notes and I distributed the calendars and clarified the facts. People appreciated us and kept saying, “How could we not cherish this?”

Once at a bus station I saw a lot of people waiting. I went over and gave them calendars. I explained the facts while handing them out. People surrounded me quickly; they all wanted one. One person asked what was going on. Another person who had just gotten a calendar said, “Falun Dafa is good!” So the one that asked the question asked me to give him one. Bus station workers emerged from the building and also asked for the calendars. I smiled, distributing the calendars while telling them the facts. The bus was parked close by, so I walked around the bus to tell the passengers the truth, that Falun Gong has spread to more than 100 countries and areas, and that I had calendars to hand out. The window by my side was opened. A girl asked for the calendar. I didn’t have time to hand out any more because the bus drove away.

One time I passed a route that student drivers use to learn how to drive. There were groups of eight to ten people there. When I told them that calendars were being given away, 50 calendars were quickly snatched up. Everyone looked carefully at the calendars. Five people listened to me. One woman asked me how to do the exercises. I told her that I would demonstrate them to her right away. I did the first exercise briefly and then repeated the verse: Shenshen Heyi, Dongjing Suiji; Dingtian Duzun, Qianshou Foli. After that, everyone was shocked and in awe at how beautiful it was!

When I tell people the facts, they often ask me to demonstrate the exercises in front of their homes or by the road. One day I brought 150 calendars with me. People surrounded me and listened quietly to me. I felt the entire field was so peaceful under Master’s protection. When I came in contact with another group, I continued. Suddenly one woman shouted, “Go! Otherwise I will call to have you arrested!” I was shocked. This seldom happened. I smiled and told her, “I am giving you a calendar and doing a good thing for you. We can discuss our different viewpoints. However, we should be allowed to speak, no matter right or wrong.” Other people also agreed that I should be given the right to speak. Someone pointed out that she was wrong. She was embarrassed and lowered her head.

Delivering calendars and clarifying the truth is also a cultivation process. Prior to embracing the practice, I was not an outspoken person. Since learning Dafa, Master has given me wisdom. I can clarify the truth in any situation. Master has also arranged for me to meet those people who listen to me.

Someone asked me how much the calendar cost. I said that Dafa disciples make them, at the risk of being arrested and even persecuted to death. “How much would you say this calendar is worth?” I asked. He said, “It's priceless. Its value should not be determined by the cost.” I asked everyone to cherish it.

Another practitioner came to me and told me of a new practitioner in a village that wanted to find out whether or not I could help get in touch with some veteran practitioners. We distributed calendars on the way to that village and stopped in the middle. I told the facts to the few persons we encountered. When they saw someone passing by, they asked him or her to get a calendar. More and more people came. Many of them said that Dafa was good. People shouted out, “Falun Dafa is good” while we handed out the calendars.

Turning back after we had finished, we met three people at the entrance of the village. One woman said, “Falun Dafa is good! My sister-in-law is a practitioner. She often gives me CDs." I asked whether her sister-in-law also lived in that village. She said she did. Through her and her sister-in-law, we connected with the new practitioner. Calendars were distributed, and a practitioner got connected. Thank you, Master, for the arrangement.