(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zeng Ting rode her bike to an Internet cafe to distribute software that allows others to view regime-blocked websites. When someone who did not know the truth about Falun Gong reported her, officers from Tuanjie Police Station arrested her and detained her overnight.

The next morning, her captors took Ms. Zeng to a mental hospital. She was detained separately for a day. Because she refused to enter the isolation ward, two doctors put pressure on the back of her neck, hurting her severely. She slept on a bed not longer than 1.5 meters in the isolation ward that night. Because she went on a hunger strike, she was assigned to stay in a room with other mental patients the next day.

Ms. Zeng borrowed a patient's mother's cell phone and called a relative on October 24. Her relative transferred the call to her mother, letting her know what had happened. Her family went to the hospital to take Zeng Ting home, but the hospital wanted 7,000 yuan from them for “medical expenses.” Her family didn't agree that was fair. After a lengthy stalemate, her family finally agreed to pay 1,000 yuan for medical expenses, 117 yuan for two boxes of medicine, and 20 yuan for cleaning expenses. Then the hospital was willing to let her go, although no receipt was issued to the family for those expenses.

Ms. Zeng and her family went to the hospital again two days later to request a receipt. The back of her neck still hurt, and they wanted to know what had happened, and also wanted to warn them to stop using violence. The hospital only gave them a receipt for 1,000 yuan for living expenses, just to get rid of her.

Because her family did not know about her detention before her call, Ms. Zeng's family had looked for her everywhere and did not know where she was.

Her father passed away many years ago. While her mother was looking for her, she also needed to take care of Zeng Ting's little brother. The persecution not only caused her mother great harm, but also caused her family financial loss.

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