(Clearwisdom.net) When the Senior Citizens Education Group organized a tour, the accompanying physician gave every elderly person a checkup. When he examined Ms. Xu, the physician said in surprise said, “Wow! You are in great physical condition. You are very healthy, just like a young person. You had a good foundation when you were young, right?”

All the other seniors were looking with envy at Ms. Xu, who had tight smooth skin and none of the sags and wrinkles that most of them had.

But Ms. Xu said, “I was often sick when I was young; an ambulance came twice for me. Doctors predicted that I would only live to about 50.”

Ms. Xu will be 70 in three years. She was born with a congenital heart disease. She had to look after her paralyzed parents-in-law after she married. She also had to bring up her own two children. Having too many responsibilities for someone in her condition, she was taken by ambulance to a hospital. She lost consciousness twice due to a heart attack. Following the first hospitalization she had chronic diarrhea, making her even weaker. Ms. Xu had numerous health problems, such as gastritis, arthritis, bronchitis, inflammation of the retina, and other ailments.

Bronchitis was a yearly occurrence. She coughed way too often when she was young. Having coughed for quite some time, her stomach would ache and she experienced incontinence. She also suffered from allergies to anything cold—cold drinks, cold water, or even a piece of watermelon in the hot summer. When the weather was cloudy or rainy, arthritis plagued her. It made her so weak that when she talked, her voice sounded like the humming of a mosquito. To get a meal ready, she had to lie down quite a few times during preparations and sat on a stool to stir-fry the food.

Suffering so much day after day, she became so weak and sickly that “a gust of wind could have blown her away,” as some friends of hers used to say. Her doctor had once told her, “Given your physical condition, you'll be lucky to live to your mid 50s. By then you will have no hair, no teeth, and you'll be humpbacked.”

Her doctor's predictions about Ms. Xu came true when she was over 50 years old. She thought, “Now that my parents-in-law have passed away and my children have grown up, I guess I am just waiting for death.” But she was somewhat puzzled, thinking, “Humans suffer so much on earth and then die. Is this all there is to life?”

At this juncture, Ms. Xu started practicing Falun Dafa. In 1995, she thought that the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance for a person to follow were extremely good and positive. She was deeply moved when she finished reading Zhuan Falun.

What happened to Ms. Xu after she became a Dafa cultivator were miraculous physical changes: Her voice became louder, her steps stronger and faster, no more bronchitis, her stomach problems disappeared, and she could eat watermelon and ice cream. Within a month she threw away all her Western and Chinese medicines.

Falun Gong is a miraculous process that heals. Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong, speaks about adjusting practitioners' bodies. Cholecystitis was adjusted first. Ms. Xu said, “One day when I was in the office, my gallbladder area started to hurt. I had nausea, which is a cholecystitis symptom. I asked for a leave of absence in the afternoon and went home for Fa study. After studying the Fa for about two hours, the pain was gone. I also had a retina problem and was unable to walk without wearing glasses. After practicing Dafa for six months, I found myself one day working in the office without my glasses. I was so happy that I felt light when I walked.”

Ms. Xu's daughter also noted her mother's changes: “When she practiced other kind of qigong, she quit within a few days. This Falun Gong is different. Her physical condition has changed for the better.” Ms. Xu said, “When practicing other kind of qigong, the more I did it, the more tired I became. But Falun Gong is different. As soon as I started practicing it, I felt energized and felt heat throughout my whole body.”

Those who have known Ms. Xu are all aware of how extraordinary Falun Dafa is. Gradually, her daughter, other family members, many friends, and friends of friends have joined Falun Dafa cultivation.

Falun Dafa had rapidly spread before the Chinese Communist Party started its persecution in 1999. And even today, many people have gradually been taking part in Dafa cultivation through Ms. Xu.

Friends, if you want to understand the secrets of the reborn Ms. Xu, you are invited to read Falun Gong's main book, Zhuan Falun.