(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, a person in the arts sector, who has had all kinds of restrictions imposed upon him by the CCP regime, was summoned by police. The reason given was that he was suspected of “besieging a camera lens.”

On January 15, he published the following message on Twitter: “I was summoned by Nanfu Police Station in Chaoyang District last night, which used the excuse that I was suspected of besieging a camera lens.” After this message was posted, Internet users mocked it relentlessly.

Although the regime's excuse is ridiculous, the implied threat is clear and quite explicit: Don't say or do things that we don't like. All of your activities are under our control, and we can take action against you at any time.

Of course, the accusation of “besieging a camera lens” sounds quite baffling. Is a camera lens worth “besieging”? The term “besieging” is used most inappropriately. However, it is not just an unwitting mistake, as there is a deliberate political message involved despite the comical side of it. Anyone who is accused of “besieging” can be placed under strict surveillance and the police can attack them at will and at any time.

This odd situation brings to mind how the CCP created lies about Falun Gong “besieging Zhongnanhai” years ago.

On April 11, 1999, He Zuoxiu, a CCP mouthpiece, published an article in Tianjin Normal University's Youth Reader magazine. He once again referenced fabricated cases that he had previously used at the Beijing TV station in 1998 to slander Falun Gong. After the publication of his article, some Falun Gong practitioners in Tianjin felt that it was necessary to clarify the facts to the departments concerned, and they hoped to clear away the adverse impact the article had created by communicating with the editorial department. So, from April 18 to 24, some Falun Gong practitioners went to Tianjin Normal University and other relevant departments to report the facts. Throughout the process, Falun Gong practitioners were calm and kind, telling the editors and the magazine's secretary the facts of how they had benefited from the practice.

On April 23 and 24, Tianjin Police Station deployed anti-riot police forces to assault Falun Gong practitioners who had gone to report the facts, causing bloodshed and injuries. Forty-five Falun Gong practitioners were illegally arrested. When the practitioners asked the authorities to release them, they were told by the Tianjin Municipal Government that the central government's Ministry of Public Security was now involved and without Beijing's approval, they would not release the arrested practitioners. Tianjin police also advised Falun Gong practitioners, “You'd better go to Beijing. Only by going to Beijing can the issue be resolved.”

The Tianjin Municipal Government's unusual attitude and the reckless behavior of the police caused people to sense pressure from the CCP's high level leadership in Beijing. However, Falun Gong practitioners firmly believed that they had not done anything wrong by cultivating their hearts according to the principles of “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” and by being kind and good people. They knew from their personal experiences that Falun Gong is good. Beginning on the evening of April 24, Falun Gong practitioners from various locations started to travel to Beijing, hoping that by appealing to the central government, the “Tianjin incident” could be resolved in a just and fair manner.

On April 25, more than 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners went to the Appeal Office of the State Council near Zhongnanhai. Around lunch time, the then Prime Minister personally met with Falun Gong practitioners, who made three requests: (1) release the Falun Gong practitioners arrested by Tianjin police; (2) allow practitioners an open cultivation environment; (3) allow free publication of Falun Gong books. The Prime Minister quickly ordered Tianjin police to release the practitioners they had arrested, and reaffirmed the policy that the government would not interfere with people practicing cultivation. At around 10:00 p.m. that evening, the Falun Gong practitioners quietly left. The whole appeals process was in good order and when they left, the site was spotless, without even the tiniest scrap of paper littering it. They even cleaned up the cigarette butts thrown on the ground by police. Some police said with admiration, “Look, this is what we call moral character!”

The Falun Gong practitioners' appeal on April 25 was peaceful and rational. They were merely exercising their civil right to appeal, a right bestowed upon all citizens by China's Constitution. They upheld their belief in the face of tyranny and their action was being responsible to their conscience and to society. It was simply a peaceful and rational appeal by a group of kindhearted people. However, Jiang Zemin and his clique, who were extremely jealous of Falun Gong's popularity and who were corrupted by power, framed Falun Gong and labeled the peaceful appeal as “besieging Zhongnanhai.”

Today, when we reflect on the incident, we can clearly see that Jiang's charge was riddled with holes. Jiang Zemin and his clique claimed Falun Gong practitioners were besieging and attacking Zhongnanhai, then let us ask: What weapons did practitioners have in their hands when “besieging and attacking Zhongnanhai”? Was anyone injured? Was a single brick in the wall of Zhongnanhai damaged or removed as a result? How far away was Zhongnanhai from the appealing masses? Did Zhongnanhai ever have any contact with the people? Was it wrong for people to go to appeal according to the Constitution when they had been wronged? How could a quiet, peaceful and rational appeal be labeled as “besieging” Zhongnanhai?

How serious was the impact of labeling practitioners' appeal as “besieging Zhongnanhai”? A great many Chinese people understand the implied message: when one is so labeled, it means that the CCP is about to crack down on you. What happened next proved they were right, as the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP has turned out to be the most evil and vicious act of genocide. “Besieging Zhongnanhai” was just one of the excuses used by Jiang Zemin and his clique to brutally persecute Falun Gong.

From “Besieging Zhongnanhai” to “Besieging a camera lens,” when hearing such accusations, the Chinese people cannot help but laugh, but at the same time, they also feel a deep sense of sadness. What sort of party is the CCP? How could they possibly fabricate such lies? Under the rule of such a twisted political party, the life of Chinese people is so hard and difficult! It's inherent to the CCP's very nature to be the enemy of the people. So, it should be the choice of the people to break away from this evil party.