(Minghui.org) Due to being interfered with by the attachment to comfort, I often took naps when I felt tired. Consequently, the more I slept, the more tired I felt, and, as such, the major task of saving sentient beings was interfered with. I regretted this and knew that it was due to a lack of Fa study, so I went to another practitioner's house to study the Fa.

After listening to the other practitioner share about a certain issue, I was greatly inspired. In one small Fa study group, Ping often made mistakes when she read. Whenever she made a mistake while reading she would immediately say, “This is not me. Read it again.” Another practitioner commented, “It was clearly you who read it. How could you say it wasn't you?”

Whoever hears this story will laugh. I laughed, too. But I understood what Ping meant. Since then, whenever the attachment of comfort interferes with me, I immediately think, “This is not me.” As such, I'm truly much clearer, because it is the “True Me” who controls my own thoughts and body.