(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa in 1996. After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution on July 20, 1999, I was detained for ten months. I gave up cultivating Dafa for five years due to attachments to comfort and fear. I started to cultivate again in 2005.

During those five years of leaving Dafa, I drifted with the tide and became a morally corrupt person, which formed a sharp contrast with the high moral character (xinxing) that I had before the persecution and after I returned to Dafa practice. Master said,

“As the morality of human society has slid down to this point, mankind's thinking has gone through corresponding changes. And since they've changed and evolved to this point, it's impossible for people to revert on their own. No individual, no theory, and no method can enable people to return to where they were--only Dafa can.” (Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art)

My personal experience is great proof of this.

Practicing prior to the persecution: My noble medical ethics were greatly acclaimed

I am a military doctor. Before the persecution began, I set a high standard for myself by following the principles of Falun Dafa, caring for patients with a kind attitude and being very considerate of patients. I tried my best to find the least expensive means for them and the quickest time to cure their pain. I have never received any covert payment from patients and have never taken any kickback for prescribing medicine. My medical ethics received public praise by the hospital leaders many times and I was praised by many patients and their family members. Below are a couple of examples.

1. The translator said: I thank you on behalf of minority patients!

Because the hospital is located in a minority area, there is a full-time translator in the hospital to overcome the language barriers. Normally, the translator would get off work on time. Some patients from remote areas leave home early in the morning to get to the hospital, but when they arrive at the hospital around noontime, it is already closed. Other doctors on duty basically would wait until the afternoon office hours, when the translator returns to work. Patients would have to wait for a few hours in the outpatient office. Whenever I am on duty, I ride a bicycle to find the translator and treat patients in a more timely manner. Patients who require hospitalization will be sent to relevant departments also in a timely manner. If they don't need hospitalization, I let them go home as early as possible. Sometimes, the translator complains that it is bothersome. I then tell him about the principle that kindness will be repaid with kindness and evil will be repaid with karmic retribution according to Dafa's principles. Since the translator and the patients belong to the same ethnic group, he cooperated very well and even thanked me for being such a good doctor on behalf of his fellow countrymen.

2. Patient's family: “I quietly followed you to find your home, please receive the 300 eggs no matter what!”

Many villagers of ethnic minorities are living a poor life. Their sanitation conditions are extremely poor and because of the poor sanitation, many have foul smelling body odor. The patients' beds in the department are separated between the Han (the largest ethnicity in China) and the minority group. Medical staff wear masks when they see patients from the minority wards and leave quickly after asking a few questions. They have difficulty breathing and even feel nausea. Once I treated a patient who was an 18-year-old minority girl. She was suffering from severe psoriasis all over her body and therefore she wanted to commit suicide. She didn't eat or drink and didn't cooperate with the treatment. In order to conduct psychological counseling for the girl and help her to establish confidence in life, I conducted over two hours of psychotherapy with the help from the translator. She finally gave up the idea of suicide. Her parents were living a very difficult life so I tried my best to help them. Her parents were very touched and asked about my home address. I guessed they wanted to give me a gift. I politely refused. However, at around 12 a.m. one night, somebody was knocking at the door. I opened the door and her father squeezed in with a big bag and said, “Doctor, we really don't have any good way to thank you, I only have these eggs and you must accept them!” Minority people have a notion: if a person doesn't accept the item that they sincerely want to give, they think the person looks down on them. I made up my mind to send medicine to the family when his daughter was discharged, so I accepted the eggs. Then I asked him, “How did you find my home?' He said, “When you got off work at noon, I followed you from a distance until you returned home.” I counted the eggs and there were over 300 eggs. I bought the medicine with the money equal to 300 eggs to send to them when they were discharged. At the gate of my home, the father suddenly kneeled down and tried to kowtow. I quickly lifted him up and told him that all our Dafa practitioner doctors are the same. One day during the next summer, the door guard told me that someone was looking for me. It was that same father who again drove a wagon from dozens of kilometers away to send me a box of the first crop of ripe grapes.

However, in that same hospital, many doctors who are CCP members not only have a very poor attitude to the minority patients, receive covert payments from patients and take kickbacks, but also ask for alcohol and other gifts from the patients' families. A doctor who worked in the outpatient department with me prescribed more than 20 CT exams in just one morning without considering the patients' financial capability and regardless of whether their condition warranted such an exam; all because the hospital encouraged the doctor to prescribe more CT exams to make a higher profit. The bonus for one CT is 20 yuan. Most people only have a cold and headache. However, I prescribe very few CT exams and only based on each patient's specific condition.

After returning to Dafa: I only follow the righteous path and eliminate the evil

After being detained for ten months because of cultivating Falun Dafa, I was dismissed by the army and forced to make a living in the local area. Although I felt fully respectful toward Dafa and Master from my heart, I was ashamed of my cowardice and betrayal of Dafa, and felt unworthy to face Master, I gave up cultivation and behaved like everyday people.

However, whenever I was alone, I felt very pained in my heart. I couldn’t find the meaning of life. The desire of returning to Dafa grew stronger and stronger. At the beginning of 2005, I decided to return to Dafa practice. A fellow practitioner sent me the book Zhuan Falun and videos of Master’s lectures. Under Master’s guidance, I found the software to break through the Internet blockade and logged on to the Minghui website. I cried when I saw Master’s picture, like a child returning home after a long absence. I eagerly studied Master’s lectures after July 20, 1999, and was determined to put down the burden I felt and try my best to become a qualified Dafa disciple with redoubled effort, keeping up with the Fa-rectification process, never leaving Dafa again and fulfilling my vow.

In just over a month after I returned to Dafa cultivation, I was arrested when I was distributing Dafa truth-clarification materials. I was detained in a detention center and sentenced to one year in prison. After I was released from prison, my wife told me, “ Either you give up cultivation, or we divorce!” I said firmly, “I will never leave Dafa again!” We got a divorce two weeks later. Before I left I told her: “The persecution we suffered is due to the CCP. Please never blame Dafa!” I left most of our personal property to her and only brought a small amount of money to find a job in the southern part of China. After a few years, I was promoted from middle level management staff to vice president of a large hospital. Various funds that I managed exceeded hundreds and thousands of yuan, but I never took any rebates or bribes. Even for those rebates that I couldn’t refuse, I gave the money to the finance department of the hospital. The president of the hospital was very moved and awarded me many times. Once, I was negotiating a technical corporation project with a customer on behalf of the hospital. In the implementation process, I put myself in their situation and offered benefits to them as much as I could. The customer proposed to give me ten percent of the shares as a gift, which meant I could have received 10,000 yuan each month in dividends. I firmly refused.

My job responsibility is to hospital branding so I often deal with advertising agencies and Internet companies. During the process, I respect their professional characteristics, and carry out our work after I fully understand their unique characteristics. Therefore, the work efficiency and quality are very good. Our partners all feel that it is very relaxing and pleasant to work with me.

Once, I worked in a hospital and took over an Internet design project for the hospital. The partner said, “The design work started three months ago, has been modified over 15 times, and the design is still not finalized.” Through a detailed inquiry, I found the root cause: The hospital side doesn’t respect the technical characteristics of the website design. They didn’t give detailed requirements before the design work started and requested design changes after the design was done. However, the necessary information for the website design was not provided. Then the hospital side delayed payment for the project with the excuse that the website design was not done on time. Both sides blamed each other and the relationship became very tense. I said to the partner, “I apologize for this situation. I will sign to confirm all the design requirements for the website design and I will provide the information you required for the website design in a timely manner.” Later I communicated with the upper level management of the hospital and unified the views and organized the wording and pictures for the hospital. I gave these to the partner three days later. The website was completed within 10 days. The partner also received the production reimbursement on time. They were very grateful to me.

After returning to Dafa for these past seven years, I have experienced various tests of desire and lust. I maintain my xinxing level and have avoided all inappropriate behaviors. I have been elevating in Dafa and purifying myself, utilizing various opportunities to assistant Master in the Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.