Canada: Legislative Assembly Member Condemns CCP’s Organ Harvesting (Photo)

A member of Ontario's Legislative Assembly, says that the international community can no longer tolerate the Chinese Communist Party's policy of forced, live organ harvesting, and that things have to change.

FDIC: U.S. Medical Doctors Launch Petition to Secure White House Response to Organ Harvesting Atrocities in China

Doctors call upon the administration to address organ harvesting in China.

With Master in My Heart, Ten-thousand Difficulties Are Not Hard to Endure

"I never say, 'Impossible,' 'I can’t endure it,' or 'I can’t bear it.' If I fall down, I will stand up right away and say, 'I must do a better job next time. I can do it! I firmly believe in Master, the Fa, and myself.'"

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