(Minghui.org) I used to be a follower of Hinayana Buddhism. I once met a handicapped person who had a brain tumor and saw that he had difficulty walking, so I tried to convince him to join Buddhism; he agreed. But when I went to his residence later, I discovered he was practicing Falun Gong.

He lent me his Dafa books and recordings of Master’s lectures and told me, “Many Gods have come and are with us now.” Even though I could not see anything, I could feel the energy, and my body had strong reactions. After I returned home, my husband told me, “You must quickly destroy all the Hinayana books and cassettes now. I’ll buy some cassettes for you tomorrow and make you copies of the Falun Gong lectures.” This was strange because, in the past, when I practiced Hinayana, he often physically and verbally abused me. Why was he so different this time? He really bought blank cassettes and made copies for me the next day. After reading a few pages of Zhuan Falun that night, law wheels spun in front of my eyes miraculously. Thus we both began to cultivate in Dafa.

Our elementary school daughter also began to cultivate with us. After practicing the exercises one day, she excitedly told me, “Mom, look at my legs.” We saw colorful patterns and flowers on her legs. They were very beautiful.

Going to Beijing to speak up for the Fa

Right before July 20, 1999, over a dozen of us went to Beijing to speak out on behalf of Falun Gong. Police officers illegally arrested many practitioners on July 21, and the courtyard of the armed police compound next to Tiananmen Square was packed with detained practitioners. We recited Master’s teachings together out loud. Terrified, the evil guards separated us, taking us to different stadiums. I was detained with more than 1,000 others, and we saw one of Master’s huge law bodies and a law wheel in the sky directly above the stadium. There were also numerous small law wheels cleansing our bodies.

Among us was a 19-year-old female practitioner who started to do the exercises. The authorities converged on her with kicks and punches, but she did not move. We followed her lead. No matter how fierce they were, we stood up after being knocked down and none of us gave up. The police even commented, “They’re amazing!” At dusk, we were transferred to different detention centers, but we continued doing the exercises and also began hunger strikes to protest the mistreatment. We recited the Fa, practiced the exercises, and shared our experiences every day.

The power to turn back the tide

The public security officer from my local area brought me back from Beijing, incarcerated me for three months, and eventually detained me in a detention center. The guards instigated six prisoners to beat me. They broke my ribs, and I passed out. After regaining consciousness, I felt frail, and even several people could not stand me up. When a guard approached me with handcuffs, I suddenly had this shocking revelation: By practicing a righteous path, how could an evil person knock me down? With that thought, I jumped up. Everyone was surprised. With one righteous thought, all of my injuries disappeared. Everyone in the detention center started to wonder how I could have recovered so quickly; it was a miracle. They did not know that it was the power of Dafa; Master was helping me. I did the sitting meditation, even though my hands were cuffed. In the evening, I could barely breathe when I laid down, so I just sat and meditated. Three evenings later, I was completely cured. From then on, I recited the Fa and did the exercises, and no one dared to interrupt me.

A few days later, a new prisoner was brought in. The inmates often beat her up. Not wanting to see it continue, I stood in front of her and told the inmates “Don’t beat her anymore. If you really have to hit someone, hit me instead.” One inmate said, “After beating you, my body ached for several days. Don’t scare me anymore.” I clarified the truth to the new prisoner who suddenly told me, “It’s very strange. My right leg had been hurting for several years, and I tried different medicines, but none helped. However, for some reason, it doesn’t hurt now.” I told her about the relationship between loss and gain and suggested she find other practitioners to begin cultivation with after she was released from prison. She agreed and was released the next day.

While I was doing the exercises with a fellow practitioner one day, a guard yelled, “Stop it!” Then about five to six guards grabbed my hair and dragged me out of the room. They knocked me down and put handcuffs and shackles on me. Then they pushed me into a dark, one-square-meter isolation room. Once inside, I could not hear any sounds from outside and was unable to stand up because of the cuffs and shackles. Feeling miserable, I began to recite Master’s poem loudly,

“Dafa is what you carry everywhere,
Zhen Shan Ren, rooted in the mind;
A great Arhat walks the earth,
Gods and demons fear with awe.”
(“Benevolent Might” in Hong Yin)

I also shouted in my mind, “Divine beings in heaven, please all recite with me!” At first nothing happened, yet as I continued reciting the Fa loudly, strings of law wheels streamed out of my mouth and destroyed the demons and rotten ghosts in the detention center. Gradually some divine beings began to recite the Fa with me, and after that, more and more joined us. The sound seemed to echo in the universe.

A guard told me afterwards that everyone in the detention center heard my voice, and all the evil guards were frightened. I continued reciting the Fa for four to five hours, destroying countless numbers of rotten ghosts and demonic spirits. The detention center had to move me out of there. Although I did not eat or drink anything that day, I was not hungry or thirsty, but, to the contrary, felt quite energetic. The prisoners asked, “How did they let you out of that room so fast? Nobody has ever been allowed to leave that room so quickly.” I told myself that the evil was nothing; Master’s arrangement is what counts!

Master endures

The authorities transferred me from the detention center to a forced labor camp in 2000. Because I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises, they extended my term by one more year. I was incarcerated for a total of three years. There were only a few dozen practitioners at first. Later three “transformed” practitioners came to the labor camp, then male practitioners from other areas were transferred to the labor camp to be brainwashed with us. Back then, many practitioners were deceived by those who had taken an evil path and were “transformed.” I was very worried, so I discussed the Fa with them. One person was possessed by an animal, which grabbed me when it knew that I did not believe in its evil fallacies. I was wounded even though that person did not touch me at all. The cut on my neck was bleeding when I returned to the cell and did not heal for a month.

The guards separated me from the other practitioners and said, “Now that all the others have repented, you’re left alone. Do you still think you’re right?” Pondering the issue from the perspective of the Fa, I knew that they were lying. I clearly and bravely replied, “If there were only one person who practiced Falun Gong in the world, that person would be me.” Puzzled, they asked me why, so I told them, “Master is great! Dafa is great!” That evening, a storm came; the rain poured down, and there was deafening thunder and bright flashes of lightening. Everybody in the labor camp was awakened and sat on their beds in fear. I knew that Master had sent divine beings to assist me.

One guard wanted to hold a meeting to torture me and add one more year to my term. Armed with electric batons, five guards and six prisoners dragged me into the meeting. The head of the labor camp yelled once, and all them began to shock me. Not to be intimidated, I tried to resist. Afterwards, the prisoners came to beat me; they stuffed my mouth with a towel and cut my face and mouth. They stopped beating me only when they were exhausted. Afterward they were all in pain and could not raise their arms. Strangely I did not hurt at all and cried, knowing that Master had silently endured the pain for me.

Visible in Heaven and Earth

A senior practitioner was incarcerated with me for one year. Although she could not read, she recited many of Master’s lectures. She began a hunger strike one day, and the prisoners threw her out into the rain. I condemned the head of the gang, saying, “She’s older than your mother. You’ll suffer consequences for treating her like that. Bring her in.” Everybody stared at the evil guard who had encouraged the prisoners to do that to the old lady, but the guard did not care at all. When I saw the guard the next day, she looked panicked, and was describing to another guard how ghosts had pinched her the night before. From then on, she no longer dared to beat or curse Dafa practitioners. During that time, whenever the guards tortured practitioners, there would always be lightning and thunder outside.

The guards locked me up in a confinement cell one day, and then instigated some prisoners to watch me. The sky suddenly became dark, rain poured down, and thunder roared overhead. Standing by the window, we saw that, following a bolt of lightning, a huge ball of fire descended from the sky. Everybody was shocked, and one prisoner shouted, “Your Master has just destroyed many ghosts.”

Because I recited the Fa and did the exercises, the guards often told the prisoners to beat me. They wouldn't let me sit down and carried my bed-board outside. I then sat on the floor. They laughed at me and said, “She won’t do that for long.” However, I sat on the floor for a year. The floor was wet, and the other inmates' quilts were all damp. When it rained, damp seeped up through the floor, but the small area where I sat was always dry. In winter, they still felt cold even though they slept in beds covered with quilts. I had a thin jacket on, and my legs were covered with a shirt, but I did not feel cold even though I slept on the floor. The guards and prisoners had to say, “Falun Gong is really miraculous.” I often clarified the truth to the prisoners. Some understood, but others refused to listen. They beat me because they wanted to have their terms reduced. But after beating me, they suffered either from injuries or pain themselves. Those who did not beat me were released ahead of time, and those who beat me were kept for additional time.

Master’s protection

About five to six guards and four prisoners attacked me one day. They tortured me for several days and didn't let me sleep. Sometimes I fell down when I walked, but I constantly sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil forces. They then scattered photos of Master on the floor and told me to enter the room. While reciting the Fa in my mind, I condemned them for their evildoings, “You are not even fit to be human. If someone asked you to step on your father’s picture, would you do it? I will not enter the room if you do not remove the photos.” After that, I asked Master to strengthen me. They tried really hard to drag me inside the room, but to no avail.

One day, a guard forced me to stand with one leg on a small stool. He put a gong next to my ears and hit it hard every few seconds. The deafening sound pierced my ears. I constantly recited the Fa or else I would have fallen down. Suddenly dark clouds began to approach our room, with waves of loud thunder. Everyone in the room witnessed it, and the head of the evildoers rushed to the window. Staring at the sky in awe, he yelled, “Stop! Stop quickly!” They hurriedly took me down and let me sit on the stool. Instantly, the thunder stopped and the clouds dispersed.

The evildoers dragged me outside again on another day. By then, I was not afraid of death. I sent forth righteous thoughts and could feel that the Fa was like a sharp sword constantly eliminating the evil forces. The evil kept recruiting more forces, but the sword constantly eliminated them. Exhausted, they collapsed as I continued sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the layers of evil. Feebly they asked me, “Why aren’t you at all afraid or tired?” They would never understand that it was due to Master’s mighty power. As long as I firmly believed in Master and the Fa, Master and guardian gods would come to assist me.

My strength is such that I never say, “Impossible,” “I can’t endure it,” or “I can’t bear it.” If I fall down, I will stand up right away and say, “I must do a better job next time. I can do it! I firmly believe in Master, the Fa, and myself.” While I was incarcerated, the bones in my ears and feet and my sternum were all fractured. I was covered with bruises and cuts, but I have never used ordinary people’s methods to cure my injuries. The mighty power of Dafa is omnipotent. With Master in my heart, ten thousand difficulties are still not hard to bear.