(Minghui.org) Although it is now considered the slow season for tourism in Europe, winter has not deterred Chinese delegations from visiting. Many Chinese officials at the different tourist sites in Europe have openly expressed their disappointment over the outcome of the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 18th National Congress. They also talk about their disdain for the ongoing corruption among Chinese officials.

Many of these officials gladly accepted the truth clarification brochures that Falun Dafa volunteers offered them. When they were asked to do the three withdrawals, most did so without hesitation.

Only Falun Gong Dares To Speak the Truth!”

When a Chinese tourist saw some Falun Dafa volunteers handing out brochures, he shouted to his companions: “Come here and take a look; it’s the Falun Gong materials!” The whole group of tourists quickly came over to the information table and took several copies each of the different fliers and brochures.

One tourist said: “Now, only Falun Gong dares to speak the truth. Let’s hear what they have to say!” The group also took copies of the Epoch Times, with one tourist commenting, “In Europe, the Epoch Times is available everywhere. It’s the only newspaper that prints the truth. It’s even popular in China!” Another tourist added, “Falun Gong is great! Its very popular in China.”

It Is Easy To See Through the CCP!

Sometimes people would walk right up to the Dafa information table and say, “We didn't come here for any materials, we came here to quit the CCP!”

One very outspoken tourist voiced his frustration over the CCP, saying: “What is the CCP? Now we know, and we don't trust anything it says. Yes, new leaders were chosen during the 18th National Congress convention, but what difference did that make to the previous bunch of CCP officials? Nothing! Which one of them cares about China and Chinese people? None of them!

“They only care about their own personal interests. Who really cares about being responsible to the common Chinese people? It doesn’t matter who is in power within the CCP, they are fundamentally the same. They either tell us lies or force us to do what they want us to do. They do not represent the interests or wishes of the people!”

Many Chinese tourists in Europe felt very disappointed at their home, with one saying: “Beautiful mountains and rivers! The mountains are green and the rivers are clean. Where can you find anything like that in China? This is where human beings should live. No wonder all those corrupt Chinese officials take their ill-gotten gains and flee China. These officials polluted China's air and water, and now common Chinese people are paying the price. Some of these officials run away with people’s money and settle down in Europe. Those officials who are still in China are there only because they haven’t stolen enough money yet! However, they are smart enough to move their family members out of China. If anything goes wrong, they can leave China in a hurry.”

One could easily see the Chinese tourists' disappointment, anger, and frustration at the Chinese regime. One tourist put it this way: “Chinese people live under a lot of pressure from the CCP, and it doesn't look like there is any way out. The CCP has stripped the country of the best that it has to offer, leaving us citizens with a corrupt and polluted nation. And the saddest part of all is the fact that we are too scared to do or say anything about it!”

Dafa volunteers always tell the Chinese tourists not to rely on the CCP for anything. “China is a great country; its people are hard-working, and they are very smart. However, only when the CCP falls will there be hope for China. You should cherish your chance to come abroad and listen to the truth. Doing the three withdrawals will guarantee that you and your family will have a future. If every one quits the CCP, then all that will be left of the regime is an empty shell. It is sure to fall sometime soon.

“One day, the CCP will face judgment and be punished for all the bad things that it has done. The important thing for you is that you don’t want to be punished, too, just because you were one of its members, right? The decision to do the three withdrawals is a decision between good and evil, and the opportunity to withdraw from it is being presented to Chinese people everywhere. Making the right choice is actually making a choice between heaven or hell. You don't have to use your own name when you quit— you can make up a name—if that makes you feel more comfortable.” When Chinese tourists hear practitioners telling them such things, almost everyone of them makes the decision to quit the CCP.

One time, a tourist jokingly pointed to his friend, saying, “You are a Party member, right?” The Party member—who looked like he was not taking the three withdrawals very seriously—was pushed to the front of the group, towards the practitioners. The volunteer looked him in the eye and told him, “You must quit. It’s a question of life and death!” The Party member's nonchalant attitude suddenly changed. You could see that he was seriously weighing the practitioner's words. In the end, he quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Evidence Is Mounting about the CCP’s Organ Harvesting

When Dafa volunteers tell the Chinese tourists about the CCP's crime of live organ harvesting, a lot of them say that they are already familiar with the topic—as they are able to regularly break through the CCP's Internet firewall. After the Wang Lijun, U.S. Embassy incident, a great deal of evidence has surfaced concerning live organ transplantation.

A lot of Chinese tourists said that initially they did not believe these organ harvesting claims, but after carefully reading over the mounting evidence—which included very detailed information, and even voice recordings—it was hard not to believe the stories. One U.S. Senator went so far as to say that if the evidence that Wang Lijun handed over to the U.S. Embassy were ever to be made public, the CCP would be finished. That is how credible these stories really are!

Even the Death Penalty Is Too Light of a Sentence for Bo Xilai!”

After a Dafa volunteer explained the facts surrounding the Bo Xilai case, a tourist from Dalian City exclaimed: “Bo Xilai is so evil; even the death penalty is too light of a sentence for him! Even if he isn’t given a death sentence, he will die in prison anyway. Let him suffer in prison so he can experience some of the pain that he routinely inflicted on innocent Chinese people. We all know that he allowed organs to be harvested from live Falun Gong practitioners in Dalian. He even used their dead bodies in a body-moulding factory.” After saying this, the tourist withdrew from the CCP and thanked the volunteers for bringing the truth to the Chinese people.

Tour Guide Goes From Denial To Acceptance

One day, a tour guide refused to take any truth clarification materials from the Dafa volunteers, and even told his group to stay away from their table. Instead of listening to the guide, everyone gladly accepted the Dafa-related materials.

One volunteer approached the tour guide and asked: “So what is it about Falun Gong that you don't like?” The tour guide's face got red and he became tongue-tied. The volunteer continued, “Falun Gong practitioners follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. They are a rare breed of genuinely kind people who do a lot of good for society. Even the policemen who persecute them say that Falun Gong practitioners are truly kind people.

“Tell me, if the CCP is persecuting a group of kind people like this, what does it say about the CCP? You don't know the real truth behind the CCP, and that’s precisely why we are handing out these brochures. We are helping you to understand the CCP’s lies so you can correctly discern good from bad, kindness from evil. If you follow the evil CCP, you may be judged one day for your decision.” The other tourists quietly listened as the tour guide stood there with his head lowered.

Before departing, one tourist ran back for an additional copy of a brochure, telling the volunteers, “The tour guide grabbed my copy!”

I Don't Practice Falun Gong, But I Support Your Cause!”

On one occasion, a group of Chinese tourists decided not to accept any truth clarification brochures at a tourist site. An old gentleman standing next to them said: “I don't practice Falun Gong, but I support their cause! The CCP is wrong to persecute Falun Gong, as it has no legal basis or evidence to support its actions. I wrote articles to criticize the CCP, and I support you! Falun Gong is good!” He then gave a thumbs-up gesture to the volunteers.

People who were standing next to him were all nodding their heads in agreement. Shortly after, the entire group withdrew from the CCP! The volunteers later found out that this old gentleman was from the Social Science Institute, an elite academic institute in China.

District Councillor Does the Three Withdrawals

Once, a group of Chinese tourists were expressing their dissatisfaction with the outcome of the 18th National Congress convention. A volunteer told them: “The CCP is evil through and through; it has committed a plethora of crimes against humanity. The Divine will destroy the CCP and no one can do anything about it. Remember, withdraw from the CCP for your safety and the safety of your family. Because when the CCP is buried, those who haven’t withdrawn from its ranks will be buried alive with it. So please, before the CCP collapses, quit the Party to save yourself and to ensure that you have a future. It is really important!” Many tourists nodded their heads in agreement.

One female tourist pointed to a middle-aged man, saying, “He is a party district councillor,” to which the man humbly added, “Yes, but my district is very small.” The volunteer told him: “It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small district or a large province, if you are a Party member, you need to quit to avoid going down with it. Would you like me to use a pseudonym instead of your real name, to do the three withdrawals?” He quietly mumbled, “Yes, yes, of course,” with the whole group immediately following his lead.

Tour Guides and Tourists Help Each Other To Quit the CCP

One afternoon, a group of tourists disembarked from their bus, which happened to be next to a Dafa information table. In the beginning, the tourists were very mindful of the tour guide's presence and were afraid to approach the Falun Dafa stand. The female tour guide walked over to where the practitioners were standing and took a brochure to read. She then turned to the group and told them to take some copies, too. Everyone took a copy and some said: “My friends in China can’t read these. These brochures are so precious; you can't get them in China. I wish I could take some back home for my friends to read.” Another added: “You can if you want to. I know people who have done that and now the CCP is struggling to survive; we shouldn’t fear it any more.”

The whole tour group did the three withdrawals, including the tour guide. Later that day, a male tour guide approached the Dafa information stand, saying that he, too, wanted to quit the CCP—since all of the people on his bus had already quit.

Government Officials: “We Want To Know the Inside Story of ‘the 18th’”

Since the close of the 18th National Congress convention, Europe has seen a spike in visiting CCP delegations. On one particular day, six party officials exited a car at a beautiful scenic site. One of the officials said to a Dafa volunteer: “Let's have a look at what you have here, because even though the 18th Congress convention has concluded, we still don't know the inside stories like you do.”

The others agreed: “Yes, he's right, we would all like to know.” One official asked, “It’s finished, right? So, how will this information serve us?” The first man said: “It won't,” he said, “I just want to know the inside story of this power struggle; how these CCP officials are battling among themselves.”

All six officials took Dafa-related materials with them. Before they went back to their car, a volunteer told them: “No matter how they battle each other internally, the CCP cannot escape its demise. The most pressing thing for you to do is to do the three withdrawals. Remember, the Divine will destroy the CCP, one day soon. Do the three withdrawals for your own safety. Read the informational brochures that you have in your hands and don't delay quitting the CCP!”

Don't Risk Your Life Over Something Laughable”

Some Chinese tourists say that they aren’t “good enough” to join the CCP, because of their family background. Some say that the CCP doesn’t want them, as they did not do well in school. A volunteer then asked: “Have you ever worn the red scarf (signature of the CCP Youth League)?” They replied, “Yes, of course. Who hasn’t?” The volunteer then explained, “The three withdrawals means quitting all three levels of the CCP. This is not a joke; it's for your own safety. Don't risk your life over something so laughable!” After hearing the volunteer’s words, all of them raised their hands saying that they would like to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

One morning a tour guide asked a volunteer: “Will you give me money if I quit?” to which the volunteer replied, “We don't give you money when you quit. But if you quit, you will be able to save your own life. Your life is more valuable than any amount of money, right? Also this is a personal decision; no one can force you to quit and we don't talk about quitting under certain conditions. If you do the three withdrawals, you will position yourself to be saved by heaven. How much is your life worth? Exactly who are you bargaining with?”

The tour guide was speechless. The volunteer gave him some brochures, saying “After you read these, you'll know how ridiculous your question was.” The tourists standing near this man nodded their heads in agreement. They all said, “Thank you!” to the volunteer.