(Minghui.org) I was very moved and felt heavy in my heart after reading a fellow practitioner’s experience sharing article. Being a Beijing resident, I should share in the responsibility, as the evil beings persecuting Dafa disciples originate from Beijing. If all Beijing practitioners could diligently send forth righteous thoughts, the interference and persecution would be alleviated for fellow practitioners who clarify the truth in other regions. I made arrangements that allowed me to have more time to send intensified righteous thoughts every day during one of the four global schedules. Since then, I have sent righteous thoughts for two hours at a time directed towards Tiananmen Square to eliminate the evil. On October 1st last year [October 1 was the date the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) came to power], I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously from noon until 7:30 p.m. when the wicked CCP network news program ended, because I believed that many evil elements would come out that day. During that period, I changed my hand gesture every hour. It would almost be impossible to have been able to do this without help from Master.

– From the author

Greetings to revered Master!

Greetings to fellow practitioners!

I started practicing Dafa cultivation in September 1998. At that time, I didn't pay attention to Fa study nor did I seize the time to cultivate. I only participated in the group exercises a few times and did not participate in the group Fa study. I thought, “I am still young and have a lot of time. No hurry. Take it easy.” Thus, my understanding and knowledge of the Fa was superficial.

When the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999, I went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing with fellow practitioners several times to validate the Fa. Although I was forced to flee my home, I have prevailed over the hardships during those difficult days. I didn't have Master's new lectures or contact with fellow practitioners for a while. I thus gradually slacked off in cultivation. However, under Master's merciful care, I have stumbled along and overcome many difficulties in my cultivation path.

Regardless of my ordinary cultivation experiences, I would still like to take this opportunity of the Minghui Fahui to share my experiences with fellow practitioners. Please kindly point out anything that is improper.

I am very grateful for Master' merciful salvation.

Upgrading Rapidly by Studying and Memorizing the Fa

Prior to July 20, 1999, when the persecution began, I didn't keep up with Master's Fa-rectification process because I didn't study the Fa diligently. I did not realize the importance of Fa study until compassionate Master repeatedly hinted and awakened my mind to cultivate diligently. I have cultivated steadfastly only in recent years.

Master said: “The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.”("Drive Out Interference" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

From this paragraph, I understood the importance of Fa study for doing well on the path of cultivation. I began to study and memorize the Fa with determination. I memorized Hong Yin, Hong Yin Vol. 2 and Hong Yin Vol. 3 consecutively. I also memorized many of Master's short articles and Zhuan Falun twice.

Memorizing the Fa has benefited me a lot. It gradually diminished my attachments. It helped me upgrade my xinxing rapidly. I gradually learned to check myself with the Fa through looking inwards. I learned to examine myself in the face of conflicts. I always measure myself with the Fa first when an event occurs, no matter whether it is good or bad. I then look inwards for human notions and remove them once they are found. I want to memorize Zhuan Falun over and over and to bring with me this Fa of the universe to the sentient beings in my original home.

Experiences from Prolonged Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

I did not have access to the lecture about sending righteous thoughts when Master published it, because I had no contact with fellow practitioners. I heard part of it a while later from a fellow practitioner who briefly told me the Fa-rectification verses over the telephone. I knew how to send forth righteous thoughts since that day. When I send forth righteous thoughts, I always feel energetic. I thus send forth righteous thoughts every day whenever I have time.

The environment is getting relaxed as the Fa-rectification moves forward. I made contact with some fellow practitioners later, and they helped me to obtain the Fa lectures Master published after July 20, 1999. Reading the lectures, I realized that I didn't meet the essential requirements of sending forth righteous thoughts. To ensure that my understanding was complete , I again read Master's new relevant lectures and reference articles published on Minghui.org and basically memorized them. I realized that it is an important matter for Dafa practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts during the Fa-rectification period to help Master rectify the Fa and eradicate the evil. This is especially important to Dafa practitioners in Beijing, where the center of evil is located. Thus, I prolonged the time period for sending forth righteous thoughts.

In August 2010, I read some articles written by a fellow practitioner whose celestial eye was opened, including one describing some scenes he saw in other dimensions while sending forth righteous thoughts. He also saw an evil bastion above Tiananmen Square, where many wicked beings passed through from the sky before they scattered all over the country and even to the world to interfere and persecute Dafa practitioners. He indicated that sending forth righteous thoughts for a long period of time resulted in a lot of the evil being destroyed and was helpful for clarifying the truth to save sentient beings.

I read this article several times. I was very moved and felt heavy in my heart. Being a Beijing resident, I felt responsible, as so many evil beings depart from Beijing. If all Beijing practitioners could diligently send forth righteous thoughts, the interference and persecution would be alleviated for fellow practitioners who clarify the truth in other regions. I made arrangements that allowed me to have more time to send intensified righteous thoughts every day during one of the four global schedules. Since then, I have sent righteous thoughts for two hours directed towards Tiananmen Square to eliminate the evil nests. On October 1st last year (October 1 is the National Holiday), I sent forth righteous thoughts continuously from noon until 7:30 p.m. when the wicked CCP network news program ended, because I thought that many evil elements would come out that day. During that period, I changed my hand gestures every hour. It would be almost impossible to have done this without help from Master.

For many years, I have been inspired greatly by the effects of sending forth intensified righteous thoughts for longer periods of time in order to eliminate the evil. Now I can sit in full lotus for two hours, instead of just one hour like before. With prolonged sending forth righteous thoughts, my mind becomes quieter while doing the exercises and my energy grows stronger. I feel that my whole body is surrounded by a strong energy field, and negative elements are removed. My upright palm never falters because of the energy. The longer I send forth righteous thoughts, the better I feel.

One day, a fellow practitioner told me that she had provided truth-clarification materials to another practitioner who was later arrested while distributing the fliers. She was concerned because that practitioner revealed her name as the source of the materials. She asked me to send forth righteous thought for her. I went to her home with another practitioner. We sent righteous thoughts twice, two hours each time. We stayed there overnight because she asked us to. That night, I dreamed of seeing a nine-colored rainbow in the sky after a storm. I told her of my dream the next morning and assured her that the evil was completely eliminated during our long session of sending forth righteous thoughts. Since she also had strong righteous thoughts, which played a leading role in eliminating the evil, she has not been disturbed since.

Last year, another miracle occurred to a practitioner who had a terminal illness. I had never returned home during the Chinese New Year since I moved to Beijing some 20 years ago. Last year I went back to my hometown to visit my family and also to clarify the facts about Falun Gong and advise my relatives to renounce the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I also wanted to share my cultivation experiences with local fellow practitioners, hoping to better help Master rectify the Fa and save more sentient beings.

When I arrived home on the evening of December 26, I received a call from my sister, who is also a practitioner. She told me anxiously that her friend, also a practitioner, has a serious health problem and currently was in great danger. It was so urgent that my sister asked me to help send righteous thoughts for her friend. After sharing the situation with our family, who were supportive, my sister and I quickly went to her friend's home. This practitioner had already been severely persecuted by the evil and was on the verge of death. She had been diagnosed with an inoperable malignant brain tumor a few years ago, and was informed by a Beijing hospital that she only had three months to live. Through practicing Falun Gong, she had been very healthy for the past few years. But the disease broke out again suddenly. I told fellow practitioners that we should completely negate the evil, and we would not allow it to persecute this practitioner at all, regardless of whether or not she had any xinxing problems. This practitioner was already in a coma, her whole body was twitching, and bloody water was coming out from her mouth. Her entire mouth was festered with pus and blood. She was incontinent and had seizures every few minutes. She could die at any moment.

I felt that this practitioner's dimension must have been full of evil energy. I asked my sister to bring in a practitioner who had his celestial eye opened. He saw the evil beings that were occupying the practitioner's dimension. This was why we saw seizures manifesting in our dimension. After discussion with fellow practitioners, we agreed to diligently and intensively send forth righteous thoughts in unison to save her. Every participating practitioner would send righteous thoughts as long as he or she could. I did it from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on the first day. Her situation didn't change during the first four hours. But after that, her seizure symptoms were weaker and their frequency decreased. I continuously sent 4 hours of righteous thoughts on the second day. She responded two hours later, two hours sooner than the first day. This suggested that a large amount of evil had been eradicated. I sent righteous thoughts for five hours on the third day, and her situation improved substantially. She was more active on the fourth day after I sent forth righteous thoughts for three hours. On the fifth day, she could study the Fa, practice the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts after my two hours of sending forth righteous thoughts. It is incredible that, under the merciful care of Master, and the intensified righteous thoughts sent by fellow practitioners, a terminally-ill person with dilated pupils regained her life in just twenty-some days. The miracle and extraordinary power of Dafa appears in the human world again! Through this experience, my hometown practitioners have understood the importance of sending forth intensified righteous thoughts for a long period of time. They have thus prolonged their sending forth righteous thoughts.

The miraculous recovery of my sister's friend helped a lot in clarifying the truth to local residents, including this practitioner's siblings and sister-in-law who had either stopped cultivation, or slacked off in cultivation after the persecution had begun. Seeing this miracle, they all resumed cultivation steadfastly, and each of them improved substantially. Many of this practitioner's relatives and friends who knew her health situation also came forth to ask for help in starting cultivation. When we help fellow practitioners through hardships, we actually help Master rectify the Fa to save sentient beings.

As a matter of fact, what the evil fears the most is sending forth righteous thoughts intensively for a long period of time by Dafa practitioners. On one occasion, I felt very tired and weak after coming back from my sister's home. I lay in bed and watched the hour hand going around the clock. It was very close to six o'clock, the time for sending forth righteous thoughts. As the time approached, I debated whether I should do it for 15 minutes or 2 hours. I finally overcame the interference with righteous thoughts, and decided to send forth righteous thoughts for two hours. A while after I had started, I heard an angry voice in my head: “Once you start sending forth righteous thoughts, you became so energetic.” I understood momentarily that my fatigue was attributable to the interference of evil elements who feared my sending forth righteous thoughts for a long period of time. I felt relaxed after sending forth righteous thoughts, and all of the illusions of fatigue disappeared completely.

On another occasion, while I was sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, a man asked those evil beings, “Who do you fear the most?” The evil beings answered that they are most afraid of me. I enlightened that Master was encouraging me to send forth righteous thoughts towards the wicked center in Beijing, to eliminate the evil and end the vicious persecution sooner.

This persecution might have already ended if every Dafa practitioner could pay close attention to the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts. Let us study together what Master said in “Righteous Thoughts” October 13th, 2002.

“Dafa disciples' sending forth righteous thoughts at this special historic period--in order to reduce the evil beings' persecution of Dafa, Dafa disciples, and the people of the world--has played a very critical role. A large number of evil beings have been cleaned out in a timely manner before the force of Fa-rectification arrives, and this has reduced many potential losses. Yet the evil beings have already seen that they're doomed, and they are acting more and more madly. Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation. So, in order to do Fa-rectification more effectively, while you clarify the facts you have to take sending righteous thoughts very seriously, and in a timely manner purge the evil and your own problems so that you won't be taken advantage of by the evil.”

Leading Predestined People to Practice Falun Dafa

Throughout these years of clarifying the truth, and advising people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations, I have paid attention to helping predestined persons around me practice Falun Dafa. My work unit hired a new colleague who was assigned to work in front of my booth. She is young, but she looked sad every day. I sometimes saw her crying privately. After I gradually got acquainted with her, I learned that she had been deeply hurt by her husband's extramarital affair. To help her overcome her depression, I told her of the goodness and beauty of Dafa, and recited to her Master's lectures and poems from Hong Yin. I also advised her to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, and she agreed without hesitation. She became more open-minded and expressed her profuse gratitude.

One day, she held my hand crying, “You have saved me. If it was not for you, I would never be able to prevail through those difficult days. I might have lost my mind. I feel much happier now!” I found her to be a very kind person. I thus tried to help her obtain Dafa with my compassion and patience, because it is extremely important that a life can obtain the Fa. I often shared with her my experiences. She began to read Dafa books and started practicing cultivation soon afterwards. Her cultivation state improved rapidly. She has done the three things well, and has advised her relatives and friends to quit the CCP successfully. She even clarified the truth to strangers.

Another colleague was transferred to my sales counter later. She was still smiling instead of being angry when a customer pointed at her and yelled. Her kindness caught my attention at that time. I suddenly had a thought that I must help this kind person obtain the Fa. When I knew her better, I advised her to quit the CCP. She did so, but reluctantly. I thought that this kind person has been severely poisoned by the wicked party and it would not be easy to help her obtain the Fa.

Since she was instilled by the wicked party's slanderous propaganda against Dafa, she always avoided me because she knew that I was a practitioner. However, I still actively shared my experiences with her. She believed in the existence of gods and Buddhas. She also believed in cultivation, but she felt dubious about Dafa cultivation. Three years went by in this state with little change.

I noticed one strange thing. When there was no customer around her, she seemed to have a weak consciousness, and always fell asleep even while standing up. I felt that she had been possessed by a spirit. I asked her on one occasion while we were chatting, “You can sleep while standing. Are you possessed by spirits?” She answered yes. She said that her mother worshiped many weird things and was possessed by spirits before she died. She said that she had left troubles to her children. One day, this colleague encountered a problem. She was worried that she might be fired by the work unit because she was late to work every day and fell asleep at work. I held her hand and said sincerely, “Please listen to me. I won't lie to you. As long as you sincerely recite 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,' divine beings will help you resolve these tribulations.” Looking at me, she started to recite with me.

The next day she told me about a dream she'd had that night. She dreamed that a python was cut into four sections and the parts were still wiggling on the ground. I told her that Master has cleansed her body because she sincerely recited “Falun Dafa is good.” She has changed greatly. She became much more energetic.

Two days later, I helped her listen to the recordings of Master's lecture in Guangzhou. She understood the truth and cried after she finished listening. The poisons of the wicked CCP had prevented her from practicing Dafa sooner.

She underwent a dramatic change. She has never been late to work since then. She feels better every day. She no longer falls asleep at work. Seeing her big change, the supervisor decided not to fire her. She silently asked Master later that it would be wonderful if she could study the Fa and practice exercises with a fellow practitioner. Not too long after her wish, a new practitioner moved near to her house. They study the Fa and practice the exercises together. They also clarify the truth and do the three things together. Their xinxing has improved greatly. This practitioner's child and sister-in-law also practice Falun Dafa now.

I went shopping with my sister this summer. I bought a dress and paid the vendor with currency on which a message was written with something like, “Falun Dafa is a sublime cultivation way of the Buddha School. It has spread to over 100 countries and regions. More than 100 millions people who have practiced Dafa have benefited, physically and spiritually. May 13 is designated as World Falun Dafa Day.” I also advised the vendor to quit the CCP. He not only agreed without hesitation, but also thanked me. I told him to read the short message on the currency before I left.

My sister thought that the dress looked nice and wanted to have one for herself. I returned to the market and walked to the same stand. The vendor immediately recognized me. I asked him, “Did you read the message on the paper money?” He sincerely said, “Yes, yes.” He then asked me to give him a book. Since I lived nearby, I rushed home and brought him back a copy of Zhuan Falun and DVD's of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party along with other materials.

I shopped at a department store one day, and clarified the truth to the store owner who was a soldier. He happily agreed to quit the CCP also. He even mentioned to me that his next-door neighbor was once a Dafa practitioner. I was very excited hearing this news. I went to visit her, and advised her to resume cultivation. She felt she was not worthy. She told me that she was possessed by spirits and Master removed it for her when she started the cultivation. I said to her, “Master never gives up on any disciple. Please come back.” I gave her some Dafa books, and she has resumed cultivation. I also clarified the truth to her good friend, who is very kind. Her friend was afraid in the beginning, but she started cultivation later after learning the goodness of Dafa and listening to Master's lectures. She no longer sells counterfeit goods anymore. In addition, seven people also started cultivating last year after listening to my truth clarification.

Some fellow practitioners commented, “People's morality is very bad nowadays. There won't be many people who can cultivate. It is good enough if they can accept the advice to quit the CCP.” I do not agree with this attitude. I feel that we should not simply just help them withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Doing so only saves one person. We should extend ourselves further to find those kind predestined persons and lead them to cultivation. Once they start cultivating, they will save more lives because they all came for the Fa.