(Minghui.org) Ms. Yao Yuxia, 46 years old, lives in Lingbei Village, Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province. She was sentenced again because she refuses to give up practicing Falun Dafa. After being detained and tortured in the Shenyang Women's Prison for just two months, Ms. Yao blacked out and became very weak.

Ms. Yao's health has deteriorated steadily. Her family was so worried that they asked the prison if she could be released on bail for medical treatment. However, the prison did not agree, saying that she was not qualified.

In the past Ms. Yao was sentenced to three years in prison by the Lingyuan Court and brutally tortured. Most recently, on March 26, 2012, Ms. Yao distributed Shen Yun DVDs promoting traditional Chinese culture at the Wanyuandian Market. Zhou Qinghua, head of the Wanyuandian Police Station, and other officers arrested her and locked her up. Her family went to visit Wang Guilin, head of the domestic security division, after they learned what had happened. Wang promised that Ms. Yao would be released in a week, but, in fact, Ms. Yao was secretly transferred to Chaoyang Detention Center in a week.

When Ms. Yao was in the detention Center, she was not allowed to see her family, and her family was not allowed to deliver any clothing for her. In a few month, as a result of being tortured, Ms. Yao lost seven or eight teeth and her hair turned gray, which aged her. Even so, the court still sentenced her to four and a half years in prison. She was transferred to the Shenyang Women's Prison on October 16, 2012. Her family received a call from the prison, saying they had to contact the prison before visiting her.

When Ms. Yao's family saw her for the first time on November 25, 2012, she had been sent to the Prison Administration Hospital. She looked very frail. Although she could talk, she was confused and repeated the same sentence over and over. There were bruises around one of her eyes and on her face. When her family asked the guards what happened, a guard said Ms. Yao had fallen down by herself. Ms. Yao's family suspects that the injures were actually caused by a beating.

When Ms. Yao's family went to visit her again on December 6, Ms. Yao was already in a chair with two prisoners standing near her. No matter what Ms. Yao's family asked, the prisoners answered for her.

After only 11 days, Ms. Yao could not speak as a result of being tortured. Her mental awareness had greatly deteriorated and her eyes were dull. She was also emaciated. The prison forced Ms. Yao's family to watch a video recording the time from her arrival to when she fell, proving that Ms. Yao was responsible for her own injures. Their objective was to shift the blame away from the prison and its staff. From the video, Ms. Yao's family saw how dramatically Ms. Yao had changed since being detained.