(Minghui.org) The physical and mental persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Hebei Province Women’s Forced Labor Camp is still continuing. Practitioners are also used as slaves to make money for the camp. Ms. Liu Yan, 33, from Chengde City suffered from Hepatitis B, and became healthy after she began practicing Falun Gong. She was subjected to brainwashing twice and became very weak. A guard shocked practitioner Ms. Dang Xiaolan with an electric baton.

Ms. Liu Yan was subjected to brainwashing in the spring of 2012. More than a dozen guards and inmates attacked her using verbal abuse, mocking, laughing, and even sexual harassment. They took turns forcing her to write the “four statements” to denounce Falun Dafa. She became pale and thin after being a very healthy person. She could not eat or sleep well, and was near having a mental collapse. She then went on a hunger strike. Getting nowhere, the guards and the assisting inmates asked Liu Xiaofen from Xinji, Shijia Zhuang City, to watch her, and kept her in solitary confinement for a long time.

On around November 9, the forced labor camp attempted brainwashing again to try to "transform" her. She did not eat any food for two days, and subsequently she had to compel herself to eat something to sustain herself. The guard on duty, Wu Yu'na, and Captain Hou Junmei acted behind the scenes. The assisting inmates included Li Huijing from Tangshan City, Kang Suyun from Xinzhuang, Hengshui City, Wu Juntao from Zhangjiakou, Wang Liling from Langfang City, and Zhang Xiuling.

Guards Ho Junmei and Zhang Mingjing on around July 24 slapped Ms. Liu Yan, and accused her of not unloading cargo. However, Ms. Liu was too weak to unload large bags of towels and carry them to the third floor.

Practitioner Ms. Li Liying was dizzy, her heartbeat became very fast, and she had skipped several meals around July 25, 2012. She told the captain that she could no longer take care of practitioner Zhang Juner, who had injured her spine in the forced labor camp, and could not walk properly because of her condition. The captain did not respond. Ms. Li raised the issue again at noon. Guard Hou Junmei called her to the office and scolded her for not reporting it sooner, and accused her of lying. Li Yanji took off Ms. Li’s shoe and slapped her with it.

Practitioners lined up to enter the shop after the lunch break on June 8, 2012. Guard Zang Zhiying was dissatisfied with practitioner Ms. Dang Xiaolan’s way of parading in the group and kept her behind to practice in the sun. Ms. Dang refused, and Zang pulled her into the confinement cell, handcuffed her, dragged her by the hair, and shocked her with an electric baton. Zang also attempted to take her shoes off to shock her feet, but was unsuccessful because of her struggle. Guards Huo Yujia, Cheng Meimei, and Mi Ying also helped with the persecution.

The captain of the Second Squadron, Zang Zhiying, led the inmates to play games around May 24, 2012. Those who made a mistake in the game were required to perform. Practitioner Ms. Zhang Chunxian recited the “Poem of the Plum” by Shao Yong of the Song Dynasty, but was stopped after only four sentences. Practitioner Ms. Li Ying sang “My thoughts wonder when I look toward my home country; I miss them so much that I dream about them a lot; I hope my family members are all fine; I wonder if the mountain and river are still as green and clear.” A former practitioner reported her and Zang Zhiying declared that night that she was extending the term of the two practitioners by five days. Ms. Zhang was put in solitary confinement for three days, and was slapped three times in the cell by Zang Zhiying.

The squad leader who watched Ms. Zhang on July 4-5, 2012 kept pinching and nipping her arm. The guard scolded her for refusing to take the ten yuan in compensation from the forced labor, and summoned the squad leader to deal with her. After they returned to the shop, the squad leader dragged her by the hair and threw her head against the wall, using her knee to hit Ms. Zhang’s leg, which caused her to limp for a few days. When Ms. Zhang reported this to the guard, the squad leader lied and claimed that Ms. Zhang had talked with another practitioner, Ms. Li Liying. As a result, guard Zang Zhiying and Huo Yujiang beat Ms. Li.