(Minghui.org) Many reports have recently been published worldwide exposing the Chinese Communist regime's organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. These reports have shocked the world, and invoked the anger and strong condemnation of people appalled by these crimes. Over 10,000 Sydney residents have signed petitions calling for an end to the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) illegal organ harvesting.

A young woman, Ms. Sophia Zhang, is one of the many participants in this petition activity. In her not-so-fluent English, she spoke about her extraordinary experience in starting the practice of Falun Gong. She also shared that many people in China have refused to give up Falun Gong, despite the brutal persecution, because it is such a great practice. Nearly every Australian who heard her story signed the petition.


Sophia Zhang

CCP Media Misleads the Public, and Teachers Coerce Students to Accept the Lies

Several years ago, Ms. Zhang did not think Falun Gong was great. When she was still in school, the media in China, including newspapers and TV, were reporting negatively about Falun Gong. Her political science teacher was deceived by the propaganda and in turn misled his students. They had to take exams on their opinions about Falun Gong. If they answered the questions incorrectly, they were labeled politically incorrect. Everyone in Sophia's generation was similarly deceived.

At that time, the Tiananmen Square “self-immolation” incident, fabricated by the regime, was widely publicized in the media within China and overseas. The incident was included in primary school textbooks, poisoning countless young people. Sophia was one of them.

Initial Strong Objection to Her Husband Practicing Falun Gong

In 2005 Sophia followed her husband and immigrated to Australia. There she discovered that her husband had been hiding in the room every day reading The Epoch Times newspaper. She was quite puzzled and thought that her husband was practicing Falun Gong. She strongly objected to it and refused to allow him to bring the paper home. Sophia recalled, “I was very scared then. I didn't want him to be associated with this organization. I remembered my political science teacher saying that people who practiced Falun Gong became mentally restrained. Many intellectuals were hooked, and the members would commit suicide, etc. Hence I was afraid, and asked my mother-in-law to tell her son to stop the practice.”

Reproaching Her Husband, “Practicing Falun Gong is Such a Good Thing. Why Didn't You Tell Me Earlier?”

“My husband is a shy and honest man. He saw that I was unhappy and stopped bringing the papers home. However, I didn't know why he was always in the room. He only came out when I called him when dinner was prepared. Once I called him several times, and he didn't come out of his room. I opened the door, walked in, and saw a photo of the founder of Falun Gong and his teachings on his computer. I asked him what this was about. He asked me to read the teachings myself. I began reading, and the more I read, the more I thought it was good. It was different from what my political science teacher had told me. I immediately accepted and liked Falun Gong because it seemed to be a very good practice. I began to reproach my husband, 'Why didn't you tell me earlier about such a good thing as practicing Falun Gong?' This occurred in early 2007.”

Miraculous Encounter with the Truth about Falun Gong and Starting the Practice

“Actually my husband began practicing Falun Gong in 1996 when he was a student at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. He observed that I had accepted the anti-Falun Gong propaganda from my teacher and was very against it. I even objected to his reading The Epoch Times newspaper, so he was afraid to tell me that he was a practitioner. He was scared that I would ask for a divorce. Every day my husband would switch off his computer when I called him out for dinner, before coming out of his room. However, on that day the computer for some reason would not shut down, and I happened to walk in. He had no choice but to show me the teachings. Unexpectedly, I immediately accepted it. When I started to read the teachings, the computer went back to normal. My husband later told me that he had intended to tell me about Falun Gong and was looking for an opportunity to do so when I walked in.”

Aftereffects of a Car Accident Disappear after Practicing Falun Gong

Sophia shared her extraordinary experience in starting the practice, about how she benefited physically and mentally after practicing Falun Gong, “Not long after I started to work in China, I had a major car accident. My back, pelvis, and legs were fractured, and I was unconscious. The first time I was admitted to the hospital, the doctors inserted metal pins in my body to fix the fractures. The second time I was hospitalized, they removed the pins and inserted needles. Thus I had to stay in the hospital twice for a total of six months. After leaving the hospital, I began to walk with the help of crutches. I could not stand or walk for too long. I consequently could not go back to work. After practicing Falun Gong, my leg injuries healed and my whole body felt relaxed. I previously had felt dizzy and nauseous when taking a plane ride, but now I'm fine.”

As she narrated her experience, Sophia became more and more excited. Her youthful countenance was filled with happiness and joy. She continued, “I feel very happy to be able to practice Falun Dafa. I am healthy physically and mentally, and I've found a good husband who is also a practitioner. We live in such a chaotic world today. If my husband did not practice Falun Gong, I can't imagine how worried I would be.”

Protected by Master, Sophia Was Spared From a Car Accident

Sophia shared with the reporter a miraculous incident that happened recently. “One night, at around 6:00 p.m., I was at a pedestrian crossing on my way home from collecting signatures for the petition. A car came towards the crossing, and according to traffic rules, it should stop for pedestrians. Initially, the car had stopped, but somehow when I walked into the crossing, the car was in it also, and it suddenly accelerated and sped towards me. I only felt my body gently float a few steps in front, away from the traffic lane. A friend who had already crossed the road and was standing on the other side was shocked. She asked why I didn't scold the driver when I could have been killed? I knew I was a practitioner and if not for Master who protected me, I could have died.”

After Benefitting Mentally and Physically from the Practice, She Distributes Information

Because Sophia experienced such significant benefits since beginning Falun Gong practice a few years ago, she has a strong desire to share her experiences with everyone around her. Especially after she learned about the organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners by the Chinese Communist regime, she has been even more anxious to spread the truth.

Sophia said, “I really want to let people know the truth soon and help stop these inhuman crimes that are happening in China. I feel anxious and always think of doing something. As long as I go out and do something, there will be someone who hears the truth and signs the petition. Kindhearted Australians are shocked by the truth and oppose the brutal acts that have been committed by the CCP. They all think we Falun Gong practitioners are remarkable, and they support us. My English is not that good, but I'm not afraid of being laughed at or told off. I only want people to understand the truth.”