(Minghui.org) I saw the following scene when I sent forth righteous thoughts: A red sun of the universe was setting, revealing only a small edge with little remaining light. It took a long time to set. Master transmitted His thoughts to me: “At sunset, everyone must reach the final goal, meaning 'You can only reach Consummation after you have abandoned all of your attachments and none of them remain.'” (“Cultivation Practice is Not Political,” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

I saw at the same time practitioners climbing toward the mountaintop according to each person's level and timing, and Master was waiting for us at the mountaintop. Every practitioner had rocks (attachments) of different sizes over their head. The peacocks that my sister and I would ride on were standing next to Master. Their anxious gaze was mixed with emerald green teardrops.

There were two rocks over my sister's head, a large one and a small one. She was almost near the mountaintop where Master was waiting. I had about six or seven rocks ahead of me. I struggled to move forward. Master sent down two thin ropes. I held onto the thin ropes and was stepping over sharp blades. I was terribly scared, but Master encouraged me loudly, “What's there to be afraid of when Master is here with you!”

The practitioner that scored 78 points (in the scene I saw last time) had about six or seven rocks. Another practitioner who scored 36 points was crawling at a snail's pace along the road. One practitioner who scored zero points was usually very dependent on others. She was lying in a net that swung back and forth in the middle of nowhere. Master sent down two thin ropes to hold her, but she didn't want to move. It was truly disappointing to see that.

There was also a practitioner who stagnated at a lower level of the mountain. He just stayed there and didn't want to climb up. Though anxious, Master couldn't do anything about it!

Most recently, while sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw my sister, who scored 90 points, climbing over the small rock. She was holding onto the thin rope that Master sent down, stepping on the small rock, and preparing to climb over the large rock in one attempt. The scene, manifested in the human world, probably meant that the large rock was her attachment to competitiveness, and she was preparing to eliminate it at once.

This time I no longer saw the sharp blades beneath me. The thin ropes were made of steel, impossible to break.

Why did Master allow me to see that my sister was trying to get rid of her attachment in one attempt? I realized it was because there is not enough time left for us to cultivate slowly, as we must immediately eliminate all our remaining attachments and reach the mountaintop in one step.

One of the sharing articles from Minghui Weekly, “Seen in Another Dimension: Only One Thread Remains” (http://en.minghui.org/html/articles/2012/12/8/136563.html )  mentioned that Master repeatedly and quickly reconnected the broken thread. The message was similar to what I saw: the red sun that was waiting to set. After reading the article, I realized that Master has been waiting for us. Master is so compassionate and means well!

I also saw Dafa disciples standing together in the universe, eliminating the bad elements with erect palms. The heavenly net caught all the bad elements in the universe, large and small. Every practitioner pulled the net with all his or her strength. Whoever didn't send forth righteous thoughts, the corner of the net he was responsible for would become loose, and the bad element would fall out of the net and continue to bite.

I saw unitary paradises that looked like planets throughout the entire universe. They looked like shiny bright pearls that glowed in the dark. They were Buddha paradises that Master had prepared for Dafa disciples.

Another time, I saw many ghosts on both sides of the road. They were dressed in white and had a beast mark on their forehead. Every ghost was looking for the practitioner they knew, and waited for them to help rid them of the beast mark.

The Fa-rectification process is advancing rapidly, thus, we should be diligent in our cultivation practice to keep up with its pace. I'd like to share a painful lesson from a practitioner who was not diligent in cultivation.

There is an elderly practitioner, Lao Du, from my village. She learned Falun Dafa many years ago and was a coordinator in our village. Because she was unable to let go of the attachment to sentimentality toward her children and grandchildren, she was overloaded with household chores and gradually slacked off in cultivation. A younger practitioner replaced her as the coordinator. Because she was lax in cultivation, her human nature took over. She rarely participated in the group Fa study. When she shared with the group on rare occasions, she looked down on and was unwilling to listen to others. One day, as per the old forces' arrangement, something in the form of a bird took hold of her attachment to jealousy. I saw in another dimension a bird with a sharp beak open her belly and peck her intestines. The next day, she had acute appendicitis and was taken to the hospital. Because she didn't cultivate earnestly, she was unable to negate the old forces arrangements and struggled painfully on the path arranged by the old forces.

After returning home from the hospital, Lao Du was very weak and bedridden. Her home was a mess since she couldn't take care of it. Lao Du's husband had to look after her and tend to the chores she used to do - raise several dairy cows, take care of their grandchildren, and cook for other relatives. It was also time for the autumn harvest. Lao Du's husband couldn't handle everything, so Lao Du went to her daughter's home to recuperate.

Shortly after Lao Du moved to her daughter's home, at around 10:00 p.m. one evening, we passed by her eldest son's place after our group Fa study. Practitioner Fu Er, who's celestial eye is open, saw a pile of snake-like creatures charging toward the son's courtyard. The creatures looked like ghosts and were about one foot thick. They stuck their long tongues out, as if waiting to eat someone. Afraid of scaring anyone, Fu Er didn't say anything then, until we heard that Lao Du's son, who was only his 40s, died the next morning.

During that time, whenever I sent forth righteous thoughts, Lao Du's deceased son would cry and ask me to tell his mother to let go of her attachment to sentimentality.

I asked him, “How did you die?” He said, “My mother didn't cultivate well and looked at everything with human notions. The old forces took advantage of the loophole and took me away. They used my death to help her eliminate her attachments and see if she would let go of the sentimentality toward her grandchildren.”

At 6:00 p.m. the evening before the son's funeral, he came to me while I sent forth righteous thoughts. He said, “Auntie, please tell my wife to encourage my mother to cultivate. I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I came here to ask you to bring my mother back to the group Fa study. It will be over for her if she does not return to the group. I will be disintegrated with the old universe if she does not consummate. Please tell my mother that I came to this world with nothing and am leaving here with nothing.”

He continued, “Auntie, this is not something trivial, it is very important. I'm counting on you!”

I consoled him, “If your mother does not consummate, I invite you to come to my Lily World.” He replied anxiously, “It's not that simple. I can't go anywhere. I have to wait for my mother in a dimension as small as the coffin.”

After the son's funeral, Lao Du's family was afraid that she couldn't handle her son's death and didn't tell her about it. Therefore, we couldn't ask the family to bring her home and tell her the news. There was nothing we could do except send forth righteous thoughts to communicate with the son's primordial spirit. I saw Lao Du was sealed inside a block of ice by the old forces. A polar bear-like creature was standing on top of the ice. It had two horns on its head and was watching her, so that she couldn't come out. I flapped my wings and flew into the sealed ice. I grabbed Lao Du out of the ice and told her, “Your son is dead. You must come back, even if you have to climb back up!”

Lao Du has tripped repeatedly on her cultivation path. Every time she survived an ordeal, it was because Master saved her from the old forces' hands. Lao Du's husband nearly died. He became a healthy practitioner under Master's compassionate protection and practitioners help. In recent years, Lao Du and her husband gradually slacked off. Her husband gave up the practice and continued to pursue gains and profit.

Master said, “Once you are reduced to the level of an everyday person, no one will protect you and demons will also take your life.” (“Dafa Can Never be Plagiarized,” from Essentials for Further Advancement) I cried when I wrote this sharing article. Fellow practitioners! Don't you know that your small universe is on the brink of collapse? Your sentient beings will disintegrate if you don't cultivate well.

Fellow practitioners, let's cultivate diligently and quickly! After I finished writing this article, the red sun of the universe that rose from the west and set in the east had disappeared. I saw Master's hand, the one that supported the earth, was slowly moving downward. I also saw Master blowing a puff of white air toward the earth, but I don't know what it meant. Perhaps when the snow on the ground melts is when the Fa rectifies the human world.

Above are my understandings at my current level. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.