(Minghui.org) I began to practice Falun Dafa in 2000. After reading Zhuan Falun, I found that a lot of my bad thoughts gradually weakened, and I could control my negative emotions. Deep inside, I felt the power of Dafa. I previously read many ancient and contemporary Chinese classical masterpieces, but they had little impact on me. My thoughts essentially never changed. I was still an ordinary person in human society. However, after reading Zhuan Falun, in which the Fa is expressed in such a simple, yet profound way, my thoughts changed and I started to practice Dafa.

Shortly after starting the practice, I dreamed one night that Master was with some new Dafa disciples, including me, and he encouraged us. Afterwards, I was more confident in the practice.

Building Dafa Truth-clarification Materials Sites and Providing Technical Support

My daily job entails maintaining computers, so it was natural that my skills should play a significant role in the Fa-rectification period. I think this was already arranged in history. I recall shortly after I started to practice Dafa, while the evil persecution was rampant, that many local fellow practitioners wanted to set up Dafa material sites, and I helped buy computers and install the operating systems. At that time, many practitioners were not familiar with computers, and couldn’t master some of the technical aspects, so I went to different material sites to help solve various problems. In this way, I started my Dafa validation and personal cultivation together, even before I had learned to do the five sets of exercises well.

When I helped practitioners solve technical problems, their words and deeds, including their belief in Dafa, and the kindness from their hearts influenced me deeply. When I helped practitioners solve technical problems, my righteous thoughts and supernatural powers strengthened. I gradually learned all five sets of exercises and understood Dafa more deeply. Because I often had to go out to repair computers, I carried a Walkman to listen to the Fa on the way, and this laid a good foundation for my future Fa validation and practice.

In fact, a lot of computer problems are evil interference. Sometimes, as soon as I arrived at the Dafa material site, and before I started to repair anything, the problem was already solved. Therefore, many practitioners praised me, but I didn’t have an attachment to happiness.

Master said:

“In other matters and in the course of cultivation practice, one should be sure to not develop the attachment of zealotry—this mentality can be very easily taken advantage of by demons." (Zhuan Falun)

Everything is given by Dafa. Because I helped practitioners selflessly and often studied the Fa with a peaceful mind, the Fa gave me some ability, which was nothing to show off about. The supernatural powers only encouraged me to do better, to play a greater role.

As long as the practitioners requested it, I put down anything and cooperated unconditionally to rush to the Dafa material sites to repair their computers. At the same time, my technical capability was also recognized at work, and I was considered an expert in the area of ​​computer maintenance. Other people also found that as long as I worked on a problem, a lot of computer problems were solved, which they thought was incredible: they had paid experts to work on it but couldn’t solve it, while I did not do much and the problem was solved. I used technical terminology to explain the cause of the malfunction and never said anything that was difficult for them to understand. I never showed off my special powers. How would ordinary people understand that my practice could produce such supernatural powers?

In the process, I found that as long as I studied the Fa well, my righteous mind was strong, I could always consider others, the repair work would go well. When things didn’t go well, the reason was always my mind. At the same time, I found that when it was hard to repair a practitioner’s computers, it required studying Dafa better and having a strong righteous mind. In many cases, the computer couldn’t be repaired until the practitioners themselves looked within and found their problem.

As I had just started practicing Dafa, I felt I wasn’t as good as other practitioners, so I didn’t point out issues that I found in other practitioners. I only paid attention to my own improvement and technical exchanges, and I rarely attended group practice or group study. I remember a 28-year-old female practitioner. I taught her some techniques and we did some work together, but I didn’t point out her personal cultivation issues that I noticed. I heard that she was persecuted very seriously later, and I felt very sorry in my heart that I hadn’t brought up those issues with her. In fact, computer problems in many cases are a reflection of the practitioner’s mind and cultivation state. I solved the computer problems, but failed to help fellow practitioners to improve. This was pointed out to me by practitioners. The thought of myself not being as good as other practitioners came from not firmly believing in the Fa and not realizing that Master gives us our great abilities.

Although I wasn’t persecuted by the evil, I had a few close calls. Once, we transported some Dafa materials out of town, but we didn’t use a proper vehicle, and we came across a fraud gang. When we tried to tell them the truth about Dafa, they threatened to report us to the Public Security Bureau. We sent righteous thoughts to stop them and were able to leave safely. Another time, I helped a fellow practitioner to buy some consumable products, and we were followed by undercover police. The police caught the fellow practitioner, but didn’t catch me because I had unconsciously taken another road after leaving the practitioner. There was also a time that my name was given to the Public Security Bureau by a practitioner who was put under extreme pressure in prison. The Public Security Bureau looked for me based on a drawing. My heart wasn’t moved.

Master said:

"...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachments” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Thinking about this sentence, I was calm. I followed Master’s requirements in the most positive way. I had nothing to be afraid of. I didn’t move from my house or change my job. I tried my best to do the three things that Master required of us.

I had quite a few similar near misses, but I did not stop helping fellow practitioners to establish the Dafa materials sites. I realized that I shouldn’t over-emphasize the security issues while ignoring the Fa-rectification activities.

Master said:

"If you truly follow the righteous way in cultivation practice, nobody will dare to do something to you at will. Besides, you have the protection of my fashen, and you will not be in any danger" (Zhuan Falun)

In the beginning, when we switched over to the use of a certain kind of mobile phone, a lot of practitioners didn’t do it due to security concerns. I did a lot of research and found that there was no issue technically, and I used the new phone myself for a period of time without a problem. Then I promoted this type of mobile phone and technology among practitioners. It solved the security problem of mobile phone communication among practitioners.

Openly Quitting the Communist Party at the Workplace

After the publication of Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I denounced and quit the evil party organizations on The Epoch Times website. Because I was a party member, I realized that I should openly quit the Party at my workplace also. I didn’t participate in any Communist Party activities like singing the “Red” songs, paying the party membership dues, doing voluntary community service, and other activities that encouraged the evil party’s momentum. I was the only one in my whole workplace to do this and I was a bit worried that I would be persecuted economically, which would then impact the Dafa truth-clarification materials. However, I thought of Master’s Fa.

Master said:

No one can reach Consummation if they remain marked by, or if they acknowledge, the most evil thing in the entire cosmos.” (“Turning the Wheel Towards the Human World”)

To participate in its activities is to agree with it, right? This does not conform to the principles of the universe, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

During this period, I continued to study the Fa, strengthen my righteous mind, and refused to attend any evil party rally activities. Later, I was given an official document declaring discharge of my party membership, and I wasn’t asked to attend any further activities. Afterwards, some people told me, "You were so brave. Although everyone knows that the evil party is not good, no one dared to quit in this period of time, and no one dares not to participate in its activities. You are the first one in our workplace.” I realized by this event that when I did things in accordance with the requirements of Dafa, all the warped things and evil factors near me were disintegrated and changed.

Sending Millions of Emails

Master said after 2004:

"Spread the Nine Commentaries and the evil Party will fade” (“To Save the World” from Hong Yin III).

I realized that I should spread the truth in a larger area and pass out the Nine Commentaries to more people. I looked into how to tell the truth to people via emails. There were very few practitioners around me working on this project, so I couldn’t draw on any relevant experience. I started by sending a small amount of bulk emails to accumulate experience. I took proper security measures to ensure that my IP address could not be detected. I bought easy-to-use software to send bulk emails with ordinary email accounts and purchased foreign server space. I constantly changed my secure IP address to send the Nine Commentaries and Minghui Weekly magazine via email. During this period, email accounts were frequently blocked due to sensitive words. There was all kinds of interference, including the updating of the filtering mechanism by the evil party to block the truth-clarification information. I continued to work on improved methods to break the blockade of the evil party. I used two computers to send a large number of emails to people to ensure that they got the truth.

During this period, I continued Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts. At the same time, I mastered more technical and security measures to be able to send large amounts of emails. Over recent years, I’ve sent out over a million emails clarifying the truth about Falun Gong.

Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts in Close Proximity to the Evil

Fellow practitioners asked me to participate in disintegrating the evil near prisons and labor camps. We agreed and drove to the evil’s base nearby. For safety reasons, some practitioners recommended driving around and not stopping the car, but I thought that we wouldn’t be able to concentrate on eradicating the evil or get good results by doing it that way, so we stopped our car near the evil’s base and sent powerful righteous thoughts together to eradicate the evil.

When I calmed down, I saw a lot of rotten demons run out to fight us, and I also saw a Buddha help us kill rotten demons at the evil’s base. I continued to send powerful righteous thoughts to eradicate the demons and rotten ghosts. I stayed there for a long time, and was reluctant to leave. When I used my supernatural power to eradicate the evil, Master opened my Tianmu (Celestial Eye) to encourage me to do it better. Later, I thought that it was no accident that Master let me see these things, so I wrote down what I saw and sent it to Minghui to encourage more practitioners to also do a good job of it.

Participatiang in Phone Project

I also participated in making phone calls in a project to clarify the truth when I saw other practitioners participating. At first, there was no recording of the “live organ harvesting” issue, so I recorded it myself and sent it to everyday people via voice calls. Later, after several tests, I found another method to send the voice recordings to people via the Internet directly, without leaving home. In the beginning, I was impatient, and did it as a task to finish, so the call answer rate was relatively low. A lot of people hung up right after answering. Later, I made the calls after I studied the Fa a lot and sent forth righteous thoughts. At first, when I sat down in front of the computer, I hesitated, thinking: How many people will listen to the telephone recording? Am I wasting my time? Can it save people? Are there perhaps better projects to rescue more people? When I saw fellow practitioners doing well, I wanted to do it too. I often kept sitting in front of the computer for five or six hours to make a large number of calls. Later I found this method to be good. A lot of people were still very willing to listen to the truth, and they still listened to it even when it was about 11:00 p.m. When they were listening, I sent powerful righteous thoughts specifically to disintegrate the evil beings and other factors behind them hindering them from hearing the truth. Therefore, the answer rate was relatively high, and a lot of people listened to the complete message before hanging up.

I also found it to be an opportunity for my continuous improvement. When I made a large amount of calls, I concentrated on sending righteous thoughts. I didn’t think about a lot of ordinary things, and took them lightly. Doing the three things well is part of my life. My workload at work and at home were reduced, so I had more time to work on this project. My company was more profitable and my wages were much higher than before.

Recalling these years of practice, I encountered a lot of hopeless situations, accompanied by intolerable loneliness, and the temptations of ordinary people. But I was determined, and sent righteous thoughts to eliminate all kinds of interference and difficulties. I used the wisdom and supernatural powers given by Dafa to create a path to save sentient beings. Now this road is broader and smoother. We don’t have interference through technical obstacles nor lack of funds anymore. We should use the limited time to study the Fa well, and send righteous thoughts to save sentient beings.

Concluding Remarks

I used to think that I obtained Dafa late and didn’t study well enough, so I never submitted any articles to Fa conferences. I also rarely wrote any articles to communicate either. By reading Minghui articles over the years, I learned a lot through practitioners’ experiences and lessons, but I never thought of paying back my fellow practitioners by way of writing an article myself. In fact, this is a selfish action of the old universe. I found that I still had quite a few issues when writing this article. Even though I wrote about my practice and cultivation experiences and understandings, I still need to get out of the arranged rules and the bounds of the old universe so as to break through the obstacles of personal cultivation. I can’t cultivate by myself anymore. I should follow Master’s requirement to get involved in the Fa-rectification as a whole.

Master said:

"Neither heaven nor earth can block my road of Fa-rectification, But disciples’ human hearts can" [“Troubles” from Hong Yin III].

If our own practice does not comply with the Fa-rectification standard, it will prevent the saving of sentient beings. In my future practice, I will always strive to find my own shortcomings, strengthen group study, participate in experience sharing and do the three things diligently to help Master’s Fa-rectification.

(9th China Fahui on Minghui.org)