Clarifying the Truth Everywhere

As more and more practitioners began to verbally clarify the truth to others, distributing printed informational materials decreased. Some practitioners said that, although we had distributed many materials in the past, it was unnecessary to continue doing it. Some said the materials were out of date and that we should now focus on face-to-face truth-clarification. However, when we ask people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, it can be difficult to clarify many things in a short time. As a result, some people still have not fully understood the truth even after quitting CCP and its affiliated organizations. Therefore, we still need to use all kinds of truth-clarification materials.

After discussing this with Coordinator A, we both understood its importance and decided to distribute materials on a large scale. Sometimes, the two of us alone went out together, and sometimes several other practitioners joined us. I usually read through the materials once before distributing them, and we often went out during the daytime. One day as we left a building after distributing materials there, we saw a student reading the truth-clarification pamphlet as she walked by. Another time, we saw three women, all in their 50s, sitting at a table with four pamphlets.

I used to think that those who believed in religion would find it difficult to accept the truth, so I often skipped some homes if there were religious couplets on the door. Once when sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that our pamphlets were so big that they covered entire doors. I enlightened that I should not have overlooked them and should give everyone an opportunity. Since then, I have not skipped any homes.

When sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that practitioners' gong was merged and rapidly cleaned the buildings story by story like a waterfall. Sometimes, the gong combined and cleansed a large area like thunder. The energy extended to each building and spread to each door. I knew that it was the materials we distributed. We also sent forth righteous thoughts every time before going out. One day, during sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that a gate was opened in the gray sky and a contingent of Manchurian guards descended. They moved with elegance and vigorous energy. A giant red dragon was soon eliminated. Many buildings then appeared, and the sky turned clear. From this, I realized that we practitioners had glorious histories in the past and are on great missions today. If we are unable to save sentient beings well, it could lead to regrets that last forever.

One day I went out to distribute materials in the morning and then again with another practitioner in the afternoon. When sending forth righteous thoughts at 6 p.m., I saw many heavenly soldiers surrounding me. They applauded and said, “You have done it twice today. That is so good.”

Once after distributing materials, I returned home on a bike. I was very happy and full of energy. I thought that, no matter how difficult, I just wanted sentient beings to be saved. Then I was in tears. At that time, I saw in a giant dimension a countless number of people kneeling down with those in the first row holding a banner that said, “Great King.”

Eliminating Notions

One day when placing the materials into bags, I noticed that two lines of text overlapped. I wondered if there might be a problem with the printer and the practitioner did not notice it. I picked up other copies and saw the same error on one out of seven or eight pamphlets. I considered it a minor thing, plus practitioners had already spent so much time and money on them that it would be a waste to discard all those with errors. And it was already late in the night and I was too tired to check the pamphlets one by one.

When I talked with Practitioner B about this the next day, he said they needed to be perfect since they were Dafa materials. The printing errors might leave an undesirable impression, and people would not treasure them. He was against distributing the pamphlets with error, but I did not listen to him.

When I distributed the pamphlets with errors, a boy saw me and laughed at me, “You have mental problems.” He then laughed again. It was not like a child's laugh. It sounded like a demon. After finishing one building and moving to the next, I found several copies already discarded in the hallway. I picked them up and knew something had gone wrong. I also felt some resistance that day.

Afterwards, I talked with Practitioner B about it, and he said it was due to the printing quality. I realized that those copies should not have been distributed. When sending forth righteous thoughts, in my heart I told Master that I was wrong. Then, I saw in another dimension, my tears fell on the overlapping lines and separated them and Master's words appeared:

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts
Master has the power to turn back the tide”
(“The Master-Disciple Bond” in Hong Yin Vol. II)

I opened the bags and checked all of the 30 remaining copies. None of them had errors. I knew that, once I recognized my problem, Master helped correct all those copies.

In the past, I did not try to do things perfectly. Now I know this is wrong—especially when we validate the Fa. This is because the quality of our work might affect whether people can be saved. In addition, when we correct certain notions, a larger part of the universe can be rectified.

Looking Within to Overcome Barriers

Practitioner A and I occasionally had arguments about distributing materials. Criticism from me and other practitioners made her very pessimistic, and she once planned to stop doing coordination. One day after distributing materials, Practitioner A asked me to pick up more from another practitioner. Her demanding tone irritated me, and I was thinking about returning home to cook for a guest, so I said I could not do it. She countered, “You must go. I am older than you, and you have to listen to me.” I again said that I could not. As we continued walking, another practitioner walked up from behind and accidentally stepped on my shoe, and it fell off. Practitioner A laughed at me, “You see, you were wrong and you need to look inward.” I was even more uncomfortable because of her laughter and did not say anything.

After returning home, I felt bad and had a headache. When my guest left after lunch, I knelt down in front of Master's picture and said, “Master, I was wrong because I should validate the Fa not myself.” Then I began to study the Fa. I saw some dense black substance on my head and knew that was due to my anger. The substance decreased as I studied the Fa and was totally gone after I studied two lectures. I was thankful for Master's help. I knew I had an attachment to being appreciated, and now it is gone.

When we handed out the materials, because we did not prepare well enough, we overlapped some areas and missed others. I attributed it to Practitioner A and was unhappy about it. Realizing my human notions, I decided to get rid of it. After returning home, I was still thinking about this. Then I saw Master in another dimension with many gods under him. Master said, “I have eliminated half of the bad substance for you.”

The next morning, I knelt down in front of Master’s picture again. With my palms in heshi position, I said, “Master, I am sorry I had bad thoughts and criticized other practitioners. I was wrong.” Then I saw Master’s image illuminated with beams extending in all directions, which removed a black layer from me. Master also performed guanding for me, and I was purified. I heard a compassionate voice from Master say, “You all are my children.”

For quite a long time, several of us have been focused on Practitioner A's shortcomings. Now I am better able to understand from her perspective. There are a few local practitioners who seldom have participated in truth-clarification activities. Practitioner A not only invited them to distribute materials, but also helped their cultivation in this way. In addition, Practitioner A had to talk with them one by one, arrange the time, and prepare the materials. We tended to focus on her shortcomings and ignored her hard work.

Because of Practitioner A, I found many of my own attachments and let go of human notions.